Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1207

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Chapter 1207: 1207

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Chapter 1207 - Sis Lin's Attack

Many things happened within the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb within that span of time, which was reflected by the imperial star ranking. The top seven places saw their scores rise by quite a lot. The top eight were as follows:

First, Li Tianming (Azuresoul Palace), 550,000 points

Second, Weisheng Moran (Dreamless Celestial Nation), 520,000 points

Third, Zhan Yuance (Wargodean), 380,000 points

Fourth, Feng (Azuresoul Palace), 350,000 points

Fifth, Lin Xiaoxiao (Azuresoul Palace), 330,000 points

Sixth, Kong (Voidword Shrine), 330,000 points

Seventh, Long Longlong (Xuanyuan Dragon Sect), 320,000 points

Eighth, Lan Feilin (Blueblood Starocean), 120,000 points

The discussions outside the Voidsky Realm were heated. The appearance of the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb had caused many powers across the sun to pay attention to this Voidsky Skirmish. It was also shocking for a second-rate sect like the Azuresoul Palace to have such astounding results.

"Did you hear? Those three disciples shocked that old fellow, Gujian Qingshuang, so much that he activated the Azuresky Myriadsword Formation of his sect."

That was the most talked about topic these days.

"I think that's normal. I’d do that if I were him."

"They took first, fourth, and fifth places! Even the Dreamless Celestial Nation and Xuanyuan Dragon Sect wouldn't be able to dream about achieving that during their peak."

"It's too incredible, that Li Tianming especially. He got two hundred thousand points all of a sudden and has never been exceeded so far."

"If even he can't be among the top ten with so many points, I'll crap myself."

"That's not the main thing! It's the treasures, right? What happened inside the tomb is no secret, especially after the disciples within got eliminated and were sent out."

Jiang Qingliu had long disappeared before the droves of people sought him out. Some said that the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect had offered to protect him.

"It's obvious that all three of his disciples got a treasure comparable to the Lifesteal Silverdragon, earning them each two hundred thousand points."

"That's right. Zhan Yuance also got a yinyang skyscorch pill and made a breakthrough within."

"It also seems like Weisheng Moran, Kong, and that brat Long Longlong got treasures of similar caliber. They got them around the same time, and so far, no word has spread about what they obtained."

"If they got divine artifacts or pills, they have to be at least grade seven. If it's universal manna, it must be seven-star ones! I wonder if there’s battle arts as well?"

"So far, we only know of three treasures, namely the Lifesteal Silverdragon, yinyang skyscorch pill, and the grandpath fiend pill. The rest are unknown. Seven out of a possible nine have shown up so far. Who knows which lucky person will get the last two?"

The scores weren’t fluctuating much now. Lan Feilin had a hundred and twenty thousand points, making her the top scorer among those who hadn't gotten a treasure yet.

"The top ten sects have a total of at least a hundred third-level constelliers and above. The initial estimates were that only fourth-level constelliers or so could make it to the top ten, yet the Azuresoul Palace is occupying three of those ten slots. Some even stronger disciples have been relegated below the top ten."

"Do you mean to say that those three aren't actually strong? That Li Tianming was able to sneak among hundreds of wargodeans to take the grandpath fiend pill from under their noses and make a retreat. He must’ve given the pill to Feng, given how his points surged. Do you think he isn't powerful enough? He might be a fifth-level constellier!"

It was clear that the points for pills were only awarded upon consumption, while divine artifacts only gave points after binding them with the exalted blood. As such, Tianming hadn’t lost points for abandoning the Lifesteal Silverdragon.

"He only managed to escape by abandoning his divine artifact."

"Friends, just think about it. Isn't it amazing that someone who’s roughly on par with a second-level constellier managed to steal the treasure of a fifth-level constellier amidst hundreds of allies and even get away with it? Ditching his artifact is a decisively intelligent move."

"You're right. His points do represent his strength, to some extent."

"Well, I guess with seven treasures already claimed, it's about time. I'm just curious what Weisheng Moran, Lin Xiaoxiao, Kong, and Long Longlong got..."

"Someone said Lin Xiaoxiao used a bow that resembled the Dragonblood Desecration."


That news shocked many.


"That's right, the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect's other branch was shocked to hear that."


The Whitedragon Palace was a pure-white labyrinth covered in sparkling crystals. Though there were more than a hundred people there, it was deathly quiet. Everyone was holding their breath. Those people had blue eyes and hair, making them look like aquatic fairies. The men were handsome and the women were elegant; they were all disciples of the Blueblood Starocean.

"We suffered a huge loss at the Silverdragon Palace, but the heavens must be kind enough to let me come here." Lan Feilin smiled, looking completely refreshed.

"Sis Lin is a cherished daughter of the heavens. Being raised among celestial orderians, it's no surprise that you can bask in the sun emperor's protective light."

"Perhaps Sis Lin will become as glorious as the Ninemoon Goddess after getting a treasure from the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb."

Lan Feilin glared at the flatterers, though she secretly felt elated by the praise. "Don't speak nonsense."

She was itching to enter the palace. There was a formation there that seemed formed by nine intersecting swords. The space it sealed off wasn’t visible from the outside.

"The Ninepole Dragonsword Formation looks harder to break than the Millionblade Formation. It'll likely take some effort. Thankfully, there isn't anyone else around to compete with us for it." Lan Feilin took out her chain and approached the formation with the others. Her blue eyes glowed with excitement. "I bet the thing inside isn't any bit worse than the Lifesteal Silverdragon."

All the disciples attacked the formation with all they had. At that moment, a lazy voice came ringing out from the Whitedragon Palace. The voice sounded especially annoying to the ears of the disciples of Blueblood Starocean. "Lady Lan, how fortuitous it is for us to meet again. We must be tied together by the red string of fate. Now I find myself before you again, ready to bask in your warmth."

Lan Feilin knew exactly whom the lazy voice belonged to. She turned to look at one of the pathways and saw four youths emerging from it. The one who had spoken was a purple-haired youth holding a fan. He walked toward them at a relaxed pace, his eyes beaming.

"Yu Ziqian..." Lan Feilin muttered, her face ice cold. "Li Tianming, return the Lifesteal Silverdragon to me." She turned to the white-haired youth, not knowing that he no longer had the chain.

As she spoke, she shot a glance to those around her. She didn't have a divine artifact of that level of her own, nor would she be able to break the formation in a short timeframe. Thus, she decided to take them out first. "Take back the Lifesteal Silverdragon! I’ll capture Yu Ziqian and pull his tongue out."

Last time, Tianming and the rest were able to escape as there were hundreds of other disciples that got in the Blueblood Starocean disciples’ way. But now it was a hundred against only four. She sent the rest after the three of them, while she would deal with Yu Ziqian. What she didn't expect was that Yu Ziqian's two junior brothers would charge at her without another word. As for Yu Ziqian, he sat on top of a black lifebound beast with a girl behind him. They didn't seem intent on fighting at all.

"So you two are here to seek death, huh?" Lan Feilin knew roughly how powerful the two were. Last time, Tianming wasn't able to take a single whip of hers! "Take them down!" Though she said that, the two youths immediately made their way to her.

"Do they think they can break out of this through me?!" She couldn't help but laugh. With how short her temper was, she hated being provoked. She immediately summoned her totems, manifesting her seven bluecharm starfairies. Hundreds of other peak totems manifested behind her as well. Then Lan Feilin swung her Azure Galaxy toward Tianming. "Hand me the Lifesteal Silverdragon now!"

She used a fourth-realm divine art, Flashfiend Starbreaker. Her totems used their long, blue hair as whips to execute the same move. There were countless strands of hair making up countless whips! Tianming and Lingfeng were surrounded by rivers of stars.

"Beat her up!" It's been a long time since Tianming had fought with Lingfeng. This time around, they fought with peak teamwork. His lifebound beasts charged straight toward the chain as he let his astralforce surge, now far more powerful after breaking through. It was a cacophony of abilities and sword arts.

"He's stronger...." Lan Feilin furrowed her brow. Her expression completely changed when she noticed the black-haired youth above her, recalling that he was the one who had done the most damage to her totems.

"What kind of constellation is that?!" Before she was able to react, a formless black vortex surrounded her totems, sending black flames toward them with even faster speed and stronger ferocity. The flames quickly spread to the totems of the other disciples as well. Lingfeng's primordial constellation had the effects of his Infernal Soul Curse! There were many other aspects to the constellation, one of which was the amplification of abilities.

Covered by the entire primordial constellation, Lan Feilin felt the pain of her totems being burned. Her bluecharm starfairies were entirely swallowed up by the black flames, being completely suppressed. She didn't even manage to finish executing her totemic calamity, Skywipe Flash, before they were consumed by the flames. She had no other choice but to retract her totems, only for the pain to soon spread to her vita and cause her head to feel like it was being torn apart. Though Lingfeng's constellation was only at the first level, he had a third regal soul, making him capable of fighting even fourth-level constelliers to some extent. That aside, Lan Feilin still had Tianming to deal with. He charged forward as Lan Feilin's totems retreated.

"I'll kick you while you're down!" Tianming fused his swords together and unleashed the Imperial Descent. The abilities of his beasts swept past like a storm, which Lan Feilin was ill-prepared to defend against given the pain she was suffering from. Right as she was about to put up her resistance, Lingfeng suddenly popped in front of her with his blood-red dagger drawn.

"I—" She was a little stunned. Throughout the whole fight, she had been being overwhelmed. Before she could even react, her totems had all been taken out! Then Tianming and his four beasts came with fatal strikes one after the other. With a loud clang, her chain shattered under Tianming’s sword strike. Ying Huo and Meow Meow came through with their respective attacks, while Lan Huang blocked the other disciples from coming to her aid. Xian Xian, on the other hand, watched from the sidelines.

In a quick flash, the fourth-level constellier Lan Feilin had been defeated. Tianming’s Imperial Descent, coupled with Lingfeng's Heartpiercer Soulblade shattered her imperial star formation as her eyes widened.

"What the f—" Before she could finish, her formation vanished and she was swept away by a strong gust of wind. Her expression of panic, confusion, utter disbelief, and puzzlement was delectable to behold. She shot Lingfeng and Tianming one last glance, filled with heartache.

"You—" She disappeared before she could even speak. She was the first fourth-level constellier to be eliminated. Underestimating Tianming and Lingfeng's combined prowess had been her greatest mistake. Lingfeng was far too effective against totems. Putting her aside, even the allies behind her weren't able to react in time."

"Sis Lin's attacking! She's going mad! Wait... she's gone?" They were all completely dumbfounded.

"What in the world just happened?" Hard as it was to believe, they had witnessed it from beginning to end. They had thought that Lan Feilin was one of the top five most powerful among their age until now.

"Where's Sis Lin?"

Tianming turned to look at the Ninepole Dragonsword Formation and chuckled. "She's been eliminated! It's your turn next!"

How could two people have so much confidence and bravado when facing off against a hundred?

"Kill them!" the remaining disciples roared with rage.

As they spoke, a blood-colored lightning bolt flew past Tianming's head and pierced the chest of the one who spoke, shattering their imperial star formation. Tianming touched his hair and his heart skipped a beat—his hair was singed! Turning back, he saw Xiaoxiao scratching her head and awkwardly smiling.

"Sorry... I was a little off target."

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