Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1332

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Chapter 1332: 1332

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Chapter 1332 - Vow to Protect the Azuresoul Palace

"Li Ruoshi, from the soul tribulators, and Long Youyou, from the Veildragon Palace, are both seventh-level constelliers, second only to Li Haochen. They’re the two most beautiful women among the juniors. Seeing is truly believing! They’re gorgeous. I’m so envious of Li Haochen having a beauty in each arm!" Yu Ziqian said, his voice laced with envy and gaze filled with admiration. "It’s unbelievable. They’re almost as stunning as Weisheng Moran," he added.

If he hadn’t mentioned Weisheng Moran, Tianming would have forgotten the little fish in his eye. To this day, it was still swimming in the white of his eye.

"It's okay, you can sleep under the same quilt with your brothers. In terms of quantity, you’ve already won." Tianming patted his shoulder.

“Is that considered a spiritual victory?” Yu Ziqian wondered.

The names Li Haochen, Li Ruoshi, and Long Youyou were quite well known. They made frequent appearances and had fought many battles. Although Qingyu was the Ninemoon Goddess, her time in Orderia was short and she almost never showed up. Most people had never even laid eyes on her, so naturally she wasn’t on the ranking.

For disciples of the Sky Palace, they wouldn’t be worth mentioning, but Li Haochen garnered the flattery and respect of the Tumulus Pill God and others due to his identity as the youngest son of the sun emperor. There was still a certain gap between their statuses. Even if Tianming was first on the imperial star ranking, the celestial orderians didn’t seem to care. In their eyes, their clan was the center of everything.


The fiery atmosphere gradually subsided. Furrowing his brows, Gujian Qingshuang stood in front of the crowd and coldly said, “Supracloud Sanctuary, your actions today have seriously violated the rules of the Sky Palace. I’ve reported you. If you don't wake up in time, the Sky Palace will punish you. This is our territory and these grade-eight divine herbs were assigned to us by the Sky Palace. You have no right to take them. This is a violation of the rules!”

The grade-eight divine herb had reached the last stage before maturity. That was one of the reasons the two sides had yet to fight.

"What a whole lot of nonsense. Why don’t you wait and see if the Sky Palace cares? The Supracloud Sanctuary is a force within the Azurecloud Continent and everything from the Azurecloud Divine Tree can be taken if one has the ability. Don’t use the Sky Palace to threaten others if you’re incompetent." Yun Tianque smiled sarcastically.

The Supracloud Sanctuary’s army burst out in laughter. Their sense of superiority stemmed from the fact that they had many helping hands.

"Gujian Qingshuang, take your people and leave. The Azuresoul Palace will pay if you continue disturbing me. If you stubbornly persist, you’ll be the next Xuanyuan Dragon Sect." Although Li Haochen was a junior, his words carried weight. "I have limited patience. You don't have much time," he added.

"Big Brother Haochen, there’s quite a few annoying flies around,” said Long Youyou.

“They were attracted by the smell. It happens.” Li Haochen pursed his lips.

"Is it alright for us to pressure them here?" Li Ruoshi asked cautiously.

"Not before, but now the situation has changed. Visit the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect and you’ll understand," Li Haochen replied.

"Li Ruoshi, the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect has been crushed by the Veildragon Palace," Long Youyou laughed. Born in the Veildragon Palace, she was naturally proud of it.


As they privately chatted, the Azuresoul Palace was being threatened and its people were furious. Gujian Qingshuang glanced back. In fact, he had no way out; their opponents had crossed the line. Now, no matter how many people died, they had to resist.

“General Shi, we’re counting on you,” said Gujian Qingshuang.

“Don’t worry. Let’s fight!” Shi Yan shouted.

With her words, Gujian Qingshuang felt relieved. It seemed that the Empyrean Sword Sect actually had the intention of participating in this battle and suppressing their opponents.

Taking a deep breath, Gujian Qingshuang spoke with determination. “Hear me, Supracloud Sanctuary. The Azurecloud Continent belongs to the Myriad Solar Sects! This is our territory. Our ancestors fought a life-and-death war, but we’re all people of the Azurecloud Continent, not the celestial orderians’ lackeys! Today, the Supracloud Sanctuary has decided to nod their heads and wag their tails at the enemy in their own home. You’ve chosen to deliver the fruits of the Azurecloud Divine Tree into the enemy’s hands! Such despicable behavior tramples on the dignity of your ancestors and taints the blood of your ancestors. You’ve failed your children and grandchildren, who’ll be born to serve as dogs in the future. The Azuresoul Palace disdains your lack of morals. We are different from you. Even if we have to pay the price of our own lives, we will not retreat! When the sword of the Azuresoul Palace is unsheathed, it’ll be linked to the life and death of our land and the Azurecloud Divine Tree. All who trample on our dignity must be eradicated, including those who’ve betrayed their ancestors for glory in the Myriad Solar Sects’ territory. Even if you’re the son of the sun emperor, the Azuresoul Palace won’t spare you if you continue to insult us and challenge our boundaries!"

That was the Azuresoul Palace’s decision after the armies tested each other.

Regardless of what kind of man Gujian Qingshuang was, Tianming had to admit he possessed the strength of character and integrity of a head instructor. Even if his passionate, unyielding speech failed to plant a seed of doubt and affect the morale of the Supracloud Sanctuary’s army, it fueled the people of the Azuresoul Palace and got their blood pumping.

In that instant, all hundred thousand swordpupils roared, drawing their swords as they surged with sword ki. Like an ocean, their boundless sword energy soared into the sky, their fearless cries sweeping across with unstoppable momentum.


Tianming was rather surprised and felt like he had underestimated the Azuresoul Palace. Although the six Swordbearers didn’t appear to be gentlemen at all, the determination and will the Azuresoul swordpupils had inherited from ancient times was indeed admirable. It wasn’t so different from Tianming's sword will or Li Muyang's inheritance.

"We vow to protect the Azuresoul Palace!"

It was unfortunate that the grade-eight divine herb wasn’t growing in a disputed area, but in the hinterland of the Azuresoul Palace. Thus, the Supracloud Sanctuary cultivators had been emboldened. If these grade-eighth divine herbs matured in the Supracloud Sanctuary’s territory instead and the Azuresoul Palace’s army came marching in, they would be just as outraged.

“Kill them!” Every swordpupil, even a grade one, was stronger than Li Haochen. Despite having thousands of people behind him, he wasn’t imposing. The three juniors were paralyzed with shock and so frightened they took a step back, their faces pale. Even a small sect had its boundaries and breaking point, not to mention a sect like the Azuresoul Palace that lived by the sword dao. Human beings were complex. Gujian Qingshuang dared to kill Jiang Qingliu, but he also dared to call for Li Haochen's demise.

“Tumulus Pill God?” Li Haochen turned to look at him. The Tumulus Pill God, Lan Sha, and Yun Tianque stood together.

"He’s stubborn. I don’t think we’ll be able to scare them away," said Yun Tianque.

"Then let’s fight. Kill them all!" Li Haochen retorted.

"Although we have an advantage—"

Before Yun Tianque could finish speaking, Li Haochen turned to look at the Tumulus Pill God and asked, "Are you going to fight?"

The Tumulus Pill God, Lan Sha, and Yun Tianque looked at each other. In fact, they knew in their hearts that even if they defeated the Azuresoul Palace in this battle, they would suffer heavy casualties. At present, the strength of the two sides was about six to four, unless the wargodeans and Blueblood Starocean sent reinforcements. They had never expected such resolve from their opponents.

"What’s there to think about? Once you defeat them, you can enjoy the benefits of the Azurecloud Divine Tree alone. Let them cower in the Azuresoul Sword Mountain. What powerful bragging from an insignificant sect!" Li Haochen fumed.

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