Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1379

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Chapter 1379: 1379

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Chapter 1379 – To the Ends of the World

Yun Tianque was being crushed under the Azuresoul Tower. His entire body was bruised and battered.

He couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the newcomer was Tianming. “You’re the mastermind?” he asked in a hoarse voice.

“Not exactly. We’re all cooperating together. The seniors are helping me, I’m just here to finish the last step,” Tianming replied.

“You want to kill me yourself? Hah! Will that help stroke your vanity?” Yun Tianue grit his teeth.

“Are you afraid of death?” Tianming asked.

“Of course not. Life always ends in death, sooner or later, so what is there to fear?”

“Isn’t that great? Then, you won’t have a problem with me sending you to the afterlife.” Tianming saw hatred and fury in Yun Tianque’s eyes, as well as a trace of helplessness.

“Li Tianming, I could roughly guess from what I heard that it was your idea to capture my wife but not rely on them to threaten me and instead use so many people to gang up on me.”

“I suppose.”

“So can you be counted as some kind of good guy?” Yun Tianque asked.

“Not exactly. I just have my own methods, like you have your own. I don’t dare to accept such a title.”

“Take yourself as one! You can kill me, I won’t resist at all. But I have a small request.”


“Let them live a happy life and don’t disturb them.” Yun Tianque’s eyes turned red and his fingers dug into the ground. His words were very unwilling, but he had accepted his fate.

“That won’t be a problem. That’s just basic principles.” Tianming looked doubtfully at him, before smiling. “Were you real when you said you wouldn’t resist just now?” It broke Tianming’s heart every time Yin Chen’s clones died after so much effort was spent to make them.

“Yes, no problem.” Yun Tanque grit his teeth.

“Then I’m going to start. Sorry, but I have the bad habit of tormenting people while I kill them. It may hurt a little, so just bear with it.”

“Haha, I’ve dominated this continent for so many years. What can a little pain do to me?” Yun Tianque was disdainful. Honestly, when Yun Tianque had seen Tianming for the first time outside the Voidsky Realm, he had never imagined a day would come when Tianming would kill him.

“Enjoy.” Tianming took out a dozen small silver eggs. “Remember, don’t resist and don’t move. Just relax and enjoy it.”

“As long as you uphold your promise!”

“Alright.” Tianming didn’t expect Yun Tianque would really hold true to his word as Tianming sliced open his flesh to insert the bonegnaw ants inside. He didn’t make a sound and just grit his teeth.

“Sect Master Yun is truly a man among men,” Tianming praised.

“Cut the bullshit. I’m on a tight schedule to go reincarnate. Just wait, I’ll get you in my next life!” As Yun Tianque wasn’t resisting, the bonegnaw ants weren’t causing too much pain as they entered his bones without resistance. The horrible pain came from their activation. This was the first time it had been such a resounding success. Within an hour, Tianming had easily put a million bonegnaw ants into Yun Tianque’s body and finished the last step.

“When are you going to finish this?” Yun Tianque glared.

Tianming stood up and grinned at him.

“What’s going on?” Yun Tianque was truly confused.

However, he suddenly froze as a formation stone he kept within his spatial ring informed him that three formation markers had entered the formation he’d set up at the Wave Mountains. In other words, his wife had returned home.

“Alright, let’s do this.” Yun Tianque shut his eyes.

“Sect Master Yun, congratulations! I’m pleased to inform you that you have passed the test and don’t need to die!” Tianming said.

Yun Tianque frowned in confusion. “Youngster, have you lost it?”

Tianming straightforwardly took out a few silver eggs and explained the effects of the invisible cockroaches and bonegnaw ants. “There’s tens of millions of these cockroaches scattered across the continent. A million or so are in your Supracloud Sanctuary. Every word and action of your people can’t escape me. This includes your home at the Wave Mountains. That’s how I found it.”

When Tianming was done with his explanation, he had the bonegnaw ants demonstrate the pain. No matter how strong someone was, they would end up curled up on the ground, screaming until they were hoarse and their mouth was foaming.

“Enjoyable?” Tianming asked.

Yun Tianque mutely stared at the bonegnaw ants and cockroaches. The metal lifeforms on Tianming’s hand had made him experience fear worse than death. “What’s your goal in controlling me?” Yun Tianque finally understood the purpose behind what had happened today. If it were just to kill him, Yang Ce would have been enough.

Tianming explained to Yun Tianque his dream to unify the continent.

“Sect Master Yun, when we chase away the invaders, both the Azuresoul Palace and Supracloud Sanctuary will gain ten times the benefits of before. As long as the two sects help each other, no one else can interfere based on the Sky Palace’s rules!” Tianming said.

Yun Tianque roared with laughter after hearing that. “Kid, you’re still wet behind the ears. Why should the Supracloud Sanctuary take such insane risks for you?”

The Azuresoul Tower had already been put away, and Yun Tianque had regained his freedom. He stood up and looked at Tianming coolly. That made Tianming understand something. Killing Yun Tianque would be easy, but converting him to his ideology was hard.

“Using this method on me means you failed. I, Yun Tianque, do not fear death! I won’t bet my Supracloud Sanctuary’s future on you. If I die, someone else will replace me. The celestial orderians are the rulers of the sun, and no one can resist them. When I chose them, I planned on never standing with the Myriad Solar Sects ever again. Dream on if you want to control the Supracloud Sanctuary through me!”

His willpower had given Tianming a new problem.

Yun Tianque had expected that Tianming would be thrown off by the setback. However, Tianming just smiled instead. “You can go back now and give it some thought. Especially when you and your sect continues suffering the wargodeans and Blueblood Starocean’s rudeness and suppression, and again when they take the lion’s share of your divine herbs!

“One day, you’ll understand the value of resistance. We live to be people, so why choose the life of a lapdog? The beauty of life is in not fearing challenges.” Tianming could talk to Yun Tianque any time through Yin Chen anyway. Yun Tianque had great influence in the Supracloud Sanctuary; Tianming still needed him and wouldn’t kill him.

“You speak like it’s easy. You should know that resisting them will have a heavy price paid in blood. Naive is naive! And all of you are following this junior in his madness.” Yun Tianque disdainfully looked at all those present.

“Yun Tianque, don’t say junior anymore. Did you think this would happen before today? There’s nothing impossible in this world, only things you don’t dare to do. If you let yourself be abused because you’re afraid of bleeding, what difference is there between your life and a dog’s?” Gujian Qingshuang said. At first, he hadn’t wanted to be controlled. However, afterward, he had been converted to Tianming’s ideology.

Yun Tianque was the opposite. He believed in the celestial orderians and wasn’t afraid of death.

He glared at his old rival and fell into silence.

“Let me show you something.” Gujian Qingshuang cut open his bone, revealing the bonegnaw ants within. With a bitter smile, he said, “You guessed right. I was the previous victim to suffer this boy’s control. I’m not happy with this position, but I don’t believe his dream is impossible.”

“Yun Tianque, our sects have been at each other’s throats for thousands of generations. I’ve wondered before what we could accomplish together. Today we’re under the same yoke, but could this be a chance?”

“Cut the bullshit!” In truth, seeing Gujian Qingshuang end up in the same state was rather shocking for Yun Tianque; however, one’s beliefs weren’t so easily changed.

That was the greatest barrier to Tianming”s path forward. He had underestimated the difficulty of truly controlling Yun Tianque. Controlling his life didn’t mean controlling his heart.

“You may leave,” Tianming suddenly said.

“You’re letting me go just like that?”

“What else? My eyes are all over this continent and bonegnaw ants are in your body. Where can you run?” Tianming said.

“Yes, I admit you’re incredible. But if you’re hoping that I’ll come around one day, it won’t happen.”

“It’s up to you.”

Yun Tianque gave him a deep look, then passed by him as he walked out step by step. Before leaving, he turned around and inhaled deeply. He knew Tianming was certain that he would join their side in the end. “Is that possible?” For a moment, he was in a daze. He knew how mighty Li Wushuang and the Tumulus Pill God were. Resisting them wouldn’t end with just his death.


After leaving Goldridge Mountain, Yun Tianque flew as fast as he could to the Wave Mountains.

“Ying’er!” Yun Tianque shouted as he barged into the courtyard, still covered in blood.

“Big Brother Yun,” someone replied from inside the house. A few moments later, a woman came out, holding the hands of two children. She looked at him with tearful eyes.

“Everything’s fine.” Yun Tianque wiped away his blood and tried to smile.

“That’s great.” The woman lost her strength and almost fell down, but he managed to catch her in time.

“Are we moving?” the woman asked.

“There’s no point. We can’t escape no matter even if we run to the ends of the world,” he replied.

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