Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1253

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Chapter 1253: Chapter 1253 - Overnight Fame

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Chapter 1253 - Overnight Fame

The fusion of three swords was incomparably better than the Minorworld Dragoncloak in terms of sophistication and perfection. Strangely enough, the sword art appeared similar; however, Tianming was faster and more ferocious. As the Grand-Orient Sword exploded in power, it shook, forming a thunderous roar that deafened Long Longlong.

Long Longlong's ears started bleeding. As the Ninedragon Imperius and Grand-Orient Sword collided, a harsh, deafening boom erupted. However, the situation was inconsistent with Long Longlong’s expectations—the Grand-Orient Sword didn’t shatter. In fact, it was completely intact. He couldn’t help but despair at how indestructible the sword was.

“Why isn’t it broken?!”

In the past, he could easily break grade-five divine artifacts. More unsettling was the fact that he was at a complete disadvantage in terms of battle arts. Tianming’s every move seemed to target his weakness, while his attacks fell short every time. Despite the numerous twists in his attacks, Tianming had managed to anticipate every one of them.

"What sword art is this?" Long Longlong stared with wide eyes, his heart prickling with pain.

Instead of answering, Tianming smiled and said, "Behind you."

“What?” Long Longlong had focused too much attention on Tianming, the Grand-Orient Sword, and his sword art. At that moment, a little phoenix descended upon him like a meteor, its tiny wings demonstrating the same sword art as Tianming, a fusion of the Silverdragon Flashkill and Blooddragon Sacrifice. Although its power was much weaker than Tianming's strike, its silent attack had proved deadly in the midst of Long Longlong’s battle with Tianming.

“Take this!”

Feeling a chill run up his spine, Long Longlong turned around and blocked Ying Huo's attack. Despite managing to protect his vital parts, before him was an even more powerful opponent. Ying Huo quickly switched to Death Inferno instead. Long Longlong couldn’t block one explosion after another; because of its size, Ying Huo was difficult to deal with.

“You can fuck off!”

Like a fiery dragon, Tianming's sword raged, sweeping toward Long Longlong’s head. Following Long Longlong’s cry of pain, blood spilled and his imperial star formation shattered while the Grand-Orient Sword was still undamaged. Long Longlong’s sword had even failed to slice off Ying Huo's wings. Out of the blue, he stared at Tianming, eyes wide as saucers as he let out a heart-piercing roar.

"The Ninedragon Tribulation?" He recognized it as the Ninedragon Emperor’s signature battle art. Streaming tears cleansed his cheeks and the belief in his heart collapsed. Aside from the Ninedragon Imperius, all the treasures he desired had been acquired by the Azuresoul Palace. The Ninedragon Tribulation was his dream. Watching his dream fall into someone else’s hands was indeed heartbreaking. With Tianming’s attack, his imperial star formation was now broken and he had been defeated. However, the fact that the Ninedragon Tribulation belonged to Tianming was more painful than elimination. He was crushed.

"How funny. If your ancestor didn't leave it to you, it isn’t meant to be yours. Got it?"

Tianming didn't care about the Ninedragon Emperor’s considerations. These treasures and sword arts had been sealed up instead of passed down to his descendants. The man was free to do as he pleased. Hence, Tianming didn't think there was anything wrong with seizing the treasures. Unfortunately, Long Longlong cared too much.

"No...I hate you! I hate you!" he cried.

"Then hate me even more.”

Before Long Longlong left the tomb, Tianming raised his sword and sliced off the finger wearing his spatial ring. He could have seized the Ninedragon Imperius, but it was meaningless because it didn’t contain exalted blood and couldn't be controlled. Such a move could also lead to a deadly disaster. Collecting some caeli would be enough.

Tianming had no choice but to expose the Ninedragon Tribulation. Everyone knew he had obtained a treasure in the Whitedragon Palace, via the scores on the imperial star ranking. If he couldn’t keep the treasures, he would just toss them.

With anguish and resentment in his heart, Long Longlong was sent out with his lifebound beasts and sword. He flew out of the battlefield formation and would soon completely leave the Voidsky Realm.

Tianming had won a complete victory in the first battle. Raising his head, he noticed the skyward eyes focused on him, a clear indication of the sensation he had caused. This was the first time he had proved himself with his own strength. On the Skyward Stele, his name had returned to first place. From this moment on, his number one place on the imperial star ranking was entirely well-deserved.

Tianming could almost hear the loud discussions from within the formation. This was all partially due to his Imperial Will. The moment the Myriad Solar Sects turned their gaze toward Tianming was just like the day he had revealed his exceptional talent in Archaion’s faction battles. His name was now seared into the minds of many. Only if they remembered him could he reach the top and dominate the world.

However, Tianming was concerned with Long Longlong's spatial ring at the moment. Upon inspection, he found tens of thousands of caeli, hundreds of different divine pills, and numerous divine ores and herbs. As he had expected, there was something he desperately needed—the divine hazard sword ki that Long Longlong carried all the time to forge his sword body. The best in his possession was probably a grade-five divine hazard. It wasn’t particularly powerful, but it could strengthen Tianming’s Ninedragon Tribulation.

"I’ve made a killing!" Tianming turned to the Skyward Stele once more. Now that I’ve exposed the Ninedragon Tribulation, my future will be even more dangerous. The Sky Palace is my only way out. I must at least win the Sky Palace candidacy.

He glanced at the imperial star ranking. There was only one person who intimidated him: Weisheng Moran. She had simultaneously defeated Long Longlong and the other three Xuanyuan Dragon Sect disciples earlier.

Although she’s really strange and was willing to concede the Divine Worldeater Cauldron to me, her strength is indisputable. If I’m to battle her, there’s a chance I’ll be eliminated. Once she makes the top four, the odds of us fighting in the final battle are only one-third. The Sky Palace candidacy is mine as long as she isn’t my opponent, isn’t it?

With that thought, he was sent out of the formation. At the very last moment, what Tianming saw were the names “Weisheng Moran” and “Lin Xiaoxiao” next to each other. The battle between the two was about to begin!


Except for the sound of the wind, it was completely silent. Thousands of Xuanyuan Dragon Sect elders stared at the skyward eye with weird expressions on their faces. Most of them didn't know whether to be happy or disappointed. They turned and looked at the two dragon imperials standing alongside Long Xiqian.

“The battle between those two kids was so exciting!”

In the deathly silence, someone suddenly spoke up. The others didn't need to look to know that the speaker was the Whitedragon Empress, Long Wanying.

"Jiang Qingliu, it’s amazing your disciple defeated the Saintdragon Talent cultivated by our sect. We certainly can’t compare to you." There wasn’t a sliver of shame or guilt in Long Wanying’s eyes. In fact, she seemed pleased.

“How can that be? It’s all luck,” Jiang Qingliu replied.

"It isn’t luck, he’s really amazing. It seems what the young man acquired in the Whitedragon Palace was the Ninedragon Tribulation. That’s a grade-eight divine art!” Long Wanying exclaimed as she glanced at Long Xiqian.

From the very beginning, Long Xiqian had had her fists clenched, face pale and bereft of speech as she watched the battlefield. Long Wanying’s every word pierced her heart.

"Qianqian, thank goodness you’re here. Your precious son will be out in a moment. I wouldn’t know what to do if he cries." With regret, Long Wanying continued comforting’ her. "In fact, Longlong was pretty good. With his performance today, I can conclude with certainty that not even ten Weisheng Morans and ten Li Tianmings would be his match.” Toward the end, she couldn’t help but laugh.

"Shut! Up!" Long Xiqian’s chest violently rose and fell as she turned around, viciously glaring at Long Wanying, her expression full of vitriol.

"Long Xiqian, how can you speak to me in this tone? Don’t you know our statuses are different?" Long Wanying reprimanded, her smile fading. She couldn’t help but curse on the inside, Dammit, I want that kid. She glanced at the Saintdragon Emperor, but the old man had nothing to say.


The result of the first decisive battle in the Voidsky Realm swept across the vast burning sun like a storm. In this world, battles were a constant interest, and this particular battle was hotly discussed.

"In fact, they’re almost equal in strength, but Li Tianming is amazing. He had Long Longlong completely in the palm of his hand."

"You’re wrong. I felt as if Long Longlong’s every move was thwarted. He was defeated because he wasn’t as strong as his opponent."

"It’s amazing that a disciple of a second-rate force entered the top four and dominated the imperial star ranking. But some people say that he’s there because of luck?"

"There’s nothing from this kid and all of a sudden he makes such a big splash."

“This is what they mean when they say overnight fame....”

"I heard from the people over there that the treasure he got in the Whitedragon Palace was the Ninedragon Tribulation."

“His luck is unmatched!”

"Let’s see. The Azuresoul Palace might not be able to keep them. It all depends on what the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect decides. After all, it’s rather humiliating that their Saintdragon Talent has been defeated."

"He was also defeated by Weisheng Moran...."

"Weisheng Moran and that disciple Lin Xiaoxiao are about to fight."

“They’re already in battle.”

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