Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1326

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Chapter 1326: Chapter 1326 - Greenjade Mountain’s Ore Veins

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Chapter 1326 - Greenjade Mountain’s Ore Veins

“So the two Sky Palace disciples are here as well?” Gujian Qingshuang asked. Ye Dongliu, Granny Mu Hua and Ye Buzhiqiu were behind him with expressions that were too obviously calm.

“Yes, Tianming needs some ore veins to cultivate, so he came to find me. He wanted me to help him speak to the chief instructor.” Jiang Qingliu smiled. Then he directed a doubtful look toward them. “What’re you four here for? Is something the matter?”

The matter of ore was a painful topic for Gujian Qingshuang, so he avoided it. With a solemn look, he said, “Qingliu, a grade-eight divine herb has appeared near Elderpond City. However, the group of wargodeans, Supracloud Sanctuary, and the Blueblood Starocean have all discovered its location. The sun emperor’s youngest son, Li Haochen, is teaming up with them as well.

“Daoyi ran into them. Their intention was clearly to snatch away our divine herb. We’ve discussed it with our friends from the Empyrean Sword Sect and Group of Celestial Maiden Halls. We’ll defend our treasure and give the invaders heavy injuries.”

Gujian Qingshuang continued, “We’ve decided to have Granny Mu Hua stay behind and guard the sect. The Sixth Sword Branch will go out to battle, and we may need the Azuresoul Tower. I heard you were in secluded cultivation, but the glory and survival of the sect is most important. We’re setting off now, so follow along!”

Gujian Qingshuang’s stern tone made it clear this was an order, not a request. His meaning was obvious when he mentioned the Azuresoul Tower. Jiang Qingliu may not have been strong, but the special properties of the tower were irreplaceable. As one of the six Swordbearers, there was no reason Jiang Qingliu could give to escape it. Otherwise, he could even be deemed guilty.

Gujian Qingshuang had already overcome his internal struggle and made the most cold-blooded decision. Fortunately, Tianming hadn’t revealed he could eavesdrop. This man wouldn’t be trustworthy even if the Empyrean Sword Sect wasn’t around.

Jiang Qingliu frowned and immediately raged, “Outrageous! This is our land! It’s not even in disputed territory, and it’s quite close to us here! If they even dare to snatch that, aren’t they saying that the whole Azurecloud Divine Tree is theirs? ”

“Correct, this is the one time we can’t back down!” Ye Dongliu added.

“Let’s stop here. Pack up, we’re leaving,” Gujian Qingshuang said.

“Qingliu will naturally not refuse and shall throw himself into hell or high water for the sect. Let me go prepare,” Jiang Qingliu said.

Tianming froze when he heard that. Was Jiang Qingliu so eager to die? Gujian Qingshuang and the rest, on the other hand, sighed in relief and revealed satisfied smiles.

“Oh, wait!” Jiang Qingliu had just taken two steps when he turned around. “Chief instructor, when will the divine herb ripen?”

“Two months or so.” Gujian Qingshuang didn’t overthink it before replying.

“Two months? So there’s still time.…” Jiang Qingliu thought for a moment, then said, “You all go first, chief instructor. I’ll set off in one month. I won’t miss the battle.”

“You have something on?” Gujian Qingshuang frowned.

“Yes! I’ve been stuck at my current level for more than eighty years now. I used to think it’d be my life’s limit. However, I’ve recently had some inspiration and felt my divine will improving. I feel like if you give me a month, I’ll be able to kill more enemies when the time comes.”

“You can break through in a month?” All four of them were stunned.

“Yes, but I’ll need some help from the Azuresky Bridge,” Jiang Qingliu said.

“Fine!” The four exchanged a look.

Honestly, Ye Dongliu and Granny Mu Hua were so old that their cultivation had begun wasting away. Breakthroughs were something they had long forgotten. Gujian Qingshuang had reached his peak too long ago as well, leaving only Ye Buzhiqiu any hope for growth.

For people of their tier, breakthroughs were a fantasy. Once accomplished, their status would greatly change. Hence, they were doubtful of Jiang Qingliu’s confidence. Disdain even creeped into their hearts. To them, Jiang Qingliu had grown full of himself after getting two Sky Palace disciples.

“Don’t worry while you’re trying to break through. If you fail, don’t waste time here. We need the Azuresoul Tower,” Gujian Qingshuang said.

“Don’t worry, one month will be enough.” Jiang Qingliu pounded his chest confidently.

“We’ll leave first then.” Gujian Qingshuang gave his group a look.

After they turned away, their expressions grew much colder.

“Break through?” They were all at their life’s peak. If a single month would be enough to surpass it, then others were just embarrassing themselves. It seemed more and more like a figment of Jiang Qingliu’s imagination. However, they couldn’t force things when he had said that. The divine herb really hadn’t ripened yet, after all.

“Wait.” Jiang Qingliu spoke up as they were leaving.


“Can you stretch the rules a little for Tianming’s ore veins? Maybe the Greenjade Mountain’s ore veins? It’s mostly abandoned and not much of value is left inside, I believe.”

“Fine. bring him there. If you need to go outside, make sure to protect the Sky Palace disciples.”

“Many thanks, chief instructor!” Tianming hurriedly said.

“No need to be polite. If our foundations weren’t so shallow, we would’ve answered any request of you Sky Palace disciples. I hope you can understand,” Gujian Qingshuang said.

“I do, I do.”

Thus, the four flew away. Three left the sect, while Granny Mu Hua returned to her Third Sword Branch to ‘protect’ the sect.

“Urgh. They want master to accompany you just for an ore vein. They want to kill him.” Yu Ziqian spat.

“Every word that comes out of their mouths is one that can’t be trusted.” Tianming rolled his eyes.

“Master, don’t you have any better tricks? If you could break through, then pigs can fly.” Yu Ziqian was anxious.

“What choice did I have? I can only try buying time,” Jiang Qingliu said.

“Then what happens in a month?”

“We’ll see.” Jiang Qingliu turned to Tianming. “Find someone to bring you to the ore vein, I’m going into secluded meditation.”

“Okay. The Group of Celestial Maiden Halls’ Auntie Niu is still here.” Tianming smiled.

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