Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1267

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Chapter 1267: 1267

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Chapter 1267 - Dazzler Constellation

Lan Huang leapt from the ground, beating up a lot of rocks and dust. It used Primordial Wheel and rammed into the serene dreameater whale, increasing its own size three times with the dirt and rocks stuck to it. Yet compared to the gigantic whale, it was the size of a small fish and the rocks around it immediately fell upon impact.

Many of Xian Xian's vines and branches were also breaking. The power of a sixth-level constellier divine beast was obvious. In the first clash, Xian Xian and Lan Huang had been more or less completely overwhelmed. Fortunately, the whale wasn't capable of dealing any damage to Ying Huo. Not to mention, it wasn't able to properly kill Lan Huang and Xian Xian, even though it could keep them at bay. Lan Huang immediately got back up from the fall while Xian Xian stood firm amidst the dust clouds.

"Ying Huo, hold it back and find a chance to strike the killing blow," Tianming instructed calmly. Now, only he and Ying Huo were capable of dealing any real damage. Though their enemy was powerful, they numbered fewer, so it would be easier to gang up on them. He wouldn't have to spread his forces thin like he had in the fight against Long Longlong.

"Here I come!" Ying Huo had many chances to strike unseen from Lan Huang's back.

"Eyes over here!" Right as they were ready, a flash of green rapidly approached them. Weisheng Moran was fast beyond belief! She mercilessly thrust her Greendeath Gardenia toward Tianming's left eye.

If it weren’t for the imperial star formation, she'd definitely try to kill me! It took only one look for him to discern her killing intent. Feeling the hair on the back of his neck stand, his fighting spirit was ignited. Feng trusted me and took a risk to leave first. We’ve placed all our hopes in the Sky Palace. Otherwise, there'd be no way for us to stand up for ourselves in Orderia. Losing the treasures is a small thing, but we'd most likely be killed in the process. That's why I have to win no matter what!

Now, he no longer hesitated and fought without mercy. "No matter who you are, you have to be defeated!" he roared as he charged toward Weisheng Moran, his sword drawn. At the same time, Meow Meow struck from his flank. Countless lightning bolts gathered near its eyes and formed bloody lances, much like the arrows fired by the Dragonblood Desecration. They blasted toward Weisheng Moran. This ability, Cosmic Lance, was powerful because it had properties of polar opposites, yin and yang! When the two bolts of lightning interacted and struck the enemy, a ferocious reaction would occur. Additionally, the bane text in the lightning bolts, coupled with their newfound power as constelliers made the lances fly faster than Weisheng Moran could move, blasting the Greendeath Gardenia away before her strike could land on Tianming.

An explosion of bloody lightning sent Weisheng Moran flying. As the lightning crawled along her body, it was blocked off by the opened umbrella and didn't harm her. Still, it caused her to completely renew her impression of Tianming. "So you broke through again...." This youth had gone from having no chance to becoming her rival. Even someone like her found it impressive. "I really want to research you...."

Her lips curved into an insidious smile once more; it wasn’t a smile a girl would usually make. As she spoke, the little black cat dominated the entire battlefield with its speed, streaking across the air and leaving behind a trail of black lightning bolts, forming them into Misty Hellthunder that spread out across the serene dreameater whale. In terms of abilities, Meow Meow's were considerably stronger than its siblings'. The lightning bolts colored the entire whale black, tearing away at its flesh before burrowing into it through its skin that was tens of meters thick. There was even a lot of thick, oily blubber beneath it that put up resistance against the lightning bolts' flow. Xian Xian was tempted to get Tianming to preserve all that lard for use when frying up wildbeast snacks.

Though Meow Meow used to play the role of a tank, it was now a powerful weapon thanks to its impressive abilities. With Lan Huang taking over the role of absorbing enemy attacks, Meow Meow had completely changed its fighting style.

In a group battle like that, Tianming and the rest could leverage their numbers to cause Weisheng Moran and her whale much grief. The black lightning spread out across the entire battlefield without constraint, allowing Meow Meow to use Blitzbane, Worldbolt Blast. Chasing it down to stop it was a waste of time too.

"Hmmm, this is interesting indeed." Weisheng Moran mitigated Cosmic Lance and used the Dragonblood Desecration to block Tianming's sword strike, a move so refined that it shocked many to see. Though it looked like she was using that treasure of a weapon in a fight, she was actually keeping it held down as it struggled against her. The weapon was a liability for her, as she didn't have the exalted blood to bind it. She was fighting Tianming with a handicap, which riled up the audience even more.

Then she called her whale over. It forcefully charged toward them, dragging Lan Huang and Xian Xian along, even uprooting the whole tree. Tianming struck with the Lifesteal Silverdragon, wrapping it around the whale's tail. But just as he was about to pull it toward him, the chain lost its grip and slipped off after leaving many bloody wounds on the whale. With how thick its skin was, the wounds were superficial at best. "Dammit, it's so slippery!"

As expected of a fish, or rather a marine mammal. Then Weisheng Moran joined up with her whale. Nobody knew what she was planning as the whale dove downward. Once on the ground, Weisheng Moran held her umbrella spear in one hand and the Dragonblood Desecration in another. She leapt up high and her astralforce collided with the whale's, creating a constellation.

With the whale at its center, two white clouds manifested and began changing. Many colorful universes seemed to appear around them, expanding until they covered the entire battlefield. It was such a bizarre sight that the audience began chattering about it. Within the range of the constellation, the whale's song echoed throughout. There was nothing to be seen above except countless flashing lights. It was as if countless small fish were swimming about in the sky, or rather, the sea that was present both above and on the ground.

"Huh? Why are there so many birds?" Ying Huo wondered, staring wide-eyed around it.

Meow Meow began dozing off.

Lan Huang looked around and muttered in a daze. "There’s so many balls bouncing around...."

As for Xian Xian, it was smiling as it munched nothing but air.

It immediately occurred to Tianming that this was an illusion. As his vita was defended by the Soul Tower, his mind was still clear—but his lifebound beasts had fallen for it. That could only mean that the illusion created by the constellation was far more powerful than their level could handle. She had the dazzler constellation!

Countless meaningless whispers echoed with the blowing winds, sweeping across every single one of them, telling of many lives and experiences. The only things that didn't change were the billions of green fish that freely swam around them. The sea was really clear, allowing light to shine through onto their faces. The little fish seemed to swim close to his face and even into his left eye, playing with the green fish that was already inside.

By then, the dazzling mist had spread throughout the arena, swallowing Tianming and his beasts and locking them in. Weisheng Moran watched it all from within her constellation. Her whale sent boundless energy through the constellation into her body, increasing the power of the constellation. She had relied on it alone to defeat Long Longlong even before her demeanor suddenly changed. Now, she was only stronger.

Wherever she moved, the mist opened up a path for her. She freely moved about in the arena as she stabbed the Greendeath Gardenia toward Tianming's left eye. The tip of the spear was leveled a little higher so that she could dig his left eye out without activating the imperial star formation. Her intentions were clear to those watching outside.

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