Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1255

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Chapter 1255: Chapter 1255 - Strange Woman

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Chapter 1255 - Strange Woman

Weisheng Moran was in front of Xiaoxiao, her gaze cold and weapon aimed at her opponent’s eyes. Such a fierce attack would certainly break Xiaoxiao’s imperial star formation. Even if she failed to kill Xiaoxiao, there was still a chance she might pierce her eye.

From the moment the battle had begun, Weisheng Moran was swift and ruthless. It was as if she was aiming to kill with every move. Xiaoxiao didn't even have time to think. Combining the bow and arrows in her hand, the Dragonblood Desecration transformed into a crimson spear. This was its other form.

The bow and arrow were its main form, so the Dragonblood Desecration wasn’t at its most powerful in its second form. But at this moment, it would be more effective in close combat. The crimson and green spears collided.

Although Xiaoxiao wasn’t very strong on her own, the Dragonblood Desecration had its own subduing effect. Weisheng Moran’s spear was knocked off its trajectory and failed to pierce Xiaoxiao’s eye, but the sharp end of the spear swept across her cheeks, drawing fresh blood. Xiaoxiao screamed.

The young woman in front of her sneered, her hands moving as fast as a phantom. When the spear was split in two, it formed two short spears that shot toward Xiaoxiao in a fraction of a second. This was a sophisticated technique of the dreamless celestials that seemed simple, but actually contained dreamlike moves.

Xiaoxiao felt like the entire world was filled with the swaying shadows of spears. She didn't know how to resist; there was too much of a disparity in their strength. The first spear pierced the back of Xiaoxiao's hand, while the other sank into her chest. She had been thoroughly defeated.

After the spear penetrated two centimeters into her flesh, her imperial star formation appeared, blocking the fatal blow. Had the spear struck her eyes, her eyeballs would have burst upon impact. With the appearance of the imperial star formation, Xiaoxiao had been beaten and would soon be sent out.

More importantly, the spear that pierced her palm was nailed to the Dragonblood Desecration. Xiaoxiao turned pale from the pain. The moment she unclenched her fist, Weisheng Moran bore down on the Dragonblood Desecration, and the weapon struggled against her. As the artifact soul fought Weisheng Moran's control, it roared. Unfortunately, Weisheng Moran could forcibly seize the Dragonblood Desecration, much like Zhan Yuance’s lifebound beast had once done with the Lifesteal Silverdragon. But without the exalted blood, Weisheng Moran wouldn’t be able to use the weapon. She had to strongly suppress the Dragonblood Desecration just to keep it by her side.

Xiaoxiao didn’t have an opportunity to snatch the weapon back. Once her imperial star formation had been broken, the power that originated from the Sky Palace locked on to her and the Archaionfiend. Throughout the entire Voidsky Realm was an enormous formation that immediately zeroed in on them and eliminated them.

The pain from Xiaoxiao’s pierced palm was unbearable. Having just escaped death, the Archaionfiend was equally uncomfortable. Without a word, they were swept away by the storm. Xiaoxiao had been rather confused from start to finish because she could sense Weisheng Moran's apathy. She wasn’t deliberately aiming to kill the Archaionfiend or pierce Xiaoxiao's eyes, it just seemed as if she was born to be ruthless. Why did Weisheng Moran hand the Divine Worldeater Cauldron over to Tianming but seize the Dragonblood Desecration from her? She couldn’t understand.

After Xiaoxiao left, Weisheng Moran was the only person remaining in the huge battlefield. The light from the skyward eyes shone on her. Everyone had witnessed how easily she’d taken down her opponent without the help of her lifebound beast and would sing praises of her combat power. Among the juniors, she was completely invincible. At that moment, her brilliance surpassed Tianming. Who wouldn’t be impressed by this peerless beauty? In the Myriad Solar Sects, she would be highly admired and celebrated.


Tianming had watched the battle from outside the formation, observing every detail. With her hand around the Dragonblood Desecration, the young woman turned to stare at him, a strange coldness in her beautiful eyes. Although she smiled at Tianming, it made his hair stand on end. Her smile was completely different from before.

“It’s like she’s become someone else. She wasn't like this before." Even Yu Ziqian was dumbfounded.

Weisheng Moran soon left the battlefield formation.

"What’s she like according to the rumors?" Tianming asked, his gaze cold.

"Rumors? She doesn’t appear very often. As the dreamless celestial emperor’s secret disciple, there’s no one that really knows her. The first time I met her was right before we entered the tomb. I thought that was her, but she’s completely different today, isn’t she?" Yu Ziqian couldn't quite figure it out.

"So apart from us, no one would think there’s something off about her today," said Tianming.

"I think they’ll never forget the fact that she gave you the Divine Worldeater Cauldron. Xiaoxiao has a good relationship with you, so it does seem strange that Weisheng Moran took the Dragonblood Desecration from her. But if you think of it as an act of jealousy, it makes sense," Yu Ziqian analyzed.


Beating Xiaoxiao after giving him the Divine Worldeater Cauldron for no reason at all did sound like an act of jealousy, but Tianming knew that was certainly not the case! From the start of the battle, there had been something off about Weisheng Moran.

"Xiaoxiao and the Archaionfiend were both injured when they left. Now that everyone knows she’s lost the Dragonblood Desecration, she’ll be safe for the time being," said Lingfeng.

Tianming was worried that Xiaoxiao would be in danger if she left alone with the Dragonblood Desecration. However, Weisheng Moran had made sure that didn’t happen. Narrowing his gaze, Tianming stared into the distance where she had once stood, his brows wrinkled.

“Do you see a change in her vita?” he asked Lingfeng.

“Nothing has changed, but she feels like a different person. It's weird,” Lingfeng replied.

Her situation was obviously different from Feiling’s.


Some people did have split personalities. They behaved differently, depending on the time and place.

“It doesn’t seem that way. If you encounter her in the next battle, don't show her any mercy," said Lingfeng.

“Alright.” Tianming nodded.

This Weisheng Moran was dangerous. He had assumed that the Sky Palace candidacy was in the bag after defeating Long Longlong, but now it seemed something was wrong. He had a hunch that Weisheng Moran would prove to be an obstacle if they were to fight. The spear that had pierced Xiaoxiao's palm remained vivid in his mind.

“It’s Gan Gangan and your turn next. We’ll see what the Sky Palace has arranged," Tianming said.

Yu Ziqian smiled bitterly. His nickname was truly “unique.” Right then, Yu Ziqian was sent into the formation. It was his turn.

Tianming looked up. On the imperial star ranking, Weisheng Moran sat firmly in second place. The next fight would be between Yu Ziqian, who ranked third, and Zhan Yuance, who was still in sixth place. Who would Yu Ziqian's opponent be? Zhan Yuance or Chu Jingchuan, the Empyrean Sword Sect disciple in ninth place?

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