Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1234

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Chapter 1234: 1234

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Chapter 1234 - Results of the Battle

The whale's song was completely different from the roaring of other beasts. It wasn't ferocious, nor was it powerful. Instead, it was deep, airy, and spread far and wide, carrying with it the vastness of the ocean. It could permeate anyone's heart and make them uncontrollably shudder. Though Tianming had been separated from Weisheng Moran by a black screen in the cauldron, he could still feel the sound penetrating every fiber of his being. This beast was on a whole new level.

"Her lifebound beast must’ve evolved." Tianming had no way to see the star count like the other disciples in the Imperialdragon Palace, so he could only guess based on the sounds. "Looks like universal manna is more precious than divine artifacts and pills of the same grade."

The sound of fighting was louder and more chaotic than that which his and Zhan Yuance's fight had produced. Based on the shocked looks of the disciples beneath the cauldron, it was clear that Long Longlong and Weisheng Moran were nothing to be scoffed at.

"The Sky Palace might want the winners to fight another time later. So only by fusing all four black drums can we obtain the Divine Worldeater Cauldron, eh?" Yu Ziqian said.

"Seems to be the case," Tianming said.

"Do we stand a chance?" Yu Ziqian's expression was sour.

"Based on the sound alone, we don't. It'll heavily depend on our luck," Tianming answered honestly.

"They're all monsters, one after another...." He had thought that defeating Zhan Yuance meant they could get the cauldron.

"What will be, will be. It's incredible that we defeated Zhan Yuance as we are now. Let's just give the next fight our best shot." Tianming wanted to win, not only to help Yu Ziqian get the cauldron, but also because he believed that winning would give him a better chance of joining the Sky Palace. It didn't bode well for his chances were he to let anyone but himself be the final champion.

Tianming and the rest would be fighting the side that emerged victorious next. Based on how the other disciples were reacting, their upcoming fight with the victor was sure to be hectic. The sound of the fighting grew to deafening levels and the waves inside the Imperialdragon Palace were violent. Then, after a loud whale moan, the commotion seemed to have stopped. Based on the shock and awe of the disciples below, it was clear that the battle had ended. The next one would soon begin.

"Get ready to fight," Tianming said to Xiaoxiao and Lingfeng. The latter was still itching to fight, but Xiaoxiao apologetically bit her lip. "Are you not feeling well?" Tianming asked.

"I’m rather drained from just now. I might not be of much help," she said.

"Alright. Just do your best, but don't push yourself," Tianming said. At least they weren't going to fight to their deaths.

After that, the Divine Worldeater Cauldron began shaking. The walls that separated them began to sink and soon disappeared, leaving all of them in the same empty space. Tianming looked at the other battlefield and noticed that it wasn't as chaotic as he had imagined.

"Who won?" The side that lost would be ejected from the cauldron. What Tianming hadn’t imagined was that Weisheng Moran, Long Longlong and the three sisters would all be there. Their beasts had returned to their lifebound space, so Tianming didn't get to see the evolved dreamless whale. Throughout Orderia's history, there were few youths under thirty who had managed to evolve their beasts to have as many stars as those who were thousands of years old, for universal manna was far more precious than equivalent divine artifacts or pills.

"Don't tell me there was no winner or loser?" It couldn't be. The walls wouldn't disappear otherwise. "What’s going on?"

He took a look around and noticed the patterns of two war drums on Weisheng Moran's face, while Long Longlong's face was no longer marked. Weisheng Moran was the victor! As for why Long Longlong hadn’t been eliminated, perhaps it was because Weisheng Moran wasn't as savage as Tianming had imagined. She had defeated them, but didn't break their imperial star formations. As a result, Long Longlong seemed rather respectful of her despite his pale face and wound-addled body.

"Sister Weisheng, I—" He was just about to bid her farewell when the cauldron ejected him and the other three sisters. Weisheng Moran was indeed the victor. Following that, she would be Tianming's strongest competitor for the cauldron. Though she looked dreamy and harmless, Tianming felt the domineering astralforce coming from her.

Everyone watched as the two sides faced each other. She had just fought an epic battle, but her dress wasn't the least bit ruffled. There was a green paper umbrella hanging stylishly from her shoulder. Then she smiled at Tianming; the smile was so clear and pure that it looked like it was being basked in the gentlest of sunlight. The slight hint of shyness it expressed was just the perfect amount.

"Hot damn, even I'm charmed by this enchanting vixen..." Yu Ziqian muttered. Though their standoff seemed peaceful, the hundred thousand disciples outside the cauldron were hungering for another grand battle.

"It's the final battle!"

"Can't wait for the show!"

"What show? The four from the Azuresoul Palace were already drained by the fight with Zhan Yuance, and he wasn't even Long Longlong's match. How could they defeat Weisheng Moran?"

"Well... it's still going to be fun to watch either way."

"To be honest, I didn't expect Weisheng Moran would be this powerful. I always thought that she was nothing but hype. I was so wrong...."

"She's no doubt the most powerful junior in the Myriad Solar Sects."

"The Dreamless Celestial Nation's rising. It's no surprise that a disciple from their nation is the top. Putting the Sky Palace aside, the dreamless celestial emperor should be the strongest in the Myriad Solar Sects."

"Still... why aren't they fighting yet?"

While those two factions didn't have any grudges, they were still competing for the cauldron!

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