Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1227

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Chapter 1227: 1227

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Chapter 1227 - Rookie Archer

The goldenmane skyapes led ten other giant third-level beasts in a charge toward Tianming. The momentum at which they charged proved that the wargodeans thought of Tianming and the rest as mere prey. They were a pack of fierce lions here to bring down hapless sheep.

Mockery and ridicule could even be seen on the beasts’ expressions, but those emotions were strongest on Zhan Yingying. She was carrying her golden armor and holding her spear aloft while she rode on the saintcrystal regal unicorn’s back.

She pointed her spear at Li Tianming and the rest, clearly feeling in control of everything. She said to Zhan Yuance, “Big Brother, we can’t break their imperial star formations or let them break them. We have to do to them what they did to us! That’s the only way to get what’s on them and show them the cost of challenging and humiliating us. How dare a bunch of losers from a weak power monkey around here?”

Those were words she had come up with when Tianming had traded her for the Lifesteal Silverdragon.

“Yingying….” Zhan Yuance smiled before bumping fists with her. “Great minds think alike.”

“Exactly. They even dared to bully the princess. Did they forget their place just because they have some skill?

“They must’ve thought the Voidsky Realm was some fair competition, so they decided to let loose.”

“Second-rate will always be second-rate. When our seniors come out, their masters and the sect master behind them will go to their knees. What can they do?”

“Since when are items like the Lifesteal Silverdragon, Dragonblood Desecration, and grandpath fiend pill things they can touch?”

The two remaining third-level constellier disciples were protecting Zhan Yingying. It was them who had been speaking. They two had six-ears level talent, and were the best of the wargodeans’ descendants.

“Let’s not talk about backing. Bullying others like that is meaningless. We’ll just talk about how they bullied my younger sister. I’ll rip out their guts, does that sound right?” Zhan Yuance said in a low voice. Just thinking of the earlier hostage exchange caused fury to explode in him again.


“Li Tianming is just a dog that only knows how to run away. I bet he never dreamed that the Divine Worldeater Cauldron would trap him in it with us!”

The wargodeans all roared with laughter as they rushed at Tianming’s group with their lifebound beasts.

Zhan Yuance’s words showed that he clearly didn’t intend to let Tianming off. That was his style of doing things. He loved to talk before trampling his opponents underfoot. The fury and mockery in the four wargodeans’ eyes showed they clearly didn’t intend to stop at defeating Tianming’s group.

Yu Ziqian recalled his master Jiang Qingliu’s darkest point and could finally understand the helplessness and grievances of disciples from second-rate powers in this competition. Just because the treasure was right in front of you didn’t mean you would dare to touch it. At least, Yu Ziqian wouldn’t be willing without Tianming and the rest around.

“Guys, be careful. Don’t lose,” Yu Ziqian reminded them. He knew that tens of thousands of people were paying attention to this. If they lost, they would become an absolute laughing stock.

“Lose? What we want to do is to give them a complete beatdown!” What kind of opponents had Tianming not experienced yet? Even though these were his strongest opponents so far, it wouldn’t make his fighting spirit waver. He was already mentally prepared for a life and death battle when his opponents charged forward.

The clash made many disciples outside the Divine Worldeater Cauldron burst into an uproar.

“Hah, it’s finally the end of the road for these Azuresoul Palace fellows.”

“They should’ve gotten lost long ago, they’re an eyesore.”

“I heard Li Tianming even hit Zhan Yuance’s sister. Doesn’t he know how overprotective he is? Everyone who’s touched Zhan Yingying have all had their heads plucked off by Zhan Yuance.”

“They may be able to survive if Yu Ziqian really does have some skill.”

“They got more than enough things already. If they’d just broken their imperial star formation, they’d have been fine. But they obviously want to overestimate themselves.”

“Morons. I don’t have pity for idiots.”

Amidst the intense discussions, the two sides clashed. There were quite a few participants, so the fight should have been quite chaotic.

However, things didn’t end up as expected.

Tianming had always been thinking about how to maximize his team’s effectiveness. The difference he had with these wargodeans was obvious. His lifebound beasts, him, Lingfeng, and Xiaoxiao all had vastly different styles of combat.

Tianming was the most well-rounded. Lingfeng couldn’t fight head-on, but if he had the chance to push the advantage of his soul, Tianming and him would be greater than the sum of their parts if they could coordinate together. Xiaoxiao was currently only suitable for attacking from a distance, and her one-on-one was lacking.

A team with many strengths had a large variance in its power level. They needed good coordination, which Tianming needed to arrange!

“The two third-level constelliers with Zhan Yuance aren’t that strong, but they can interfere with our teamwork. We need a quick knockout for them!” Tianming coldly looked at Zhan Yingying.

The two extra disciples had her in the center, forming a group next to Zhan Yuance to support him.

“Feng, finish them as fast as possible! Xiaoxiao and I will hold off Zhan Yuance, okay?” Tianming asked.

“Alright.” Lingfeng gave a confident reply after looking at that group.

Tianming knew Lingfeng was reliable.

“For their team, Zhan Yuance and his five lifebound beasts are over eighty percent of their combat power!”

He couldn’t let Xiaoxiao fight Zhan Yingying, because while she could tie them down, she couldn’t beat them. What he really wanted was for Lingfeng to quickly come over and help him deal with Zhan Yuance! This choice was evidence of Tianming’s trepidation. After all, Zhan Yuance, as a fifth-level constellier, was worth at least a dozen Zhan Yingyings.

“Get them!” The start of the fight, when Lingfeng was elsewhere, would be the hardest part where Tianming would have to hold on.

Ying Huo, Meow Meow, and Lan Huang all charged forward alongside Tianming.

"Should I come out too?" Xian Xian asked as she anxiously flew around in the lifebound space.

“Let’s try ourselves first.” The Radix World Tree’s recovery had been slow since the battle with the dragon golems, without any food to eat. Xian Xian’s vines, branches and roots were all still not grown back yet. And with Feiling on Xian Xian too, Tianming couldn’t bear to take the risk.

It was now a matchup of one man and three beasts versus one man five beasts! However, Tianming still had support behind him, namely Xiaoxiao and the Archaionfiend.

Eight small blood-colored dragons were revolving around Xiaoxiao. Standing between the giant horns on the Archaionfied’s head, Xiaoxiao drew the Dragonblood Desecration to full draw. Blood-colored lightning raced over her body and gathered on the arrow, which Xiaoxiao then fired. Her target was the eye of one of the goldenmane skyapes.

The arrow was incredibly fast and arrived at the ape in the blink of an eye, but it regarded the arrow with contempt. Despite its large size, it was still nimble. It dodged the arrow while raising a hand to block. However, the sharp arrowhead simply pierced through its hand. In its wake, a large volume of blood was pulled out, sucked in by the arrow. This was the blood-sucking effect of the grade-seven divine ordered pattern, the bloodgorge dragonmark.

The ape let out a cry of pain and grabbed its arm. The injured area then turned into liquid metal that turned solid again, stemming the flow of blood. However, the entire arm was visibly smaller than before. On flesh and blood, the effectiveness of the bloodgorge dragonmark was as good as Xian Xian’s Vitalbane, Life Curse; however, one sucked out blood while one reaped life.

“Don’t underestimate the Dragonblood Desecration!” Zhan Yuance glared at that ape.

“Yes! Me and Little Fifth will help you retrieve it,” the injured ape roared.

“Go!” Zhan Yuance nodded. He was clear that Xiaoxiao was at most a third-level constellier. She could only pose a threat to his lifebound beast thanks to her weapon.

Tianming wanted to quickly clear the board of Zhan Yuance’s helpers, but how could Zhan Yuance be dumb enough to let it happen? There was someone sniping his side from afar, even posing a threat to him and Zhan Yingying. Hence, he decided to deploy two of his apes.

What trouble could two fifth-level constellier beasts that had over four thousand stars each have with some rookie archer?

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