Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1269

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Chapter 1269: Chapter 1269 - Lifeless Dreamdance

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Chapter 1269 - Lifeless Dreamdance

In Ying Huo’s eyes, the white vortex turned into Tianming’s lifebound space. That was its first home. The white souls in the vortex morphed into Tianming, calling it to return. Ying Huo violently gasped, its body trembling. Although it instinctively resisted the call, it was too close. It didn't even know that the mouth of the whale was its most powerful organ.

The Dream Devour was the whale’s essence. With this ability, the whale could swallow everything. The dream was really the soul. Although the whale had yet to achieve what the Soulfiend could, which was to break down vitae and use it for itself, it could still kill Ying Huo.

"Help! Help!" At that fatal moment, Ying Huo communicated through the mind.

From the constellation, Tianming was aware of Ying Huo’s situation and locked onto its position. The serene dreameater whale was furious. Opening its mouth as large as it could, it bit down on Lan Huang's body, pulling at its vita. Its enormous, abyss-like mouth gave Tianming a shock.

“Wait for me.”

Tianming threw out the Lifesteal Silverdragon. The ten-thousand-meter long dragon pierced the gigantic whale’s open mouth.

“Close your mouth!”

Meow Meow had suppressed Weisheng Moran’s spear with its abilities, so Tianming had the opportunity to rescue Ying Huo. Upon hearing Weisheng Moran's command, the whale noticed the oncoming attack and immediately closed its mouth. However, it was stuck in a trap of its own making. Seeing that the whale was about to close its mouth, Lan Huang who had been bitten swiftly bored into its mouth. Lan Huang’s spikes pierced into the whale’s flesh, making it difficult for the whale to close its mouth.

In that instant, the Lifesteal Silverdragon whizzed past, puncturing the whale’s throat and sinking at least fifty meters into its flesh. The vortex it produced was shattered by the Lifesteal Silverdragon as the chains tightened its hold on the whale. Finally clearheaded, Ying Huo quickly grabbed the chains.

“That’s what you get for opening your mouth!”

Tianming drew out the Lifesteal Silverdragon, gouging out a huge chunk of flesh, almost ripping out the whale’s throat. A rain of blood poured down. Rolling painfully on the ground, the giant whale spat out Lan Huang, its screams filling the air.

With Lan Huang and Xian Xian in tow, Ying Huo charged forth, blasting the beast with its powers. Like the yellow sand, mangled flesh and fresh blood spattered in the air. The battle between the gigantic beasts was an impressive sight. They were clearly two young disciples, but they fought like peerless experts—especially Tianming, who had suppressed Weisheng Moran with his pandemonium constellation.

As he was distracted by dealing with the whale, Tianming’s thigh was pierced by Weisheng Moran’s spear. Blood poured from his wound. The woman was fierce, vicious, and equally strong. When her whale was at a disadvantage, she resisted Tianming and Meow Meow’s combined efforts with her own battle art.

Tianming had witnessed how she dealt with Xiaoxiao. She used illusions. It was said that the battle arts from the Dreamless Celestial Nation contained dreamlike moves that made them extremely lethal.

Her long skirt danced in the wind. In the blink of an eye, she struck with the Greendeath Gardenia once more and thousands of little fish appeared out of thin air, falling down like heavy rain.

"Those who stand in my way must die!" She sounded a little like a man.

Fifth-realm divine art—Greencliff Nightstorm. Her spear descended like rain on a dark night. There was almost nowhere within the battlefield to seek shelter from this attack. Weisheng Moran schooled Tianming in the terrifying combination of illusions, movement arts, and battle arts. She was everywhere!

If I weren't worried about revealing my secrets, I could kill you instantly with Quietus Dream! This was what she was struggling with. Weisheng Moran was a junior, after all. Using techniques above her cultivation level would seem absurd.

What a nuisance! He wants to stop me from entering the Sky Palace and ruin my plans.... As she muttered to herself, her serene dreameater whale was suppressed even more miserably. Her constellation and lifebound beast were both inhibited; she was the only one left.

Weisheng Moran frowned deeply. "Who would’ve thought that I, the dreamless celestial emperor, would be overpowered by a junior!" If such news was passed around, she would become a laughing stock. The pride she felt and her present predicament made her uncomfortable. It made her sick, something she hadn’t felt for a long time. If it weren't for being trapped in this body....

Tianming formed the pandemonium constellation and attacked in one swift move. Behind him was the damn cat! This time, Tianming broke through the Greencliff Nightstorm, thalligold hardsword penetrating from the tip of his sword and slashing across her face. Blood poured from the wound. The young man exploded with unrivaled power, his sword dancing chaotically.

"Defeat will ruin everything. Most importantly, the smokescreen will disintegrate.... Never mind, I’ll take the risk. I hope they don’t see anything." At the thought of this, Weisheng Moran plunged the Dragonblood Desecration into the ground, allowing it to roam freely. In any case, it had no way of escaping the arena. She now had one hand free. A ray of death surged within her eyes as she unleashed the sixth-realm divine art—Lifeless Dreamdance.

Swift, illusory, nimble, and mysterious! The string of bells in her hand melodiously rang. Her posture, movements, and expression, as well as the Greendeath Gardenia were extraordinary.

Tianming merely blinked once, and in that instant, it seemed as if the lithe beauty was everywhere, her green umbrella filling the sky. The melodious ringing sounded more and more urgent, masking the lethal attack aimed at Tianming. One move and it seemed a dancer's world was created. Wherever it went, death followed. Tianming felt a chill on his throat.

“How’d she become so strong all of a sudden!”

Tianming had wanted to completely crush his opponent, but he could never have expected such a fierce counterattack. She seemed to be everywhere. Despite appearing delicate and charming, something about her made his hair stand on end. Only a higher level divine art could create such an effect. The world trembled.

“Is this the dreamless celestial emperor’s sixth-realm divine art?”

“Weisheng Moran is remarkable!”

As they watched in admiration, Tianming inched closer to defeat. He couldn’t understand why Weisheng Moran had only chosen to use this move now. If she had attacked with this at the beginning, the battle would have ended by now.

Meow Meow’s lightning filled the sky, but still failed to stop the Greendeath Gardenia. Amidst the illusion, Weisheng Moran’s mournful expression seemed to speak volumes. However, Tianming felt nauseous because her gaze resembled a man’s. What happened?

He couldn’t tell where his sword was going. This wasn’t an illusion created by a formation, but a mysterious and fast-moving battle art. Even his Insightful Eye did nothing to improve his sight. The only way to reduce the damage was to destroy his imperial star formation and concede defeat.

At this critical moment, the little fish in his left eye disintegrated and turned into a green mist, covering the white of his eye. Therefore, his pupil was gold, surrounded by green. Through his left eye, Tianming instantly detected Weisheng Moran’s position and her movements seemed to slow down in his eyes.

The little fish cried, "Save me, please save me!" That bleak, miserable voice reached the depths of his soul. It was the Azurespirit. Tianming recognized that his opportunity had arrived.

As Weisheng Moran noticed his left eye, her expression turned ugly. "You’re courting death! How dare you go against me like this!!" she roared.

Tianming integrated the thalligold hardsword and redlotus furnacesword into his sword. His attack was swift, accurate and ruthless. "Meow Meow, attack!"

Weisheng Moran was so quick that Meow Meow couldn’t even lay a paw on her. But at that moment, she couldn’t hide from Tianming. Amidst a flash of silver and blood-red savagery, flames blustered. Silverdragon Flashkill, Blooddragon Sacrifice, and Blazedragon Fireblast—the three dragons came together. The moment Tianming unleashed the Tridragon Tribulation, heaven and earth underwent an enormous change and the Grand-Orient Sword glowed.

"Who cares about you? Get out of the way!"

Tianming shot toward Weisheng Moran. Having found its target, Meow Meow was ready to attack with Cosmic Lance. Weisheng Moran suddenly appeared before them, striking with the Greendeath Gardenia that was shrouded in green flowers.

She was furious and resentful. Perhaps she felt betrayed, or maybe embarrassed. After all, she had been defeated by a junior despite having risked using a sixth-realm divine art. It was an outcome that was unexpected and devastating for her, the most powerful sovereign on the myriad sect ranking.

“Little fish...” she laughed. Her plan of many years was being disrupted by its rebellion.

Amidst the roars of the three dragons, the Grand-Orient Sword slammed into the Greendeath Gardenia. Cosmic Lance struck Weisheng Moran’s waist, the blood-red lightning engulfing her in an instant. Threads of electricity drilled into her flesh, paralyzing her.

Tianming separated his sword into two, aiming one at the Greendeath Gardenia while the other stabbed Weisheng Moran’s throat. The tip of the sword pierced half an inch of her flesh before being blocked by the imperial star formation that protected her. Tianming had won. They had survived the danger.

Tianming breathed a sigh of relief. The gloomy-faced fluttering beauty stretched out her hand and wrapped it around the blade of the Grand-Orient Sword. Raising her head, she stared at the young man in front of her. The mist in his left eye slowly faded away. The outcome had been revealed; Weisheng Moran was eliminated. However, she looked Tianming up and down and suddenly smiled.

"I've got my eye on you. You must pass the Sky Palace’s trial. Or else I’ll have you experience nightmares all your life." She smiled sweetly.

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