Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1327

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Chapter 1327: Chapter 1327 - Two Peerless Beauties

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Chapter 1327 - Two Peerless Beauties

Auntie Niu was Niu Xiaoqian, also known as Avocado. She had a robust figure and was talented in the fine art of beating people up. Long Wanying had specifically left her behind to protect Tianming.

“Master, are you really going into secluded cultivation?” Yu Ziqian’s eyes widened.

“Get lost already! I recommend you stop overexerting yourself when you’re young. Quite a few female disciples have been coming to me complaining you’re scum! You’ve ruined my heroic reputation!” Jiang Qingliu scolded.”

“Woaaaahh, look at that! The weather’s so great that the skies are clear for miles!” Yu Ziqian blatantly changed the topic, earning him a glare from Jiang Qingliu before he went back inside.

“Do you think he might have a chance to break through?” Tianming asked Yu Ziqian.

“Yeah right.” Yu Ziqian rolled his eyes.

“I actually think there’s a chance. When their life is undergoing great changes, people change. After despairing, they may be reborn and walk a new road they never would’ve walked before. That rebirth can lead to the divine will growing and the cultivation growing,” Tianming said.

“True. But this old dude has been quiet his entire life. He was only glorious before he was thirty. So I don’t hold much hope,” Yu Ziqian said.

“Let’s watch and see,” Tianming said.


The next day, Auntie Niu accompanied Tianming to Greenjade Mountain. Despite her robust appearance, she was actually very meticulous. She took care of his well-being on the way, making sure he was well mentally and physically.

However, all Tianming really needed was Gujian Qingshuang’s approval. He left a single Yin Chen behind; if no one bothered it, it would clean up the mine itself. The new clones would automatically return to Tianming’s side.

The ore vein there was nearly exhausted and the remaining ore was all deep underground. It was harder to mine it, and the available resources were limited. However, that wasn’t a problem for Yin Chen. Preliminary estimations were that cleaning up this mine would increase the number of small silver eggs by two hundred and fifty thousand.

After supplementing the metal cockroaches used for scouting and investigation, there would still be two hundred thousand left. Tianming intended to use a further fifty thousand silver eggs to become five hundred thousand metal cockroaches to send to the tree.

Thus, in the form of locusts, a swarm flew to the tree. The rest made their way back to Azuresoul Sword Mountain.

A junior like Tianming couldn’t help with the conflict over the divine tree, so he stayed behind to cultivate. However, his true cultivation location was the seventh level of the Violetglory Pagoda.


“Lin Feng.”

Tianming was at the entrance to the pagoda and Liu Wanwan was waiting for him there.

“Wanwan?” Tianming smiled. “What is it?”

“People from the Violetcloud Imperium reached out to me through the pavilion master of my Mystgod Pavilion. They wanted me to recommend them to you.” Liu Wanwan stuck out her tongue.

“Eh. I’m not going,” Tianming said.

“Eh? Why so direct?” Liu Wanwan was confused.

“For now, I won’t go to either the Divineglory Dynasty or the Violetcloud Imperium. Tell them we’ll discuss things when I get first on the rankings,” Tianming said.

“First… how much do you know about Ye Chen?”

“Not very much, honestly. Hey, how about you help me collect his information? While you’re at it, get all the top three for me,” Tianming said.

“Alright! I’ll look for you when I have it.”

“Thanks, little sis.”

“No need to be polite with me. But, you should call me big sis, I am the older one, after all.” Liu Wanwan pouted.

“Well, you don’t have that vibe at all.” Tianming laughed.

Liu Wanwan snorted. After pausing for a moment, she asked, “You sure you don’t want to meet the people from Violetcloud Imperium?”

“Yes, why?”

“I’m scared my pavilion master will scold me when I go back.”

“Is that so.” Tianming suddenly realized his reputation could give Liu Wanwan some trouble. Thinking it over, he said, “Okay, from now on, let’s not meet again. We’ll only use wondersky fairies to talk. Tell them we’re just casual acquaintances and I can’t be bothered with you.”

“Is that to protect me?”

“Yes.” Tianming nodded.

“That’s thoughtful of you.”

“Completely natural talent. Goodbye!” Tianming proceeded to enter the pagoda.

“Yes. I hope you get first! Too bad I won’t be able to brag that the number one is my friend.” Liu Wanwan understood. A genius who didn’t want to show himself was potentially a fatal disaster for her.


The solarian caeli on the seventh level were clearly better than those on the sixth. Tianming and Lingfeng spent almost all their time here. Cultivating with them were the solarian seniors of the Violetglory Star. All of them would be lords and rulers on nova source stars. They all made huge progress every day.

Lingfeng was still testing pills for Yu Ziqian. His Primordial Demonlord legacy wasn’t amazing on the battlefield, but instead in the area of cultivation speed.

Xiaoxiao was still on the pagoda’s sixth level. They had expected her to stay there for quite a while, but unexpectedly, she had instead exploded into a flurry. What Xiaoxiao lacked the most was combat experience, making this wondersky realm a paradise for her. She was continuously fighting, thereby merging and grasping her strength and making her the fastest in rising through the cultivation levels.

A month had since passed since Gujian Qingshuang left the sect and Jiang Qingliu hadn’t made his breakthrough yet. Xiaoxiao however, had become a sixth-level constellier. Afterward, she had used the Dragonblood Desecration to challenge the tenth place on the Violetglory rankings.

Tianming watched the fight. It was the battle that granted Xiaoxiao fame, as she was the third disciple from an unknown power in the top ten and had also been spotted alongside Lin Feng.

The first attempt, she had failed. A dozen days later, she had re-challenged the seventh-level constellier. This time, working together with the Archaionfiend, she defeated her opponent and entered the top ten of the rankings.

The battle was fierce, but no one would get injured in the wondersky realm. Thus, the trio had seized fifth, eighth and tenth on the board.

It did seem slightly amusing that the trio from the imperial star rankings had transferred to the Violetglory rankings billions of kilometers away.

Xiaoxiao was happy to have access to the seventh level as well. Apart from devouring caeli, she also hoped to improve the proper and traditional way.


Time continued passing, and fifty days had passed since the discovery of the grade-eight divine herb.

Xiaoxiao was currently a sixth-level constellier, while Lingfeng was a fifth-level constellier. Tianming had said he could already challenge the second place on the rankings, an eighth-level totemancer from the Violetcloud Imperium. However, Lingfeng wasn’t anxious yet, and needed a long period to master his skills. His soul also wasn’t properly registered by the wondersky realm, so it was less effective than in real life.

As for Tianming, he was hurriedly trying to catch up. He was trying his best to shoot for the third place right now!


The Supracloud Sanctuary was a city built on a cloud. Corpses from generations of nimbus emperors had been piled together, forming a giant city that floated in the sky of the Azurecloud Continent.

A massive army had gathered there. The wargodeans, Blueblood Starocean, and the Supracloud Sanctuary had come out in force. And all of them were kneeling to Li Haochen, the emperor’s youngest son.

This sense of power, when compared to the petty squabbles between the younger generation of the celestial orderians, made Li Haochen’s heart pound.

“Prepare to depart!” This time they would surely crush the opponent. Ambition burned in Li Haochen’s chest. This was his first time going to war in his life, and he had to prove himself.

The troops roared in response, their shouts shaking the skies. The Tumulus Pill God whispered to Li Haochen, “Prince, two women are here to see you. One says she’s the princess of the soul tribulators, Li Ruoshi. The other says she’s the daughter of the Torchdragon Emperor from the Veildragon Palace, Long Youyou.”

“Did they come together?” Li Haochen felt his head hurting.

“No. One came from the celestial orderians, while the other came from the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect. However, they arrived at the same time. Are you going to let them in? They’re going to fight soon.” The Tumulus Pill God felt his head aching as well. He couldn’t afford to offend these two young women,

The soul tribulators were the number one vassal of the celestial orderians, and the clan of the empress. Their status was countless times higher than the Blueblood Starocean. The other was the daughter of Veildragon Palace’s First Dragon Imperial.

Neither were easy to deal with!

The Tumulus Pill God also knew that their talent and ranking were both just below Li Haochen in the celestial orderians. They weren’t second or third, but tied for second.

“Let them in,” Li Haochen said.

“Yes.” The Tumulus Pill God hurriedly nodded his head, then left to collect them.

Li Haochen sucked in a deep breath and gritted his teeth.

“I can hear them fighting over a man from here. The young prince is quite lucky, both are goddesses,” Lan Sha cracked a joke.

“If just one was here, it’d still be fine. But since both of them are here, urgh….” Li Haochen shook his head. “Let’s focus on the important things and ignore them.”


“Big Brother Haochen!” A gentle voice reached him before the people did themselves. Immediately after that, two young women with vastly different styles attached themselves to Li Haochen’s arms.

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