Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1283

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Chapter 1283: 1283

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Chapter 1283 - Huge Changes

It was really interesting how this all was framed as Yun Tianque asking them to help out with their harvest.

"However, the divine tree is so large that at least three-fifths of its branches are located within the territory of the Azuresoul Palace. What do you think about that?" Yun Tianque asked.

"Since both of your sects inhabit the continent, it's first come first serve, right? There's nothing wrong in taking what's in your own home," Lan Sha said.

"Of course there's nothing wrong about that! However, they’ll definitely be asking the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect to help with the harvest." Yun Tianque turned to look at Long Wanying talking with Tianming. Everyone knew that he would be considered a disciple of the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect for the next five centuries to come. Long Wanying had had a rather good relationship with Jiang Qingliu to begin with, and it was said she had already sent people to convince Gujian Qingshuang. It would be too late for other people to finally see the merits of Tianming and ask to associate with him.

"Well, it now depends on whether the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect can possibly deter us then." A cold glint flashed across Lan Sha's long eyes. As those two had joined the Sky Palace, there wouldn't be an all-out war here. However, that didn't stop a conflict from brewing that centered around the divine tree. It wasn't something that Sky Palace disciples could interfere with. After all, their main mission was to cultivate over the next five centuries and they didn't have any authority to boss the factions around. The most was that other factions wouldn't be able to touch them.

"Yun Tianque, whether the Supracloud Sanctuary will continue to dominate the Azuresoul Palace and the efforts of your predecessors will all go to ruin will depend on this conflict around the divine tree," the Tumulus Pill God said.

"This junior understands," Yun Tianque said.

"Before the new sect ranking is announced, you have to use this opportunity to gain some merits."

"Yes!" He was a smart man and knew who could help him out.

"Naturally, this struggle can't involve those two Sky Palace disciples, lest we get in trouble for that," the Tumulus Pill God continued.

"They should be going to the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect to cultivate. Their territory is far from the Azurecloud Continent, so we probably won't need to worry about them."

"That makes sense...."

The Tumulus Pill God squinted at the thought of the two Sky Palace disciples. Even their warlord and Emperor Lan had been angered to the point of leaving from these developments, feeling that the Sky Palace was toying with them.

The Tumulus Pill God laughed and said, "Looks like the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect has won those two over. However, the other sects are unhappy with how things turned out. Do they think they can appease us with a single yinyang skyscorch pill? They can't blame anyone for wanting to hammer them back down for standing out so much!"

Lan Sha looked up at the sky and smiled so widely that his lips practically reached his ears. His shark-like mouth was large indeed. "At least, the dreamless celestial emperor is unhappy with this, and he's an entire league above us."

"Let's go and see some local sights at the Azurecloud Continent," the Tumulus Pill God said.

"Prepare for our arrival," Lan Sha said, winking at Yun Tianque.

"Of course! There will be good food, good wine, and good women to accompany good views and sights!"

"I've been wanting a taste of your famous skycloud brew," the Tumulus Pill God said.


As Tianming was talking to Long Wanying, he heard a sharp windy sound. "Do you hear something weird?" Tianming asked Xiaoxiao.

"Nope." She shook her head. The others around them seemed completely normal. Only Tianming felt like his ear was being torn apart.

Suddenly, his left eye began hurting. It was that small green fish again. The little fish hid inside his eyeball as if it feared something. Tianming looked up and saw the Clouddream Ark above him, glowing threateningly.

"Give it back," said the voice that only he could hear, "otherwise, you will be constantly fraught with trouble."

Whose voice was that? Since the dreamless celestial emperor was there, Tianming decided to make a bet. He wanted to return the little fish to him, but didn't have any way to do so. It hid deep inside his eyeball and he couldn't get it out. "Do you have another way to get it out apart from digging out my eyeball?" Tianming said to nobody in particular, much to the others' surprise.

"Who are you talking to?" Long Wanying asked.

However, the sound in the wind didn't respond. There was no other way, then. "Then don't mess around! I know your secret! Threaten me and I'll reveal it." Though the ship was far away, Tianming knew the person was listening.

"I’ll look for another way and come back to you. Before then, make sure you don't mess around," said the voice in the wind. Like before, nobody else heard it. The speaker must have been using some intricate technique.

"The Dreamless Celestial Nation?" Long Wanying turned to look at the ark. "Don't be afraid of them. Not even they would dare touch a disciple of the Sky Palace."

"Thank you, Aunt Ying," Tianming said with a polite nod. After they had talked a bit more, he knew how much she’d argued his case. She was no doubt his benefactor and he would be sure to cherish her, especially since he would need more of her help back at the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect. For instance, Yin Chen needed large amounts of divine ores to consume. That was among the key reasons Tianming had to have the support of a sect.

With the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect having control over two continents, they had quite a lot of resources. Lingfeng needed large amounts of divine pills, while Xiaoxiao needed lots of caeli, all of which could be provided by Long Wanying.

Those from the sect, including the Greendragon and Violetdragon Imperials, were also quite polite toward Tianming and the rest. They seemed to have a similar vibe as the Archaic House of Xuanyuan back on the Flameyellow Continent. It was the soul of their clan, and it allowed Tianming to accept them with little difficulty. Such a thing wasn't something that could be faked. While even the best clans would have bad apples within, it wouldn't spoil their good character in the grand scheme of things.

"Alright, let's go to the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect and start the next part of our journey!" Tianming looked at the other three, firm in his choice.

"Prepare to head back," the Saintdragon Emperor said.


Everyone was leaving when all of a sudden, something unpredictable happened. A large number of transmission stones flew toward the four Dragon Imperials, as well as some other sect members. Something huge must have happened for there to be so many reports. Tianming also spotted many other sects receiving similar stones, though the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect was among the first to do so, meaning that this incident had something to do with them.

"What happened?" Everyone turned to the four.

Long Wanying opened the paper note and her expression immediately changed to one of panic. Backing off a few steps, she shook her head. "Impossible...." Her fingers were shaking. Few people had seen the Whitedragon Empress actually lose her cool before.

"What about you three?"

They turned to the other three Dragon Imperials, only to see the same reaction. Some even had bloodshot eyes.


"The celestial orderians.... The sun emperor!"

Reactions from the other sect members were just as shocking and infuriating.

"What in the world happened?"

More and more people received transmission stones. The ones that were about to leave immediately stopped and turned to those from the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect. Many of them knew that they had benefited the most from all this and couldn't help but be glad at their predicament.

"They deserve it. They got the most treasures, after all, and sent out most of their elites—even four of the Dragon Imperials, leaving their home base unguarded." They gleefully waited for the rest of the show to play out.

"Long Wanying, stay here and deal with the rest!" the Saintdragon Emperor ordered, then charged into the sky.


"As for the others, follow me back to the sect. Prepare to fight!"

"Yes!" Everyone disappeared into the clouds at blinding speed.

"What happened, Long Wanying?" Jiang Qingliu asked.

Stones still in her hand, she said, "The sun emperor mobilized the Divine Sun Palace to attack our sect in our absence. He brought the ten million members of the Veildragon Palace and five million celestial orderians with them! Using the Divine Sun Palace, he’s managed to shatter the dragon formation core. The Myriaddragon Mountains are now defenseless, and the two sides are engaged in conflict. With the sun emperor striking with his palace, we’re more or less doomed."

The celestial orderians were stronger than all the Myriad Solar Sects combined. Even with the four Dragon Imperials returning, they might not necessarily be able to resist the sun emperor and his palace. They had been aiming to crush the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect in one fell swoop.

Then Long Wanying received another transmission stone. Reading it, her tears began flowing. "Our sect has been completely conquered...."

"Impossible!" Jiang Qingliu couldn't believe it. "Didn't the Myriad Solar Sects have a ceasefire agreement with the celestial orderians? The Sky Palace and the representatives from all the sects personally signed it! How could the sun emperor attack and even mobilize his palace? Has he gone insane?"

"Sky Palace!" Long Wanying took a deep breath and said, "We'll go there now. Tianming, lead the way."

This was far beyond what Tianming had imagined would happen. "Will the Myriad Solar Sects stand united?" he asked.

Long Wanying looked around, seeing some avoiding her gaze and others gleefully looking at her. "It doesn't seem so. We’ve been at peace and fighting among ourselves for far too long. People have forgotten the days of being oppressed by the celestial orderians."

"I see...." They hadn't even gone to the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect yet, and now it was no more.

"Then where in the world will we go?" Ying Huo asked.

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