Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1268

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Chapter 1268: 1268

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Chapter 1268 - Dream Devour

Weisheng Moran glared at Tianming. "To prevent someone blessed by fortune like you from influencing the future, I will use this opportunity today to cripple you. Say goodbye to your four limbs. Congratulations, your life ambitions will all be ended today." She wouldn't have said all that had she not been surprised by Tianming's performance. For any other person who got in her way, she wouldn't bother wasting words on them.

Greendeath Gardenia pierced threateningly toward Tianming. Now, he was so under control of the illusions that he couldn't even muster a defense. Yet his eyes suddenly cleared up. His gold and black irises began surging with a terrifying glow. Just like the imperial star within the colorless door within the Grand-Orient Sword, the beams from his eyes completely covered up the Azurespirit and pierced through all the illusions, even extending beyond the arena and out of the Voidsky Flame Pillar.

"I'm guessing you’re some big figure from the Dreamless Celestial Nation," he said as he regained clarity.

"Your reckless guesses will result in your death," Weisheng Moran said, her expression shifting immediately.

"Oh, you're threatening me, eh? That alone makes me more confident about my guess." He swept his gaze toward her, pointing the black and gold beams toward her body, the sheer energy within them forcing her to back off.

Then concentrated astralforce emanated from his four beasts, was renewed by the constellation, and transferred into Tianming's own body. All five of their constellation projections fused into one, giving rise to Tianming's pandemonium constellation. Ying Huo's flaming cosmos, Meow Meow's lightning cosmos, Lan Huang's seamountain cosmos, and Xian Xian's floral cosmos blended together with the black and gold light, giving rise to a shining black and gold star within the dazzler constellation's veil. Piercing the mesmerizing darkness, it was like a rising sun, giving off divine radiance throughout the entire battlefield.

The great celestial body rose above Tianming's head, having absorbed all of their power as it continued growing in size and radiance. With the support of the imperial star, the pandemonium constellation expanded infinitely and stretched beyond the dazzler constellation. Within it, Tianming's white hair seemed to be dyed black and gold. The light gathered around him, making him look countless times grander than before. He levitated in mid-air like an actual divine presence, the might that radiated from him pressing down on Weisheng Moran with great force.

"Isn't this constellation's pressure a little too powerful?" Weisheng Moran furrowed her brows for the first time. Not only that, she noticed as the imperial star rose up and shone its light on her that her dazzler constellation was rapidly shrinking back into her body until it was forced back inside her. In fact, it even cut off the constellation connection she had with her beast. Her constellation had been the most powerful one among the juniors here, yet it had been forced back by this constellation she’d never seen before.

Her relaxed demeanor instantly vanished. The pandemonium constellation was applying a lot of pressure on her and had an effect that was hard to describe. In her eyes, Tianming was covered in a godly flair, as if he had descended from the heavens. The slightest instant of feeling something like this was enough to make her shudder. She drew a cold breath as she had been completely overpowered in a fight between their constellations. I was only relying on the little fish's abilities... I can't possibly be defeated, right? Such a thought had already occurred to her. Tianming's pandemonium constellation was far too powerful.

The pandemonium constellation suppressed her formation and even started applying pressure... She's beginning to fear me now. If someone with her power reacts like this, I think most normal people won't be able to take it.... He had a rough idea of his constellation's power now, but he didn't dare to believe it.

Lingfeng's primordia constellation could swallow everything, whereas this impressive constellation could suppress all other constellations. If it could already do so to the powerful dazzler constellation, he could only imagine what it could do to others. Most likely, one would only be able to resist the suppression if they were of a much higher level.

"Causing other constellations to collapse is the essence of the pandemonium constellation as well as the core of Imperial Will. However, the constellation is only one part of the battle equation. Even so, that still gives me quite an edge!" It went without a doubt that the power from the pandemonium constellation had come from the Primordial God-Emperor. With the dazzler constellation suppressed, he could finally launch his counterattack.

The appearance of his constellation had shocked those watching. Most of them thought that Tianming was going to die for sure.

"That kid’s been hiding it this whole time and only used his constellation for the first time ever...."

"What kind of constellation can suppress other people's constellations?"

"It's the first time I've heard of this."

They weren't aware that Tianming had been growing in power the entire time, thinking that he was merely leaving his trump card for the last moment.

"He's probably a sixth-level constellier."

"That kid really knows how to hold back! How impressive! How could Jiang Qingliu find a disciple like that?"

"In a sense, this is a clash between the Dreamless Celestial Nation and Xuanyuan Dragon Sect!"

The Myriad Solar Sects flared with excitement, the power of the pandemonium constellation deeply burned into their minds.

"This constellation is still budding. When it grows more powerful in the Solar stage, who’ll be able to defend against it?"

The sudden change of the impression people had about Tianming caused his Imperial Will to resonate wildly. Omnisentient Threads could be forming all across the Myriad Solar Sects any time now.

"I, Li Tianming, was born to rule over all! Burning them all down, controlling them, and conquering them is my destiny!" He grit his teeth and looked at his beasts. "Go!"

The time to fight back had come. The imperial star glowed brighter and brighter, allowing the flow of power between him and his beasts to become even smoother. Meow Meow unleashed its ninefold Chaos Disaster on the imperial star in the constellation, channeling it through before it came back out. Each of the black lightning bolts were enhanced with the power of the constellation before striking the serene dreameater whale. Thanks to the constellation, even Meow Meow's abilities were enhanced. Weisheng Moran was being constantly bombarded and couldn't escape unscathed like before. The lightning blasts sent dust and grime into the air around her.

"Hmph." She scoffed and began acting in concert with her whale. The gigantic beast opened its mouth and let out an ear-shaking wail. Nine cloudy apparitions appeared and flew out of its star-filled eyes before turning into white whales that charged toward Tianming and the rest in an attempt to bite them. This was its offensive ability, Ninefold Apparitions. It was why the sole whale was so powerful. Though it wasn't as powerful as Lingfeng's soul attacks, it possessed the power of a second general soul.

"Let me take it!" Tianming charged into the clouds and blocked the spirit whales; he had the Soul Tower guarding him, after all. The terrifying whales dragged Tianming down into an abyssal sea and made it feel like he was drowning.

"Xian Xian!" Without Tianming having to order it, Xian Xian's Fiendsong Mares began to sing, using Fiendsong Trisoul. As a soul attack of its own, it was able to affect the Ninefold Apparitions. At the same time, Lan Huang and Ying Huo charged toward the serene dreameater whale, the dragon using Daybreak Worldslash and the bird charging straight into the whale's mouth before using Skyscorch Featherblast from within. It was a cruel way to attack indeed, poking thousands of holes within it. Blood spurted out, followed by intense pain, though the whale was so huge that even all of Ying Huo's feathers hitting their mark didn't do any significant damage.

So Ying Huo changed its approach and unleashed more flaming abilities within the mouth, ranging from Infernal Blaze to Sixpath Infernal Lotus. Eventually, the whale began rolling around in pain. At the same time, it had to endure Lan Huang and Xian Xian's abuse on the outside. Its constellation had been suppressed by the pandemonium constellation and even Weisheng Moran couldn't come to its aid.

"You coming into my mouth is suicidal." The giant whale opened its mouth and used its ability, Dream Devour. Its large throat was like a pathway to hell. Countless white vortices formed within, out of which many baleful spirits appeared and waved towards Ying Huo. Then, Ying Huo felt a suction on its own vita. Its eyes began glazing over as countless illusions took form in its mind.

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