Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1367

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Chapter 1367: 1367

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Chapter 1367 – Hunting Gujian Qingshuang

Within the second box was a completely different manna. It looked like a miniature formation whose divine patterns were little dragons colored brown and blue. They blended together, forming a miniature world. This was a pure universal manna from the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect and was well suited for dragon lifebound beasts. It was the Myriaddragon Heart. Looking closer, Tianming noticed that the six stars within it rhythmically pulsed like real hearts.

The third box contained a plant-type universal manna. It appeared that the Green and Violet Dragon Imperials understood Tianming’s lifebound beasts well. It was called the Demise Sapling and looked like a real sapling of a tree, only the size of a thumb. However, this manna didn’t have a corporeal form. If one touched it, the seeds would immediately sprout and take root in flesh, consuming it to fuel its growth.

All of the universal manna were greatly compatible with his lifebound beasts. Currently, Ying Huo was a seven-star divine beast while Yin Chen was a six-star divine beast. Meow Meow and the rest were still four-star divine beasts, however, with the last manna they had used being gifts from Sovereign Xi. Even Princess Shen Yu’s weakest lifebound beasts were six-star divine beasts, so they were falling behind and weren’t able to play as big a role as Ying Huo had during the fight.

Not to mention, even the Archaionfiend was given a six-star universal manna by Xiaoxiao and had evolved into a more furious form. Tianming’s other beasts had been waiting for a chance to evolve for a really long time, and given the power of their current bloodlines, they could easily endure the sudden surge of power the universal manna provided.

As there was quite a lot of space at Fairman Peak, all of them chose to evolve outside the lifebound space. Lan Huang and Meow Meow each grabbed their manna and went their own way, while Xian Xian took root outside and absorbed Demise Sapling using its roots by allowing it to sprout on it. The tree began visibly changing as its fifth flower prepared to bloom.

“Ling’er… while you’re flowering, I’m molding as I wait for you.” Tianming sat on Xian Xian’s tree near Feiling’s flower with a melancholic look. He talked to her every day, and today was no exception. As Xian Xian furiously grew, he continued talking to Feiling.

“Lately, I’ve encountered too many beautiful girls. If you don’t come out and spoil me, I might go astray,” he said in a hushed voice. Right after that, two thorns came out of the flower and pierced his face.

“Ouch!” She could hear him after all. Seeing the thorns about to continue the assault, he said, “Stop! I was just joking!”

He missed her far too much. “I don’t think we’ve been apart for such a long stretch of time since our days in the Vermillion Bird Kingdom. I don’t even know who I’m showing off to, nowadays. It gets really boring without you around.”

As he spoke, he noticed some dew-like liquid forming around the flower. “Are you crying or did you get wet?”

The spikes pierced his abdomen, causing him to yelp in pain.


After half a day, a new dark green flower had bloomed on the Radix World Tree. Xian Xian’s evolution had brought it even closer to its true Primordial Chaos Beast form. Apart from the new flower, its body grew in size as well. Now it was around three kilometers tall, which would make it a gigantic tree to most normal folk. The new flower was a lotus shrouded in green mist.

“So it’s called the Demise Greenlotus, huh….” This fifth flower followed after the Radiant Daffodil, Scarlet Lily, Evernight Rose, and Fiendsong Mares. They looked just as eerie as the rest, somewhat resembling the Scarlet Lily in that it could turn into many smaller green loti the size of a hand, spreading out across the whole tree.

Xian Xian’s spiritform had changed into a green-themed outfit. Its body was covered in green loti all over, even the two wings behind it. Its eyes seemed brighter than before, and its body was covered in different, green floral patterns, making it even cuter.

“What ability did you gain?” That was the natural question to ask as each flower usually came with a new ability. The little green loti on the tree spread their petals like the Scarlet Lily’s sword-shaped petals, instantly turning the surrounding area into a sea of green lotus petals. Then all of the petals exploded at the same time with even more force than Ying Huo’s Sungod’s Wrath. The mist from the explosion seemed really destructive, able to crush the surrounding fauna and even parts of the mountainous terrain.

“Is it an attack ability?” Tianming asked.

“It’s more. The explosion spreads Demise Saplings all over the place, which can sprout and feed on the flesh of anything it touches. They can also grow vines to bind enemies!” Xian Xian gleefully said.

“That sounds impressive.”

“Xian Xian’s the best, after all! If Chicken Bro keeps bullying me, I’ll be able to smack it hard!” it said with a giggle.

“Save it, you’re the one who’s always bullying Ying Huo, aren’t you?”

“Really? Weird… why don’t I remember any of it?”

Poor Ying Huo suddenly felt its left eyelid twitching as it was flying around far away. “They say that left is a good omen, while right isn’t. I might have something good in store for me!” It hurriedly flew back to Fairman Peak. Someone should really tell this directionally challenged bird that the eyelid that was twitching was actually its right one.


Soon after, Lan Huang and Meow Meow finished evolving as well. After absorbing the Eight Trigrams Boltsoul, Meow Meow became a six-star divine beast and gained a new ability called Regalfiend Wings, an ability that could stack on top of Regal Chaosfiend. As its name suggested, eight black wings of dense lightning formed on top of its Regal Chaosfiend form, each of them resembling one of the eight trigrams. When all eight of them spread out and were arranged together, it looked like a complete set of eight trigrams and could generate so much power that it greatly increased Meow Meow’s speed and enhanced the destructive capabilities of its abilities.

Lan Huang, on the other hand, had grown even more and gained the Dragonprison Hell ability. It was a mountain-and-water-type control ability that, when executed, caused the dragon scales on its body to blend with the elements of mountain and water to form countless small-scale dragons that assembled together into a cage that could keep its opponents bound. Though it would lower Lan Huang’s defenses somewhat, it allowed its scales to be used offensively in the form of tens of thousands of furious dragons. Now, all of Tianming’s beasts were six-star divine beasts and above.

“Ying Huo, come back!” Tianming hadn’t engaged in symbiotic cultivation with Ying Huo after it had evolved, since he didn’t need it while he was studying caeli. Now that they had all evolved, he would engage in symbiotic cultivation with all of them at once, channeling the newly unlocked bloodline powers into his body and allowing him to transform. This time, in particular, the changes were on a whole new level. Thanks to Ying Huo’s great improvement, Tianming’s Aeternal Infernal Body had changed into a fusion of human and Primordial Chaos Beast, giving him a rather crazy physique. Even his divine wills began shifting with the change in his bloodline, being strengthened somewhat. His control over the divine wills had also substantially improved. Not to mention, his albi also grew stronger, which allowed him to absorb and control even more astralforce.

“I’m at the fourth level of the Constellation stage now.” He was even more powerful than when he had defeated the princess. “I suppose it’s about time for me to go for number one on the Violetglory ranking. Soon, I’ll be able to cultivate at the topmost level using caeli imperius.”

Tianming didn’t have too many thoughts about Ye Chen; he was merely another obstacle to be overcome and they wouldn’t have any ties beyond that. He spent a few days stabilizing himself and updated his avatar’s status using the heavenly locus formation. But right as he was about to enter the wondersky realm, Long Wanying and Yang Ce came looking for him.

“Tianming, we’re ready now. There’s an opportunity to take down Gujian Qingshuang. Should we move forward with it?” Long Wanying asked.

“Alright.” Tianming got up and departed with them.

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