Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 137

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Chapter 137: - Lightningsource!

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What followed was a set of beast veins connecting every hundred seconds. It didn’t take long for all nine sets of beast veins to connect, and majestic power began to course through them.

It was time to form the spiritsource. Just like with the little chick, Li Tianming’s new spiritsource formed at the dantian. As the centremost position, it was the most stable and balanced location.

As for the Genesis Chaos Thunderfiend, its spiritsource formed at its stomach too.

Li Tianming’s Genesis Chaos Beast Ki converged in his dantian. Lightning began to flood inside as well, which was quickly converted by the Genesis Chaos Codex.

At the left of the dantian, the infernalsource was like a burning sun, while the new spiritsource was like a tiny black point. However, this tiny point, full of black Chaos Lightning, was expanding at a breath-taking pace. This point was called the lightningsource!

As time passed and the sea of lightning in the sky lessened, the lightningsource continued to grow. It grew from a tenth of the infernalsource, to a third to half! The lightning present was enough for it to skyrocket from zero to a level equal to the little chick!

It wouldn’t take long for it to reach fifth level Spiritsource.


This was a grand occasion rarely seen in the Abyssal Battlefield. No one would think that it was caused by Li Tianming, with all who saw it instead believing it to be some disaster.

The faraway Yueling Ji had the same idea, hiding as far away as possible while sneering coldly.

Only one person knew the origin of all this was Li Tianming, and that he wouldn’t die. Mu Qingqing!

She was right in front of Li Tianming, watching as he held a new lifebound beast that guzzled down the lightning of the Abyssal Battlefield madly.

The lightning was as black as ink, replacing Li Tianming’s Infernal Armour. Now, he looked like a black-coloured monster, frightening and heaven-defying!

Mu Qingqing was currently being protected by a sphere of lightning, which kept her alive. She was aware that her continued survival was solely because Li Tianming didn’t want to let her off easily.

Just like Li Tianming three years ago, she had now lost her lifebound beast. Blueshine, the Rage-Dragon Whalelord, didn’t really have that heavy a sin. It wasn’t its fault it had a master like Mu Qingqing, so Li Tianming gave it a painless death.

However, he wouldn’t grant Mu Qingqing that. Now that her lifebound beast was dead, her beast ki was dispersing. Her strength was falling rapidly by the second. She would never be able to cultivate again.

Unless she had a Primordial Chaos Beast as well.

Her only option left was to use a blood pact to find a wildbeast. However, Li Tianming refused to let her have even that chance.

Mu Qingqing had lost all her beasts, and the Purple Blood-Imprint had sucked away much of her blood. Even a one-star wildbeast could end her now.

Her face was pale and her figure had thinned out a lot. She had never been so ugly in her life. However, the biggest blow wasn’t a physical one, but a mental one.

She could see Li Tianming absorb the power of heaven and earth, his strength increasing wildly with every second!

She could see Li Tianming gain a new lifebound beast, just as terrifying as the little chick!

She could see Li Tianming had gained an even greater fortune than the Saintbeast War-Soul!

However, she had never anticipated this. The little chick’s appearance was just too disconcerting. However, she knew that if the little chick hadn’t been so heaven-defying, Li Tianming would never have been able to crush her as he did today!

She was terrified!

She shook uncontrollably, but she had no tears to cry out. She had never expected a day she would be in such a pathetic state. Mu Qingqing no longer dared to say she could defy her destiny, or that Li Tianming was naive or childish. She could no longer dare say everything was under her control. Her loss was so complete, so thorough that she couldn’t even resist.

Even the Purple Blood-Imprint she had staked it all on was a joke in front of him. Li Tianming had casually broken it without using any tricks. Twenty years of struggle and clawing her way up, all gone in an instant. All thanks to that young man she had ruined three years ago.

She wanted to hate.

However, when she watched the terrifyingly mighty Li Tianming, she couldn’t even entertain that emotion. She tried to press down on her limbs to stop the shaking, but she couldn’t. When she tried to open her mouth to breath in, even breathing had become difficult for her.

“You did this to yourself.” The little chick appeared in front of her, giving her a cold, hard look.

“I… I…” She was unable to speak. Apart from her fright, some matters of the past also resurfaced in her mind. Tears finally started to pour down, proof that she could cry after all.

“Is there any point in regretting? There’s always karmic retribution in this world. Mistreating those who treated them well has a price. What you gained back then, you’ll lose an order of magnitude more.”

“Karmic retribution…” She didn’t believe in destiny, but she still hadn’t been able to escape karmic retribution.

“The only pity is that you won’t be able to see Lin Xiaoting killed by my brother.”

“No. Perhaps she will.” A man walked out of the mass of lightning serpents, each as dark as night. Black lightning coiled around his body, and he opened his eyes to reveal what seemed like two seas of lightning within them. His current appearance made Mu Qingqing lower her head in fright.

The little chick knew that this meant the process had ended. The lightning that was once omnipresent had dispersed, with Li Tianming now looking like a whole new person. This meant he and the Genesis Chaos Thunderfiend had both reached fifth level Spiritsource!

Right now, the infernalsource and lightningsource in Li Tianming’s body had reached parity.

The little chick had a slightly displeased look. From now on, Li Tianming didn’t only belong to it. The shameful feeling of being one of the two wives to a man had abruptly appeared in its mind, and the little chick suddenly felt like puking.

“Where is it?” the little chick asked.



As expected, it really was a lazy fellow.

“Ying Huo, how dare you trick me!”


“You said it would be a peerlessly domineering tiger!”

The little chick chortled. “Heh. Don’t fantasize any longer. You just don’t have that kind of destiny.”

Li Tianming was in despair. What part of this was a fierce tiger? It was just a palm-sized little black cat, just a tiny bit bigger than the little chick!

It was a fluffy black cat with pink claws with a face full of innocence and the bluest eyes that blinked at Li Tianming. Just like the little chick at birth, those eyes had one star on them. It also had a furry tail that swayed from side to side as it slept, and shook when it had a nightmare.

Most infuriating of all, surpassing its laziness and its love for sleeping, was how it attached a ‘meow’ to every sentence.

‘Waaaahhh, so tired, meow.”

“Not gonna cultivate anymore, meow.”

“Zzzz so sleepy, meow…”

Earlier on, Li Tianming had watched speechlessly as it crawled back into his lifebound space. Rolling over, its legs sticking up, it went back to sleep.

Now, it would never wake up, no matter how it was disturbed.

Li Tianming wanted to question how this was a fierce tiger. In comparison, the little chick might be a little shameless, but at least it was wild, hot-blooded and full of a warrior’s spirit. It was also very hardworking, putting maximum effort whether it was cultivating or fighting.

The newcomer looked more like it would be a cheerleader from the sidelines.

However, Li Tianming didn’t say anything as Jiang Feiling had already fallen into its trap.

“How cute! It’s a thousand times cuter than Ying Huo. Big brother, could you give it to me as a present? I want to hug it to sleep! Look at those eyes.”

“Big brother, don’t bring the kitty into battle. What if it gets hurt? If there’s any danger, send Ying Huo in first. It has thick skin, and actually, it deserves a beating!”

If the little chick were to hear it, it would probably be angered to death.

“Big brother, what do you want to name it? How about Meow Meow? It’s a cute name that fits it!” Jiang Feiling looked at him expectantly. And that was the story of how the domineering Genesis Chaos Thunderfiend got its adorable little name.

Meow Meow? Meow Meow?! Li Tianming opened his mouth, but couldn’t bring himself to veto it, lest he made Jiang Feiling sad.

Li Tianming found the black cat very powerful. In the first round, it had gone straight for Jiang Feiling, grasping Li Tianming’s weak spot. This was a skill that Ying Huo would probably never grasp.

It had a cute appearance, but its personality and style meant that it could never be cute in the truest sense of the word.

Regardless, the black cat’s birth had brought Li Tianming a lot of help, as he had surpassed his limits.

Now, it was a frighteningly talented Li Tianming that reappeared in front of Mu Qingqing. He cultivated in both fire and lightning, possessed two Primordial Chaos Beasts, as well as Vermilion Bird’s number one beauty and the world’s greatest assistant in battle and cultivating, Jiang Feiling.

In contrast, Mu Qingqing had lost her lifebound beast, and her beast ki was starting to disperse, while her body was bloodied and feeble.

Who would have remembered that three years ago on that stormy night, she had nestled in Lin Xiaoting’s arms, watching on coldly while Li Tianming was attacked and Midas died?

Li Tianming remembered it very clearly.

And so did she!

However, that contrast had only served to contribute to her mental collapse.

“Look up.” Li Tianming’s feet appeared in front of her eyes. Then, a set of cold yet seemingly familiar fingers held her chin, forcing her head up.

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