Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1276

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Chapter 1276: 1276

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Chapter 1276 - Silver Stardust

The fifth beast had its own symbiotic cultivation technique called the Myriadworld Immortal Codex. As it had been reduced to a mere speck compared to what it used to be, it had to cultivate anew. When its bloodline entered Tianming's body, it brought with it a completely new change. His body could now disassemble and recombine without end.

When the hundred thousand eggs gathered on Tianming's body, it looked like he turned into a gigantic silver egg. They began absorbing the metallic fundamental cosmic force as both of them channeled the Myriadworld Immortal Codex.

What Tianming was most curious about was what kind of lifeform it was. So far, he still wasn't aware of where its main body was, or if it even had one. If it didn't have a main body, how could it make beast veins or spiritsources?

But soon, he figured it out. If even a tree could go through the process, why not this bunch of eggs? Instantly, they grew past the level of mortal lifeforms. The entire group of eggs was like its main body. Everything, from beast veins, to spiritsources, to unity fields formed around it. Then came the manifestation of heavenly will, followed by the terrifying transformation into a saint lifeform, which included becoming a samsaran. The saint palace and saint springs formed within the fused egg.

During the Ascension stage, the saint palace and saint springs shattered, converting into countless albi that contained all the energy of the body. This was a crucial step. Once its astral physique was formed, the gigantic egg immediately split apart. Now, it resembled the creatures within the dream much more closely. Tianming found himself in a sea of silver, surrounded by blinding light and crunching metallic sounds.

Quite a lot of time had passed. The 'momentum' of its hatching had pushed it past every level of the Ascension stage. The two of them continued absorbing fundamental cosmic force, forming the fifth myriaddiscs in their albi. The discs looked just like the sea of silver from his dream—sharp, shiny, and indomitable.

"I left a three-star universal manna for you to use. We'll get a better one later for you to catch up to your siblings." Tianming took out a universal manna called the Starsky Metalsoul, which he'd picked up in the Voidsky Realm. Naturally, he gave it a bunch of lower-tier manna beforehand so that it could evolve step by step.


Finally, the cultivation and evolution process came to an end. The countless transformations were dazzling. An egg that was as hard as a sword appeared beside him. For Tianming, his astralforce had increased in capacity and his body had grown somewhat stronger. Not to mention, he had added another fighting unit to his team. Seeing what it had looked like in the dream, Tianming was quite confident in its fighting abilities.

"Nice to meet you. You looked like a silver sea of stardust in the dream, so I'll give you a poetic name. Let's call you Yin Chen," Tianming said awkwardly. Yin Chen, the silver dust of the storm.

"Blergh... vomit..." the critter said.

"Alright, Yin Chen it is, even if you don't like it! I've been waiting far too long for you." Currently, the many silver eggs were still circling around him. Though they were each the size of a chicken egg, they were quite sizable when gathered together. Not to mention, they seemed to be capable of increasing their number until they filled the skies one day.

"So you don't have a true main body, which means each and every egg is a part of your body and your consciousness exists in all of them. So the only way for you to die is for all of your bodies to be destroyed, right? As long as a single one exists, you'll be able to endlessly recover, correct?" If there was a center to its being, it would be the consciousness itself.

"That's right..." it answered, with the same two-word format. Looked like it wasn't a broodmother-type beast after all. There was no master or child unit, all were just as equally important.

"If all the eggs spread across the entirety of Orderia, wouldn't you be able to see everything across the entire star and gather information that way?"

"Of course... that's possible," it answered proudly.

"So you can peep at people bathing everywhere then," Ying Huo said.

"You’re shameless."

Ying Huo wasn't surprised at the reaction. It had been rather prideful even before hatching.

"Come in and show the others your abilities," Tianming said.

"Okay okay." It seemed a little unwilling, but did what it was told. A stream of silver eggs entered the lifebound space, taking up much of the space within.

"Whoa!" Ying Huo, Lan Huang and Xian Xian all widened their eyes curiously.

"Cat Bro, wake up. Fifth has hatched," Xian Xian said, nudging the black cat.

"Huh? I'll just... wait for the sixth to hatch first...." It turned around and went back to sleep. Everyone else wanted to see what the eggs were made of.

The metallic crunching sound could be heard again. Each egg split into ten units, making a million of them in total. Then they began growing antennae, legs, and blade-like wings, becoming some kind of insect.

"What is this? Cockroaches? Haha..." Ying Huo and the rest laughed with fascination.

"So cute!" Xian Xian picked one up. They looked less disgusting than normal insects, as they were made entirely out of metal. They had completely smooth surfaces and antennae that curved downward. The two black googly eyes were still there, adding a bit to their cuteness. The one Xian Xian picked up looked at it and climbed out of its grip. "So dirty... dirty dirty."

When it landed on the ground, it kept shaking the legs that had touched Xian Xian, as if to shake off the filth. It appeared to be quite a clean freak, all of them, in fact. The cockroaches crawled around the lifebound space and kept kicking their legs in the same manner, as if they had stepped on something dirty. Still, their shiny bodies didn't seem to allow any speck of dust to stick to them, otherwise they wouldn't be so reflective. Tianming could only brush off its obsession with cleanliness as its Primordial Chaos Beast quirk.

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