Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1235

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Chapter 1235: 1235

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Chapter 1235 - Little Fish's Gift

A long time ago, the Myriad Solar Sects had fought heavily among one another for the Divine Worldeater Cauldron, resulting in heavy casualties all over. Letting the youths compete over such a divine item was already ridiculous enough. It was akin to deciding the fate of an empire in a baby fighting tournament. It was both childish and unthinkable, but that only made it all the more crucial. The hundred-plus thousand disciples in the Imperialdragon Palace were envious and jealous. They collectively held their breath, waiting for the fight to begin.

"Start the fight!" many yelled. The palace fell into chaos again; however, the two factions inside the cauldron were completely at peace.

"Are we fighting or not?" Tianming noticed that all she did was look at him blankly and smile sheepishly at him.

"Is she a maiden in love? A half... maiden?" Yu Ziqian was confused as well.

Why was she behaving like that toward Tianming? It was one thing if someone else was fawning over him, but why was Weisheng Moran out of everyone doing that? It seemed like there was nobody else in her eyes but Tianming. Her umbrella twirled as she lowered her head. "This little fish has a gift for you...."

Tianming had an ominous feeling. While that could be a great boon for others, he felt completely confused. It was utterly unthinkable. "What kind of gift is it... bro...?"

Weisheng Moran chuckled at the address, then her person seemed to bloom. "This huge cauldron, of course."

Tianming and the rest were completely flabbergasted. He had a feeling that would be the case before she even spoke. He didn't know why he had that feeling, but it had actually come true. This was the Divine Worldeater Cauldron! Tianming had already obtained treasures whose worth combined was less than the cauldron, yet she was just going to give it to him?

"Stop joking around. If the people of your nation know you’re doing this, they'll skin you," Tianming said in a serious tone.

"Don't worry, they can't boss this little fish around. I want... to pay you back...." Her voice was dreamy, but this was all too real. Her eyes, gazing through the mist, suggested that she wasn’t joking at all.

"Am I the only one hearing this? It must be a hallucination," Yu Ziqian asked as he looked around, but everyone ignored him. The more aware one was of the cauldron's true worth, the more shocked they were. Who got the cauldron could affect the ranking and the Sky Palace both—it was a huge deal!

"Stop messing around, bro...." Tianming had never experienced anything like this in his lifetime. He couldn’t believe it.

However, Weisheng Moran gripped her umbrella and twirled her skirt in front of him, her hair flowing with her skirt. She looked like a nimble fish. Then, two war drums appeared in her hand. When she stopped, she pushed them to Tianming with a smile. "Remember to save this little fish!"

Tianming subconsciously caught the two drums. Then they passed through his hands and marked his face. Just like that, he had gotten all four drums. He was still unwilling to accept the reality of the situation. Right as he was about to approach Weisheing Moran to ask about it, the cauldron ejected her. Even as the storm messed up her dress and hair, the sweet smile didn't vanish from her face for a moment. "Remember! This little fish's suffering will never end until you come!"

Her voice kept echoing after she vanished from the cauldron, leaving Tianming and the rest behind, dumbfounded.

"Am I going blind?" Yu Ziqian rubbed his eyes in confusion.

Lingfeng and Xiaoxiao had been ready for a fight, but it had ended before it even began.

"Are you some charming incubus or something?" Ying Huo snapped. Lan Huang and Meow Meow were just as shocked. Within the lifebound space, Xian Xian was inscribing some words on its trunk, probably something along the lines of Tianming selling his body to obtain the Divine Worldeater Cauldron.

"What in the world is going on?" All of them looked at Tianming.

"How would I know?!"

They continued giving him suspicious looks.

"Are you sure you didn't strike a deal with her behind our backs?"


"Like... selling your private time to her..." Yu Ziqian mouthed.

"Fuck off."

Not even Tianming could understand what happened, let alone the rest. Either way, it was all over. He now had four war drums on his face, two on the left and two on the right. Each of them let out a loud beat. His face began pulsing like the surface of a drum. It felt like bubbles were popping on his face. As the beat went on, a dark aura came from the center of the cauldron.

Tianming and the rest turned back and saw the black exalted blood appear once more. It seemed to be a gnarly beast that stared back at them. That was a sign that the cauldron's ownership had been decided. No matter which of them bound it, it was considered the Azuresoul Palace's possession now.

This caused a complete uproar. It was unthinkable that the ownership had been decided just like that. The hundred thousand other disciples in the palace were completely shocked and stunned. Though they hadn’t heard the conversation, they saw Weisheng Moran hand over her war drums and leave on her own accord, even though she appeared to be more powerful. It probably wouldn't have been hard for her to defeat them. It was no different from giving Tianming the cauldron.

"Am I seeing things?" Most of the disciples watching were doubting their sight.

"That can't be possible!" Any ascendant knew that the Divine Worldeater Cauldron was worth much more than any other treasure, even the Ninedragon Imperius!

"What's going on with Weisheng Moran? What in the world is she thinking?"

"We all saw it!"

"Putting aside her seniors... all of her fellow citizens will want her dead!"

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