Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1229

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Chapter 1229: 1229

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Chapter 1229 - A Staff to Topple Mountains!

Misty Hellthunder, Cosmic Lance, and Chaos Disaster all detonated the attacks of the goldenmane skyapes ahead of time. Single-handledly, Meow Meow had stopped the attacks of the three lifebound beasts. With Blitzbane, Worldbolt Blast, Meow Meow’s abilities were even fiercer than the fifth-level beasts.

Lan Huang took the chance to protect Tianming from the front.

People were shocked to see that, contrary to expectations, Li Tianming hadn’t been instantly crushed! In fact, he even seemed to be equally matched with Zhan Yuance.

“How could this be possible?”

“Don’t be too surprised. I bet he’s like Lin Xiaoxiao. He’s giving it his all and won’t be able to maintain it long.”

“Even so, this is a little too shocking for a second-rate power’s disciple.…”

Zhan Yuance shot out from the gap between his lifebound beasts, his expression ugly. His staff directly smashed apart Meow Meow’s Cosmic Lance, and he gave an explosive kick that sent Lan Huang’s massive body tumbling away.

He glared at Tianming, snarling, “Kneel, and I’ll let you keep one lifebound beast.”

Tianming response was simple. The Lifesteal Silverdragon!

Tianming didn’t have any fear in his eyes as his chain lashed forward like a venomous viper. It wrapped around the neck of a skyape that was currently entangled with Lan Huang, the edges and tip digging into its flesh.

Even if its flesh were now metal, it couldn’t resist voidslice’s sharpness and the skyape’s flesh was cut apart. Wailing in pain, it let go of Lan Huang and began clawing at the Lifesteal Silverdragon. Golden flames even traveled along the chain, headed toward Tianming.

“Get over here!” There was a powerful tug on the chain from the skyape’s resistance. Ordinarily, Tianming wouldn’t be able to pull it over. But unfortunately, the chain’s edges were too sharp and the beast didn’t dare to struggle too much, lest it decapitate itself.

The skyape gave a wail as it was dragged along the ground by Tianming. Lan Huang didn’t miss the chance to counterattack. Two dragon heads bit down on the skyape’s head, and four dragon claws began gouging out large chunks of flesh from its body.

The skyape immediately descended into peril, infuriating Zhan Yuance. Everything had happened in the short time it’d taken Zhan Yuance to speak. He now felt like he had been too benevolent in giving Tianming a chance to keep one lifebound beast.

“Ingrate!” He swung his staff again, this time using a grade-five divine art, Weighty Domination Rod. The golden staff drew an eye-catching golden arc in the air, promising violence. This strike, would surely topple mountains!

Tianming’s eardrums had almost burst before the attack even came. He let go of his Lifesteal Silverdragon; the artifact soul quickly showed its advantage as the chain automatically wrapped around the skyape, trussing it up for Lan Huang to better beat it up. That skyape was the most unfortunate of its five brethren.

Tianming drew his Grand-Orient Sword, splitting it in two and using the Silverdragon Flashkill.

The sword was astoundingly fast as it met the staff in the air. In that instant, it was as if several thousand swords had struck the staff, chipping away at its momentum. Even so, the staff still smashed Tianming away, nearly making him cough blood.

He flew over a kilometer before he could stabilize himself. If he hadn’t made a breakthrough, he would definitely have suffered heavy injuries. Tianming still wasn’t a match for Zhan Yuance in single combat.

Zhan Yuance also had more beasts than him.

Tianming wasn’t aware, however, that Zhan Yuance had felt even more shock when his attack was blocked. “He’s gotten even stronger now.…”

For the first time, Tianming’s combat power had managed to make him wary.

“This kind of person has to be crushed mentally so he can never recover!” Zhan Yuance rushed forward when that thought crossed his mind. However, there was good news for him as well—one of the skyapes had caught up to the Archaionfiend. It smashed the Archaionfiend onto the ground, sending Xiaoxiao flying.

The two were now separated. As for Yu Ziqian, he had directly fled. He would have been finished if not for no one targeting him.

Another skyape pounced on the fallen Xiaoxiao, sending a punch that would turn her to mush if it landed.

“Xiaoxiao!” Tianming shouted anxiously. Now, not even the Archaionfiend could save her.

Xiaoxiao already had heavy injuries and spat out a glob of black blood. However, Tianming’s words cleared her mind. “I can’t lose!”

Her words galvanized her and she quickly rose to her feet, nocking an arrow. The arrow flew out, turning into a furious dragon that forced the skyape to dodge and miss its best chance to defeat her.

The Archaionfiend came at that moment, crashing into the skyape.

“Still fine?” It looked at Xiaoxiao with a look of contempt. “If you can’t make it, go back home.”

“You don’t have the right to judge me.” Xiaoxiao wiped some blood away from the corner of her mouth. She had used too much strength, so her face was slightly pale and she had trouble standing up. However, she still smoothly drew her bow, aiming it at the Archaionfiend before releasing! The arrow turned into a blood dragon, hurtling toward the Archaionfiend.

“Are you crazy…?” The Archaionfiend hadn’t finished cursing when the arrow passed over its head. However, it didn’t draw blood.

The Archaionfiend turned around, and found that a skyape had been about to attack it from behind. Xiaoxiao’s arrow had struck true. Due to its tough skin, the arrow had only pierced through ten or so centimeters. But even so, large volumes of blood gushed out, drained by the arrow.

The skyape shrieked in pain. It hurriedly pulled out the arrow, leaving a large, bloody hole in its body. It wanted to snap the arrow in half, but it found that it wasn’t able to damage it.

The arrow suddenly shot out of its hand and returned to Xiaoxiao’s grasp.

This was a grade-seven divine artifact!

Whether the Dragonblood Desecration or the Lifesteal Silverdragon, they had both made great showings in this fight, making the skyapes suffer a lot. That was exactly why so many people coveted them.

“I have to admit that Li Tianming and Lin Xiaoxiao have really made Zhan Yuance’s beasts suffer. But a gap is still a gap.”

“Lin Xiaoxiao is already injured, and Li Tianming can’t hold on for long. It’s over.”

“They aren’t just going to be beaten up. Zhan Yuance is going to cripple them!”

“They were asking for it. Didn’t they see their status before challenging Zhan Yuance?”

“Disciples from ordinary powers need to know their limits.”

As the discussion raged on, someone suddenly remarked, “Don’t forget about that Feng! Look!”


“Look closely at Zhan Yingying’s group!”

“My gods.…”

Everyone’s attention shifted to that black-haired youth called Feng.

His constellation was a black vortex. It had covered up the area, making others overlook what was happening inside. But it had started dispersing, revealing many bloodstains!

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