Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1258

Published at 30th of March 2022 10:00:13 AM

Chapter 1258: 1258

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Chapter 1258 - Fiendguard Armor

Kong's appearance caused quite a commotion throughout the Myriad Solar Sects.

"Damn, he’s a specter skywolf royal, as expected."

"In the battle back then, many skywolf royals fell. To think that they survived and continued festering in the darkness. I thought they’d long died out, but turns out that isn't the case...."

"The question is: why would Voidword Shrine take him in? What’re they trying to do? Is the Voidword Shrine really allied with the Skywolf Star after all? Most members of their sect are human, though...."

"Forget it. It’s been eight hundred millennia since then. The remnants of the skywolf royals have long been naturalized here in Orderia. Not to mention, this is just a child."

"It just doesn't feel right to me no matter what. Even if the Myriad Solar Sects are trying to nurture geniuses, we surely can't nurture people of his background, can we?"

"It makes sense.... This Kong looks no different from a white-eyed wolf."

The revelation of Kong's identity had caused many to start to doubt the Voidword Shrine. Even so, they were more interested in the treasures obtained by the Azuresoul Palace and Xuanyuan Dragon Sect. Eight hundred millennia was far too much time for people to start forgetting things to the point that seeing a former enemy's descendant become a genius shocked them less than the appearance of those treasures.

"Someone must’ve forced the Voidword Shrine to take him as a disciple. Oh well, I suppose most people are more concerned about who the treasures will belong to."

"Of course."

"However, since the Voidword Shrine let him expose his true identity, does that mean they're prepared for the consequences?"

"That's right. They truly picked the right moment. It was bound to get out sooner or later anyway, so revealing it now will lessen the impact later."

On a normal day, this news would have generated shock and awe, but most people were already tired of such reactions after all that had transpired up till now. It had been eight hundred millennia, and even the strongest hate would fade and simmer out with time.


Kong, now a werewolf, held a grade-seven divine artifact, a sign of how highly the seniors of his sect regarded him. It was a gigantic curved demonic blade that looked almost like a saw. It was made of a bone of some kind, probably the spine of a huge beast. The blade was three meters long and could corrode flesh upon contact. Its saw-like nature also allowed it to cleave quite a few chunks of its target off at the same time.

The nine-headed dragon lingered around Kong's side. Whenever it moved, the earth shook. Its nine heads stretched out and surrounded Lingfeng and the Soulfiend. Then emerald-green smoke came wafting out of its heads, obviously toxic in some way.

The entire time, the two youths hadn’t said a single word. Lingfeng used his primordia constellation, bringing himself to peak performance. The black vortex of a constellation immediately sucked up all the green smoke. No matter what kind of toxin it was, once it entered the Primordial Gate or primordia constellation, it would be sent to who-knows-where. No matter how much smoke the divine corpse puppet spewed, it just got sucked away.

Like an ape, the Soulfiend leapt into the air and rammed into the nine-headed dragon. Though it attacked with its claws, they drew no blood. The corpse puppet didn't cry out in the slightest and countered by biting the Soulfiend with all nine of its heads. The Soulfiend had to dematerialize into its spiritform to be able to evade that attack.

"Don't bother trying. Only by destroying its formation can it be defeated, so soul attacks are useless against it. We can only win this by destroying Kong's imperial star formation. Let's just do our best to hold back the dragon's attacks." The more Lingfeng fought, the calmer he became.

The Soulfiend roared and switched its target to Kong, whose eyes shot two beams of blinding light toward Lingfeng. This was an ability! The white light flew toward Lingfeng's chest like swords at a speed so fast it was practically impossible to evade. His expression shifted. Though he had managed to evade one of the beams, he was pierced through by another. Many people thought that he was going to die after seeing that scene. However, he didn't react in the slightest upon being pierced through, flying toward Kong instead.

"Huh?" Kong was surprised. How could someone survive a lethal wound like that? He didn't look too closely at Lingfeng's chest in the heat of the moment, though he did see him take out a black staff. Suddenly, the staff broke apart into many pieces, then reformed into a black armor that protected his entire body. Though it looked eerie and heavy, it was actually far lighter than its looks suggested. The mirror on his chest plate looked like a dreamy vortex that could cause confusion and nausea.

This was the second ability of the Evil Suppression Pillar. Like the Grand-Orient Sword, which had five golden doors within, the staff had four deep wells. The activation of the first well unlocked the ability to deploy the Evil Suppression Formation. As for this Fiendguard Armor, it was unlocked through the second well. Mechanically, it functioned similarly to Tianming's sword splitting in two, though, it split up into far more pieces and could recombine into something else. It was a far more complex process.

After the conversion, Lingfeng's speed, defense, power, and other attributes were increased to some extent. It was as if he had put on the Dragonhide. However, the Fiendguard Armor's strength was that it still had other abilities remaining to be unlocked, much like Tianming's Grand-Orient Vortex.

So far, the Grand-Orient Vortex could enhance Tianming's astral discs to some degree, whereas the Fiendguard Armor allowed Lingfeng to wield two Heartpiercer Soulblades, one in each hand.

He used his Infernal Soul Curse, spitting out black flames from his mouth toward the Soulfiend and setting it alight. Once the Soulfiend absorbed the ability, it opened all three of its mouths and projected a gigantic black flaming pillar that looked like a copy of the Evil Suppression Pillar. The Soulfiend no longer bothered attacking the nine-headed dragon. Instead, it blasted three black flaming pillars toward Kong, completely enveloping him within.

At the same time, the dragon came biting again. The Soulfiend didn't dematerialize this time, taking the hits for Lingfeng instead.

Kong's gigantic body began burning with countless black flames that swarmed into his sea of consciousness and burned away at his vita. Anyone with a weak soul would be heavily maimed by this attack of Lingfeng's, even someone a few levels above him. It would require someone much, much stronger to easily take out Lingfeng.

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