Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1243

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Chapter 1243: 1243

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Chapter 1243 - Lord of Somnium

In Orderia, the celestial orderians reigned supreme, followed by the dreamless celestials. The Dreamless Celestial nation spanned three continents, at the center of which was the Great Clouddream Sea. The surface area of the sea was larger than all three continents combined and was demarcated as dreamless celestial territory. As such, they had constructed a lot of floating cities in the sea, making it just as prosperous as the land settlements.

Based on sheer conquered territory alone, the Dreamless Celestial Nation couldn't compare to the celestial orderians. However, they were absolute giants in the Myriad Solar Sects, having even more area than the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect, Voidword Shrine and wargodean domain combined. Though the dreamless celestials were initially aliens, they had settled down on the sun for good.

Their leader was the dreamless celestial emperor, and they had grown powerful and prosperous under his reign. Most citizens live on the three continents, whereas the aloof dreamless celestials themselves cultivate in the area of the sea. There was a city deep within the sea called Somnium that was larger than half of the Azurecloud Continent. Normal people weren't able to go there at all. The city itself seemed surrounded by clouds, even though it was on the sea, thanks to the countless illusion formations laid out around it that threatened to completely trap even the strongest of cultivators. Most would never make it out for the rest of their lives, and some said that even the sun emperor of the celestial orderians wouldn't be able to attack the city.

Somnium was among the most mysterious places on the sun. The palace of the dreamless celestial emperor within it was even harder to access. In this world where cloud, sea and mist intertwined, there was no escape, no end.

Even so, hustle and bustle was standard fare for the mysterious city. Its wide streets were covered in a veil of mist that gave it a dreamlike atmosphere. Though it was usually a crowded place, it was currently even more rowdy. Many lifebound beasts even occasionally emerged from the mist. Gigantic beasts came swimming toward the city from the sea, most of them whales. It made the city an even more unbelievable sight to behold.

"Looks like we're getting some news."

Many cold, quiet voices spread like whispers through the mist.

"That's right. The disciples that came out of the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb number in the hundreds of thousands. Many have personally witnessed it."

"Weisheng Moran surrendered the Divine Worldeater Cauldron without fighting to the first-ranked Li Tianming...."

"Records don't show anything suggesting that she had a relationship with him beforehand."

All of the dreamless celestials were discussing the same matter.

"That grade-eight divine artifact caused a complete civil war among the sects millions of years ago...."

"Given our current power, we could keep the cauldron from the other sects if she’d managed to obtain it."

"Why in the world did she make such a braindead decision?"

"Who knows? The emperor has already received word of it. He's her master, so let's see how he reacts."

"I really don't get it. Weisheng Moran did really well in recent years, thanks to the emperor's nurturing. How could she do something that betrays so many people's trust in her?"

"The cauldron is far too valuable to us. I heard the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect wants to take these disciples into their care and they've already made a deal with the Azuresoul Palace. However, with all that they've gained, it seems like the Azuresoul Palace is already beyond the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect's control."

"I believe the emperor is considering taking the cauldron."

"There's no need for consideration, is there? It was ours to begin with. Moran only let the enemy borrow it for a while."

"Of course."


Somnium was never a chaotic place. The palace was located right at the very center and it was also where the dreamless celestial emperor cultivated. Being among the strongest people on the sun, his rise to prominence was nothing short of a legend. He was almost a mythological figure himself.

Layers of mist surrounded the palace that was built between the clouds and the sea. Veils of white fluttered in the air, carrying muffled echoes and the suggestion of sounds. On a small lake was a small pavilion with a small, wooden chair, upon which sat a youth. He had long, black hair and his eyes seemed to be immersed in the sea of clouds. His fair complexion made him look almost translucent. Under his long eyelids were obsidian-black eyes. He also sported a tall and sharp nose that didn't spoil the overall elegance of his features. He was handsome, even beautiful, for a man, though his physical appearance paled in comparison to that mystical aura of his. He looked like he belonged only in the idyllic world of dreams, his presence ethereal and his deep gaze eternal.

"Little fish only has seven breaths' time of memory.... Yet it struggles, and even found a scapegoat. What's the point?" mumbled the youth as he looked up in frustration, still looking ahead.

He held a purple container in one hand and stretched the other behind him, placing his slender fingers on the back of his head. "Do you think that going to the distant Voidsky Realm will allow you to escape my grasp?"

His lips curved into a light smile. When his long hair pulled apart from the back of his head, the face of a young girl could be seen. Her features were picturesque and breathtaking, yet her abyss-like gaze ruined the harmony, making her look like a breathless dead person. If Tianming was there, he'd recognize that face as identical to Weisheng Moran's. There wasn't a single difference, down to her fine eyelashes.

"Since you don't want to play anymore, I'll play in your stead." He covered the face of the young girl with his palm.

At the same time, far away in the Voidsky Realm, a stunning girl that held a green paper umbrella walked amidst flaming storms. Her feet sizzled upon contact with the burning ground, her snow-white skin emitting smoke as they came into contact with the coal-like substance beneath. Right then, white mist appeared around her, forming into a face in front of her.

"Celestial Emperor...." Weisheng Moran stopped and gripped her fists tightly, though she shivered. Cold sweat fell from her head and back, seemingly drenching her. Her teeth chattered nonstop as she powerlessly looked at the expressionless male face, before kneeling on the sizzling, coal-like ground.

"Little fish, was it fun pulling your little tricks?" asked the youth.

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