Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 136

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Chapter 136: - All Life Trembles!

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Chapter 136 - All Life Trembles!

The birth of the Genesis Chaos Thunderfiend was a fancy sight, fancier than any explosion or firework. It had summoned an endless sea of black thunderclouds in the Abyssal Battlefield, which had proceeded to fall like heavenly punishment to strike every corner of the lake.

At the center of the ordeal, Mu Qingqing remained untouched. If Li Tianming didn’t want her to die so easily, the girl, who had been weakened by the Purple Blood Imprint, would have been reduced to drifting ash.

In Ying Huo’s words, what that had just happened was the phenomenon of emergence. That would explain why the Genesis Chaos Thunderfiend, despite having cracks on its egg, had taken so long to hatch. While it being lazy was one reason, the key factor was that the birth of the other Primordial Chaos Beasts required specific conditions.

For the past few days, Li Tianming had talked about it with the little chick, with their ‘second brother’ making more and more noises in the lifebound space.

“While we do not know why the ten Primordial Chaos Beasts would appear in your lifebound space as lifebound beasts, it is clear that we have all integrated into the same system as you. I was the first to be born, and furthermore, you were starting from zero back then, so it was much easier for us to cultivate from the beginning. But from now on, things would be more complicated for the rest of them. We’ve already come a long way in the path of symbiotic cultivation, having reached fifth level Spiritsource,” the little chick had explained.

“So what will happen to me when the second brother is born and how will I differ from other twin-beastmasters? From what I know, their beasts almost always hatch at the same time."

“Even we don’t know why we were born separately. But that implies that whenever a Primordial Chaos Beast is born, you will have to start all over in your symbiotic cultivation.”

“Start all over? I have to start from Beast Vein again?” Li Tianming remembered rubbing his head so hard at those words, some hair had even fallen off.

“That’s right. Even if you are currently fifth level Spiritsource, you are also first level Beast Vein, since you have just connected your beast veins with second brother. As its lightning power is too insignificant compared to my Aeternal Infernal Power, the former won’t survive in your body. As a result, both of you will not be able to cultivate lightning power,” said the little chick.

“Do we have a solution to this?”

“Well, I have been thinking about it for a while, and I do have a solution. Remember when it became more active? It was right when we first arrived..."

Ying Huo’s solution was none other than the phenomenon of emergence, and what happened today had indeed validated his guess. From now on, every new brother they gain would also trigger similar phenomena.

With such an environment, the newborn beast could channel lightning to facilitate its hatching. It would then exploit the phenomenon of emergence to cultivate together with Li Tianming. The lightning-type spirit hazard was its favourite food, and the Genesis Chaos Thunderfiend would make use of it to connect the nine beast veins in a short period of time, develop the lightningsource and push themselves to fifth stage Spiritsource.

“Only then can the two different powers balance out in your body. Once that happens, you'll be able to develop the proper symbiotic cultivation system of a twin-beastmaster. Otherwise, any imbalance in the power of the beasts would lead to an imbalance in the power within your body. Since all ten of us are your lifebound beasts, surely there would be a solution to this,” the little chick explained, letting Li Tianming know why the phenomenon of emergence was the best solution.

“In other words, as I grow stronger, I need to find a suitable place to facilitate the birth of the next Primordial Chaos Beast! Ideally, it needs to be somewhere with plenty of treasure, like spirit hazards, spirit herbs or spirit ores! Only then can our new brother reach the same level as the infernalsource in the shortest time possible, thus achieving balance within my body!”

Right now, both Li Tianming and the Genesis Chaos Thunderfiend were draining away the energy from the stormy clouds in the sky. They would connect every single beast vein, and then form their new spiritsource from there!

“Normally speaking, lifebound beasts of twin-beastmasters are of the same type, and rarely are they ever different.” Li Tianming thought of Lin Xiaoting, who was a good example, since both of his lifebound beasts were at least primarily lightning-type. “No matter how many lifebound beasts a beastmaster has, the number of spiritsources he can form still depends on his strongest lifebound beast.”

For example, if a twin-beastmaster had one five-star beast and one six-star beast, then he would be able to form six spirit sources. Five of them would have double the capacity, with power from both beasts, while the sixth one belonged to the stronger beast. Only if the five-star beast evolved would the sixth spiritsource double its size as well. Generally, twin-beastmasters would practice the same technique with both of their beasts.

“But that’s not the case for me! Ying Huo and the Genesis Chaos Thunderfiend are of completely different types, and it will need its own separate technique. The power I cultivate with it cannot exist in the infernalsource, so I'll need a new spirit source for that! I can share the two’s abilities, but the two cannot share power between themselves.” That would be the main difference between Li Tianming and regular twin-beastmasters.

Of course, that would not make him any weaker. What would happen when lightning and fire fused together? Li Tianming would soon find out whether a spiritsource with double the capacity would be stronger, or his two, differently-typed spiritsources were stronger!

“No wonder it took such a long time to hatch. Turns out that I needed a place for it to catch up to our level as soon as it hatches. That would be a necessary prerequisite for our symbiotic cultivation to take place,” Li Tianming noted. “That also means that the obstacle that the rest of the eight brothers will have to overcome will become bigger as I continue to cultivate. And it’s not like I can always find the most suitable place.”

Still, it was a good thing for Li Tianming. He was already at fifth level Spiritsource, and now he just gained a new beast at the same level in the shortest period of time! He could barely wait to witness the power of his new Genesis Chaos Thunderfiend!

As lightning continued to fall, the Genesis Chaos Thunderfiend in Li Tianming’s lap had already started its symbiotic cultivation, creating an explosion just by simply running it!

“Young one, what is the name of your technique?” Li Tianming questioned loudly.

“Genesis Chaos Codex, meow!”

First the Aeternal Infernal Codex, now the Genesis Chaos Codex?



Li Tianming could not see it, but from the furry feeling in his hand, he had a bad feeling about this. What happened to the badass tiger he was promised? Why did it look like a tiny cat?

Heavens, why must this happen to him? As if the little chick wasn’t enough for people to laugh at him for already! Even after chomping down two mannas, the only change that happened to it was that tiny little horn popping out of its head. Ying Huo even tried blocking it with its ‘hairstyle’, saying it was ugly.

And now, a cat? Was he destined to be the guy with cute house pets instead of ferocious beasts?

Li Tianming had no time to bemoan his fate, for his priority was to familiarise himself with the brand-new Genesis Chaos Codex.

Electricity ran through the Lake of Islands, the sheer heat alone making the water levels recede. It was indeed true that out of all the elements, lightning and fire were the most destructive of them all. While fire excelled in dealing damage over time, lightning attacks were swift, outputting maximum damage in a single burst.

Li Tianming was very much used to the power of fire, and this was his first time practicing the power of lightning. Even though his nine beast veins were already strong enough, he was still awed by the Genesis Chaos Thunderfiend’s beast veins. It was like eighteen dragons entwining onto each other, half of them blazing with infernal flames while the other half infused with lightning. The symbiotic cultivation system had brought much benefits to Li Tianming. With the birth of every Primordial Chaos Beast, he would be able to gain a new power. Not only did he have the Aeternal Infernal Body, but he now had the Genesis Chaos Body too! It would continue to stack in the future, changing his body completely each time.

Li Tianming did not have an affinity to lightning-type powers at first, especially since his lifebound beast started off to be metal-type. But a few seconds was all he took to become a lightning-type genius, courtesy of the Genesis Chaos Thunderfiend!

He could feel the new power being injected into his Aeternal Infernal beast veins, remodelling his body entirely. There was no room for Jiang Feiling to help, so she stood idly by and admired the birth of his Genesis Chaos Body. While both of his lifebound beasts would only enjoy the benefits of their own elements, Li Tianming had two, doubling the capacity of hs beast ki.

Their first beast veins were connected! With the help of the Genesis Chaos Codex, the lightning spirit hazards converted into Genesis Chaos Beast Ki, pouring into his beast veins. Li Tianming had already stored his Aeternal Infernal Beast Ki away in his infernalsource. If he hadn't done so, his newfound powers would be consumed instantly. He had not reached the point where the two powers in his body were balanced yet.

With his beast veins cleared of Aeternal Infernal Beast Ki, Li Tianming and the Genesis Chaos Thunderfiend drained away the spirit hazard, rapidly expanding their Genesis Chaos Beast Ki.

It didn’t take long for the second vein to be connected, but that was just the start of something spectacular.

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