Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 128

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Chapter 128: - Killed Five People!

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Dragons and phoenixes were existences that appeared only in myths. Even the weakest of them would be a top-ranking beast.Although the nation of Torch Dragon was known as a country of dragons, they didn’t have even one real dragon. As for Vermilion Bird, the nation was busy being unassuming; the word ‘Phoenix’ didn’t even deign to appear in the nation's name.Li Tianming had seen a ‘dragon’-type lifebound beast from Torch Dragon before— Ji Changyan’s Volcanic Drake. However, low-tier seven-star lifebound beasts would at best be dragons with impure blood, even if they matured. However, the lifebound beast of the girl in front of him looked even more like a true dragon! It was even bigger than the Volcanic Drake, and its scales alternated between blue and white, giving it a very holy and noble appearance.Its long and slender body, razor-sharp teeth and claws and the dense draconic scales that lined its body made it the spitting image of a true dragon; it was just missing the horn.“Big brother, this is the high-tier seven-star lifebound beast, the Blizzard Dragon. It’s a storm and ice-type dragon lifebound beast. It can just be barely counted as a true dragon.” Jiang Feiling was deeply shocked, as the data Mu Yang provided had indicated that their strongest opponent would be a mid-tier seven-star beast.The Volcanic Drake and Blizzard Dragon were different. One was a reptile species, while the other was a dragon species. The former was closer to being snakes, while real dragons could soar through the skies and possessed an apex bloodline.There were other apex bloodlines as well on the continent, but Vermilion Bird didn’t have any of them.Of course, apex bloodlines didn’t mean more ordinary species were useless. The legendary phoenix would be classified as an avian species, though of course it would be the sovereign of all avians. As for the Aeternal Infernal Phoenix, it would be far beyond that.From the little chick’s dream, Li Tianming knew that Ying Huo stood far beyond the average phoenix.“Which means that the Blizzard Dragon is a dragon, but one of the poorest bloodlines amongst them,” Li Tianming mused.Jiang Feiling nodded. “Honestly, being classified as a dragon can be said to be just for the sake of making the Blizzard Dragon look good. There are arguments that went the other way. Some say that even the poorest of bloodlines for dragons, phoenixes and qilins should be at least eight-star imperial beasts. To some others, being a saint beast is the minimum qualification.”With so many books and opinions about lifebound beasts in Vermilion Bird, there was no way they would all be unified.Li Tianming still had quite the distance before he reached the battlefield, so he was able to get a clear view of the Blizzard Dragon and its beastmaster without being swept up into the fight.The girl was dressed in a long blue and white dress, and even from afar, it was clear she was a beauty capable of toppling countries with her looks alone. Her two blades continued to dance elegantly as she pressed the attack.However, Li Tianming had no reaction to that beauty. That was because the most beautiful girl was already in his heart. And also, in his body.More importantly, that beautiful girl was evidently attempting to kill Mo Lin, from how every swing of hers drew blood.“The information Uncle Yang gave didn’t have her. How did she enter?” Li Tianming quickly recalled the data. “Her strength and lifebound beast are much stronger than apprentice-brother Mo Lin’s. Did she hide her abilities so well that even Vermilion Bird’s Heaven’s Sanctum isn’t in the know?”That was the only possibility. Li Tianming could tell that she was suppressing Mo Lin with ease; for that to happen, she had to be ninth level Spiritsource.“I remember someone. That’s a contestant from Torch Dragon called Yue Lingji. The information says she’s eighth level Spiritsource with a low-tier seven-star lifebound beast, the Snowy Drake. It should be her!” Still, that information differed from what the data said.When Li Tianming entered the battlefield, he saw her cut apart Mo Lin’s brush.“That’s definitely a grade six beastial weapon, which is against the rules set by Heaven’s Elysium.” It didn’t matter if her level and lifebound beast were strong, because that was her strength. However, she had no right to use a grade six beastial weapon!In the data, this Yue Lingji was classified as someone who was paid little attention to, and even Li Tianming had overlooked her. Mu Yang had said that the strongest contender should be Aquamarine’s seventh princess, Gu Suyu. She was the only one with a mid-tier seven-star lifebound beast.Who knew that Yue Lingji had hidden her cards so well? Had she never fought before in Aquamarine? The breakthrough in level might have been in the Abyssal Battlefield, but if it wasn’t Ying Huo, it was impossible for a lifebound beast to evolve in tier in this short amount of time.At this moment, one of Yue Lingji’s swords stabbed towards Mo Lin’s throat. Of her two swords, the left contained the power of storms, while the right contained the power of ice and snow.The Blizzard Dragon followed up with a spiritsource ability, turning Mo Lin’s Tempest Ink Butterfly into an icy sculpture that dropped onto the ground a moment later, injuring it grievously.Li Tianming had done his best to reach the battlefield, and his efforts were now paying off. He was now in range.“Ying Huo!” Even before Li Tianming had spoken, the little chick was already rushing towards Yue Lingji, belching its Infernal Blaze at her. A fiery phoenix ripped apart the air as it descended on Yue Lingji, who was forced to abort her attack to dodge the fiery manifestation. It wasn’t that she hadn’t noticed Li Tianming — she never expected him to arrive this quickly.Just as the Blizzard Dragon was about to crunch onto the butterfly, Li Tianming’s chain flew over. The first thing it did was to smack the dragon away, before wrapping around the butterfly and dragging it to where Mo Lin was.“Die’er!” Mo Lin’s hands were covered in blood, his eyes bloodshot. His body was covered in injuries, and now he saw his lifebound beast dying.Li Tianming and the little chick continued to block Yue Lingji and the Blizzard Dragon, preventing them from harming the distraught Mo Lin. If it weren’t for them, Mo Lin and his beast would already be dead.“Thank you, Tianming. But you should run! We’re not her opponent! She’s ninth level Spiritsource and she has a grade six beastial weapon!” Mo Lin struggled to his feet.Mo Lin hurriedly used some spirit herbs to treat his beast before transferring it into the lifebound space to recuperate.“It’s fine.” Li Tianming pointed behind him. “The formation is almost reaching here. If I can’t hold her off anymore, pass through the formation to get away.”That had been Mo Lin’s goal in retreating during the fight. However, the opponent had known his plan and hadn’t allowed him to get near it.“Tianming!” Mo Lin was anxious.“Don’t worry.” Li Tianming gave him a look that made Mo Lin unable to continue his entreaties.Jiang Feiling’s voice echoed out too. “Treat your beast first. At least, stop its bleeding. Also, you need to see if you can warm it up with the proper spirit herbs after it was chilled by the frost so much.”As they spoke, Yue Lingji and the dragon had arrived. Yue Lingji’s face was covered in a white veil. Blood dripping off her swords, she gazed at Li Tianming coldly.“My luck is quite good. Another person has come to deliver me his head. Saves me the trouble of finding people.”Although the Blizzard Dragon was very beautiful, it was also very ferocious, eyeing Li Tianming greedily.“Counting you two, I’ll have killed seven. Let’s see, there are twenty altogether, so I suppose I’ll be first in the trials.” She seemed very pleased with Li Tianming’s appearance.She had already killed five people? Were any of them from Vermilion Bird? Meeting her was no different from a death sentence, considering her strength!Li Tianming had a bad feeling. “Why kill when there aren’t even any rules?”“Naive. These are trials, so we’re here to be tested. I even killed people from my Torch Dragon, so why would I stop from killing you?” She shook her head, chuckling.Yue Lingji thrust out with her Wind Cometh Blade and flaunted it. “This is a grade six weapon, and I’m allowed to use it. Are you happy?”“Apprentice-brother Mo Lin, go first.” Li Tianming didn’t want her to injure Mo Lin, since she was so merciless. He was also planning to have a grand fight with this arrogant and cold woman once he was gone.“No. I go when you go.”Mo Lin stood up, having just fed himself some medicine. He wasn’t the kind that would flee alone, and would rather die than leave Li Tianming here. After all, he had no idea of Li Tianming’s strength.Alas, Li Tianming wouldn’t be able to spare him attention when the fight started, making it too dangerous for him.“Big brother, it’s best to bring him away first,” Jiang Feiling said. The slightest careless mistake would cost Mo Lin his life.

Li Tianming nodded. “Alright.” “You want to leave?” Yue Lingji wanted to laugh when she heard that conversation, exploding into motion a moment later. Her target, however, wasn't Li Tianming, it was Mo Lin!Since her goal was to kill, she would naturally go for the heavily injured Mo Lin first. As for the dragon, it made its way to block Li Tianming.How could Li Tianming not understand her intentions? Since Mo Lin didn’t want to go, Li Tianming had no choice but to bring him away.Li Tianming unfurled the Celestial Wings and took to the skies. “Temporal Field.”“Yes.” Jiang Feiling quickly activated the Temporal Field with Li Tianming at the centre, enveloping both Yue Lingji and Mo Lin.With Yue Lingji restricted by the temporal field, Li Tianming quickly appeared in front of Mo Lin, grabbing him and whizzing away in a flash. With the Celestial Wings, there was no one who could catch up to Li Tianming if he wanted to leave.“Don’t you dare!” Yue Lingji’s expression was cold. With the Temporal Field affecting her — not that she even knew what it was in the first place — Li Tianming’s flying speed was far beyond her expectations. “Chase!”
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