Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1223

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Chapter 1223: Chapter 1223 - Changes In The Imperialdragon Palace

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Chapter 1223 - Changes In The Imperialdragon Palace

The fragrance attracted both Lingfeng and Xiaoxiao. Turning their attention to the treasure box, they saw four white divine pills. Each pill was about three centimeters in diameter, enveloped in a white mist with ice-blue liquid swirling inside. A total of three complete divine patterns appeared on each myriad dao pill. In the center of the pill was the grade-six divine pattern, the myriad dao heart, an extremely complicated divine pattern. It contained the dao that was the origin of the heavens and earth. Profoundly mysterious, the pills assailed their nostrils with their aroma.

"What’s this?" Xiaoxiao sniffed. The pills smelled so good they made her dizzy.

“It’s the sugar pills Gan Gangan gave us. Eat them now.” Tianming handed a pill to Xiaoxiao first.

"A divine pill?" Shrinking back, she said, "I’ve just managed to catch my breath after reaching second-level constellation about ten days ago."

In her lifebound space, the Archaionfiend urged, "Take it, you fool! The myriad dao pill has a gentle medicinal effect. Besides, you’ve never used divine pills for cultivation. The effects will be incredible the first time you use one, and the damage negligible.”

“Alright then." Xiaoxiao held the huge pill in her hand, still a little confused.

"A pill taker’s got to have the consciousness of a pill taker. Go cultivate,” said Tianming.

Without a doubt, Xiaoxiao had been “fed” to her current state.

“Fine.” She rolled her eyes at him.

"Here." Tianming handed another pill to Lingfeng.

Throwing it into the opening in his chest, Lingfeng turned to Yu Ziqian, "Thanks, Gan Gangan."

"Dammit." Yu Ziqian felt as if he had lost all dignity. Even a serious person like Feng was calling him by that nickname. After Tianming took one for himself, there was still another left in the treasure box. Sealing the treasure box once more, he handed it back to Yu Ziqian and said, "For you."

"Two pills work better," said Yu Ziqian.

"I don’t need two. I just want to try one and see if I can break through to the next level. I won’t completely rely on it." For more than a month, Tianming hoped to break through to eleventh-level ascension. During this period, he remained in the third level of the Violetglory Pagoda, cultivating for more than ten days. Now that his Lifesbane Will had reached the peak of the tenth level, all that was left was that final bit.

"Naturally. Leaps in cultivation level aided by divine pills are most unstable. Some people might rise in cultivation level but find that a small part of their divine will has collapsed, which in turn causes their cultivation level to fall again," said Yu Ziqian. As an alchemy guru, he knew best about the subject. However, after saying that, he glanced at Lingfeng in a daze. "Except for this monster! He’s not refining them, he’s breaking them down!”

Each of them had their fortunes. The Primordial Demonlord had given Lingfeng the Primordial Gate, while the Primordial God-Emperor gave Tianming the cultivation path of sovereignhood.

"Alright, I’ll get to it." Yu Ziqian was fine on his own. He was here to protect them while they cultivated.

A little time had passed since Weisheng Moran had left. This was Tianming’s first time refining a high-grade pill, and his experience with it was satisfactory. After all, this divine pill was indeed gentle. The more gentle the pill, the more sought after it was. However, its medicinal effect was definitely inferior to the grandpath fiend pill. He absorbed and refined the pill that lay in his stomach. With the collision of the divine patterns on the divine hazards, the strange divine patterns on the divine herbs gathered in his albi, nourishing his divine will. He found it unbelievable.

“All that was left was that one last step. Finally....”

Tianming had merely concluded the initial refining. Before the medicinal effect of the myriad dao pill completely flooded his body, Tianming’s Lifesbane Will rose a level and gradually stabilized. I’ll get Meow Meow to return so we can absorb the nova source together and reach eleventh-level Ascension.

There was no doubt his combat effectiveness would dramatically improve. However, Tianming never expected Lingfeng would be a step ahead of him.

“How is it?” Tianming asked.

“I’ve reached the second level,” Lingfeng replied.

He was still exploring the medicinal effects of the grandpath fiend pill and had been closer to a breakthrough than Tianming. With the addition of the myriad dao pill, Lingfeng reached second-level constellation easily.

"Do you feel any instability in your divine will from refining the divine pill?" Tianming asked.

“I don’t feel anything at the moment. It seems alright.”

That was the effect of the Primordial Gate. If it could last forever, then Lingfeng could take almost any divine pill, perhaps even those that didn’t match his attributes. Xiaoxiao was the only one left. Covered in cold sweat, the young woman sat in the corner with her eyes closed and blood seeping from her skin.

"Is she alright? The myriad dao pill is very gentle," said Yu Ziqian.

“There will be triumph after suffering,” said Tianming.

Xiaoxiao had long outgrown such fears. In any case, this was an improvement over the time she had been completely alone and helpless in the Archaion Sect, as well as under the Archaionfiend’s threat.

"Only with strength can you have freedom and the right to speak. Although it’s hard on her now, she’ll have a better future and live the life she wants." Tianming waited quietly by her side.

In Xiaoxiao’s lifebound space, the Archaionfiend looked coldly at Tianming, though he couldn't see it.

Xiaoxiao’s body seemed to waste away as earth-shaking changes began. She exuded a cruel, monstrous aura. Thousands of blood-red electric snakes rolled, forming a lightning inferno, like an ancient, ferocious beast gradually awakening. In fact, this change appeared to surpass her previous breakthroughs. As the nova source condensed, she slowly opened her eyes. A murderous spirit greeted Tianming head on.

“Have you succeeded?” Tianming asked.

Upon hearing that, her gaze slowly softened. The fierce aura enveloping her body gradually faded until it completely disappeared.


As expected, she was now a third-level constellier. In terms of cultivation, she was four levels ahead of Tianming.

"Can you control it?" Tianming asked.

"It’s not easy. I feel...." She stood up, but exerted too much strength and hit the ceiling instead.

"Wow, I’m flying."

Ten breaths later, Xiaoxiao slammed to the ground, her expression bitter as she said, "I can't. Don't consider me as a competent teammate. I think it’s better if I stay back for a while...."

"Alright, take your time. There’s no rush." Tianming was very confident in her because she was a tough girl. The Archaionfiend had yet to really suppress her. How could she be weak after resisting time and again? This time, they had all improved again and it was thanks to Yu Ziqian.

“I can rival a fourth-level constellier without my totems. Needless to say, Feng can probably do the same. As for Xiaoxiao, she’s already a third-level constellier. Although she might not be able to defeat a first-level constellier on her own, the Archaionfiend will have no problem crushing a third-level constellier." Their strength had improved immensely as a whole.

"Xiaoxiao’s a weird one. In terms of combat, we’ve leapfrogged, but she’s fallen behind instead," Ying Huo mocked.

“Don't underestimate her. As long as the girl has a sharp sword in her hand, she may kill the tough guys." Tianming smiled.

Seeing their tremendous gains, Yu Ziqian couldn’t help but feel proud inside. Turning to Tianming, he said, "Do you think you’re ready for the Imperialdragon Palace? Can you defeat Zhan Yuance?"

"Zhan Yuance has five lifebound beasts that are all at the fifth-level Constellation stage. We may not have the advantage in numbers. Moreover, he’s got quite a few helpers with him. However, the situation is better than it was before. It won’t be that easy for him to defeat us. We can go and fight," Tianming explained. He stared in the direction of the Imperialdragon Palace, eyes fiery as the confidence in his heart surged.


“Let’s go!”

Right then, the entire passage shook violently.

“What the hell?”

The explosive sound of war drums came from the direction of the Imperialdragon Palace. The brick walls turned into dust, spattering all over Tianming.

“The Imperialdragon Palace!”

Lingfeng rushed over with the Soulfiend wrapped around his body like a whirlwind. The man resembled a black storm.


“Something must have happened. Why didn't Meow Meow return to inform us?” Xiaoxiao asked.

Tianming and Ying Huo exchanged a knowing look. Meow Meow must have fallen asleep.

“It’s fine.”

They weren’t too far from the palace. Fortunately, the changes in the Imperialdragon Palace had caused strong shocks throughout the tomb, serving as a reminder for Tianming.

“Hurry up. We still have a chance.”

In the absence of Meow Meow, they flew there on their own. Tianming and Lingfeng headed out, disappearing into the darkness in the blink of an eye.

“Wait, bring me with you!” Yu Ziqian yelled.

As soon as his voice fell, Ying Huo turned around. Although it preferred to remain small, it now had a wingspan of about five meters and was considered a dazzling phoenix that could carry people on its back. Grabbing Yu Ziqian's collar with its claws, Ying Huo flapped its wings, gliding through the passage like an eagle carrying its chick. It soon caught up with Tianming and the others.

"Why all the noise? Are they trying to attract everyone?" Narrowing his dark red eyes, Lingfeng looked ahead.

The light formed waves, spreading out and sweeping through the tomb, so bright that it was almost impossible to keep their eyes open.

"This is how they design tests. The final battle for the treasure must have everyone’s attention, right?" Tianming said.

"You mean to say that the noise is meant to attract spectators and the real fight requires an ‘admission ticket’?" Lingfeng asked.

“That’s right.”

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