Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1238

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Chapter 1238: 1238

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Chapter 1238 - Lighting Up the Silverdragon Palace

The Ninedragon Imperial Tomb kept shaking as all disciples, apart from Tianming and his friends, were flung out. He guessed that they were the only ones who remained. Then the tomb stopped shaking all of a sudden and everything was peaceful once more. The absence of all the others made the entire place deathly silent, as if nobody had visited this place for countless millennia.

Yet, the four of them still remained.

"The ninety-second...." Tianming saw another drum coming toward him and had a feeling it would be the last. In total, there were a hundred smaller drums. They all anxiously waited as the last drum finished fusing.

Then, the fused drum on Tianming's hand morphed as eight dragon-shaped sticks appeared around it, all of them different in look and color. Tianming saw the silver dragon from the Lifesteal Silverdragon and the blood dragon from the Dragonblood Desecration there, alongside the white, black, flame, and other dragons.

Each of them looked to be a part of the wardrum formation. On the surface of the drum was a depiction of the black nine-headed dragon, which intimidatingly looked at Tianming. There were nine dragons in total, the same as the number in the name of the tomb. Tianming probingly pinched the silver dragon stick.

"Maybe beating the drum will work?" Yu Ziqian said.

"Yeah." Tianming took the silver stick and gave the drum a light beat, but nothing happened. "How about this...." He used all the astralforce he could muster and slammed the silver stick on the surface of the drum with his black arm, yet the surface seemed to absorb the full force of the strike without making a single sound.

"It won't make a sound?"

The other three were also confused.

"We should be the only ones left here. The one who set this all up must want you to strike it somehow," Yu Ziqian said.

Tianming gave him a look and said, "Stop talking. It must be hard moving those swollen purple lips of yours."

Yu Ziqian touched his lips in agony. His perfect face was gone!

Tianming had the same thoughts as Yu Ziqian did. Then an idea occurred to him—he imagined the silver stick as a sword. "Let's give it a try."

He executed the Silverdragon Flashkill with the silver stick and struck the surface of the drum. Finally, it let out a booming sound that shook his heart. The sound resonated through every single tile of the entire palace. The strike caused the drum to turn silver before casting a beam of light toward a passageway within the palace.

At the same time, all the other passageways fused, leaving few open in the end, though all of them were wide. The new pathways connected the entire tomb together. From the drum in his hand, Tianming could see the entire tomb and how the pathways connected. The silver beam pointed toward the Silverdragon Palace and lit the entire place up when it touched it. Every brick of the palace was covered in countless divine celestial patterns. It was like it had been born anew.

"What’s it doing lighting up Silverdragon Palace?"

Ying Huo and the rest, including the Fifth egg—or rather, the tens of thousands of them—came out. Tianming didn't need to go there directly, but could see the entire palace from the formation on his hand. It looked completely new and habitable.

After that, he used the Blooddragon Sacrifice with the blood dragon stick to strike the drum. The same thing happened, causing the Blooddragon Palace to glow and change. The light of the two palaces seemed to awaken the slumbering tomb. It felt livelier all of a sudden.

"Guess that's the extent of it for now." Tianming hadn't mastered the other moves yet. He tried striking using the other sticks, but to no avail. "But what does this all mean?"

They left the Imperialdragon Palace. Now that the pathways' layout had been simplified, it was much easier to go to the Silverdragonn Palace. There was a new silver hall within the confines of the palace. When they entered, they saw that the sculptures were as grand as those in an actual palace. The hall was so large that hundreds of gigantic lifebound beasts could freely roam about within it. Not to mention, every part of the hall seemed made of the best divine ores.

"What in the world?" Tianming's eyes were dazzled as he looked at the wardrum formation.

"I have... a guess.... I wonder if you all will believe it," Yu Ziqian said without certainty. However, excitement was oozing out of his eyes."Let's hear it." Tianming had his own guess, but he needed the perspective of a native of Orderia to fill out the details.

"Have you heard of the celestial orderians' Divine Sun Palace?"

"What about it?"

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