Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 125

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Chapter 125: - I Specialise In Killing Princesses!

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Instead of dripping into the lake, the blood had congregated in front of the girl instead, an eerie sight to behold. As blood continued to flow out of her wrist, her face paled even further. Her body trembled, and pants escaped her lips — which, incidentally, were as white as snow. In a matter of seconds, about half a litre of blood was floating in front of her. That was no doubt the reason for her weakening.

“Purple Blood-Imprint, gather!” Even though she was clearly not well, a sickly smile adorned the girl’s face, giving her a frightening look. The blood was gradually manipulated into a purple formation in mid-air that twitched like snakes.

The imprint landed onto the Hecatoncheires Black-Devil’s forehead, the formation etching itself onto the creature’s skin.

“Awoooo!” Although the Hecatoncheires Black-Devil’s mouth couldn’t be seen, it was clearly screaming and shrieking in pain. Waves crashed violently onto the lake's many little islands, as the beast thrashed around wildly.

Around an hour later, the Hecatoncheires Black-Devil finally stopped moving. Like the Purple-Scaled Flood Dragon, it had now submitted itself to the white-clothed young woman. However, it was obvious that her physical state had deteriorated even further.

“How about we stop here? These three wildbeasts and me are more than enough for you to dominate the Abyssal Battlefield,” suggested the Rage-Dragon Whalelord.

“No, I need more. I cannot just win — I must kill everyone!” Although her face was drained of all colour, her eyes remained bloodshot.

“Why is it called a trial? It’s called that because everyone is controlled by the Elysium, watched for mere entertainment! They won’t let us go until only one remains! Taboo techniques? That’s nothing compared to death! I shall be the one to have the last laugh!” No one knew how much determination she held, nor the things she had gone through just to get here.

She took a deep breath and looked up at the gloomy sky of the battlefield. “Blueshine, no one will be able to stop me from now on, not even Lin Xiaoting! I've been bullied since I was young — only with power can I earn my own dignity. Whoever stops me shall die!”

“In that aspect, the Flameyellow Continent is no different from the Abyssal Battlefield.”

“Qingqing.” Her whalelord gazed at her. “It’s alright, I’ll always be by your side.”

“Let’s go, I’ll need at least two more wildbeasts.”

“Can you handle that?”

“Don’t worry, I won’t die from that.”

During this time, the Hecatoncheires Black-Devil had been completely tamed.

“The Purple Blood-Imprint should dissipate in ten days' time. But from the looks of the Heavenly Pattern Barrier, ten days is more than enough. Even if I get gravely injured from using this taboo technique, it’s all worth it if I can enter Heaven's Elysium. With this technique, no one can match me.” She stared into the distance.

“It's too bad I can’t find you, Li Tianming. But I know you must be searching for me, and I look forward to the day we meet. You probably think that you already have it in the bag, but get ready for a huge surprise! I await that day…”

The white-clothed young woman moved on with her four beasts, looking for her next prey. However, it wasn’t long before they ran into someone.

A young couple had arrived at the Lake of Islands. The girl wore a sapphire blue dress, and there was a shade of blue in her pupils as well. She had the beauty of a lively young girl, and even her skin seemed to give off a watery glow. Compared to the pale girl blocking their way, she was far healthier, far more charming.

As for the boy, he had a very straight figure, his robe the same shade of blue as the girl’s. He had handsome facial features that made him look like a perfect match for the girl beside him.

The couple saw the purple formation on the white-clothed girl’s forehead immediately.

“Purple Blood-Imprint? Are you out of your mind? That will kill you!” The girl in blue seemed shocked.

The boy in blue frowned. “Using forbidden techniques that would harm yourself is unacceptable! Who are you, and where are you from?!”

The couple had both heard of the Purple Blood-Imprint, and knew about its effects. But they would never expect anyone to use it during the Abyssal Trials, since the Purple Blood-Imprint was amongst the top three techniques that were strictly forbidden in Aquamarine!

“Surely you should introduce yourself first before asking for another’s name?” The white-clothed young girl replied with a faint smile. Her appearance was frail and weak, but the same couldn’t be said for the four beasts standing behind her.

The boy scoffed. “Li Qingcheng, son of the Aquamarine Admiral. Beside me is the seventh princess of Aquamarine, Gu Suyu! Who are you to use the taboo technique? I shall report you to Heaven's Elysium!”

“You must be dreaming, using the taboo technique and still thinking that you can win. The first person that technique will kill is yourself!” Gu Suyu exclaimed.

They had expected the white-clothed girl to be scared by their accusations, but she just tidied her hair and smiled.

“So, you are a princess, and his surname is Li. And you are a couple, am I right?” she asked.

“So what if we are?” Li Qingcheng replied.

She laughed. “I specialize in killing princesses, as well as people surnamed Li.”

“Madwoman!” Gu Suyu’s face twisted in disgust.

“Princess, we need to get rid of her now before she becomes trouble for us. Even if she has wildbeasts in her command, those wildbeasts have no intelligence. She herself has lost all fighting power too, so it should be easy for the two of us to take her down,” said Li Qingcheng.

“That’s right, maybe the Elysium will reward us for taking down the rule-breaker too.” Gu Suyu frowned. They were beastmasters from Aquamarine, which made the Lake of Islands the perfect arena for them!

“Take this madwoman down before she harms anyone else.”

Once they came to an agreement, they summoned their lifebound beasts. Li Qingcheng’s beast was a giant toad. While toads were ugly creatures in most people’s impressions, that was not the case for his toad.

In contrast to its name, the Torrential Theo-Toad was actually a dazzling creature that looked like it was made purely from gems and quartz. It was a low-tier seven-star lifebound beast, and a rare dual-type one too, belonging to a special species. It had both the poison and water elements, making it a poison-water-type amphibious beast.

The Torrential Theo-Toad lit up the battlefield with a bejeweled brilliance as it appeared. Its specialty was that it could fight on land just as well as it did in water, something the whalelord couldn’t do, as it was weakened significantly on land.

But the toad didn’t stay in the spotlight for long, as Gu Suyu’s lifebound beast appeared. The royal clan of Aquamarine was also known as the Regina Jellyfish Clan, since that was the beast that members of the clan held.

The Regina Jellyfish had the most supreme bloodline a jellyfish could possibly have. Jellyfishes were supposed to be the simplest aquatic creatures that lacked offensive means, but that wasn’t the case of the Regina Jellyfish.

Gu Suyu’s beast was the Rainbow Regina Jellyfish, a water-type cnidarian beast. When the rare creature made its appearance in the Lake of Islands, the filthy lake water became crystal clear in a matter of moments. Floating in a now-transparent lake with a prismatic glow, the jellyfish gave off a dreamy aura.

The Rainbow Regina Jellyfish also had purification elements to it, and it was gorgeous compared to the Hecatoncheires Black-Devil, the Purple-Scaled Flood Dragon or the Gold-Plate Barbed Turtle. Most importantly, it was a mid-tier seven-star lifebound beast.

“Ohh, so it’s you. I heard that the only mid-tier seven-star beast for the Abyssal Trials came from Aquamarine.” Even against the magnificent beasts the couple had, the white-clothed girl was still smiling.

“Are you scared now? It’s too late,” Gu Suyu sneered.

“Not that.” The white-clothed girl looked at the jellyfish with admiration. “What a beautiful beast.”


“It’s mine now.” She smiled. One of the main reasons why the Purple Blood-Imprint was banned was because it could be used on lifebound beasts too.

Once their beastmasters were dead, that is.

“Oh, I might as well have that toad too.” The girl in white laughed eerily, sending chills down the couple’s spines.

She continued to laugh. “Once you’re dead, once everyone is dead, the ticket to Heaven’s Elysium will be mine. Am I not wrong?”

“She really is mad,” Li Qingcheng said with a disgusted look. “Torch Dragon doesn’t have any water-type beastmasters. Coupled with that whale being her lifebound beast, I know who she is!”

“Mu Qingqing of Vermilion Bird!”

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