Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1381

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Chapter 1381: 1381

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Chapter 1381 – Birth of Strange Phenomena

Inside the Soaring Palace, eight giant beasts that burned as bright as the sun were ravenously devouring tens of millions of divine herbs. Each mouthful gulped down over ten thousand of them.

As the two girls entered, a man shining with a brilliant light leaped up from the pile of divine herbs. Waves of powers were rippling from his body.

Li Ruoshi’s face lit up. “Big Brother Haochen is breaking through?”

“A ninth-level constellier.… Now he should really be peerless, right?” Long Youyou asked.

Fighting spirit was burning in the eyes of the man they were looking at.

“Now we should be able to go back, right?”


“The ninth level?” Li Haochen naturally couldn’t escape Yin Chen’s eyes. And Yin Chen’s eyes were Tianming’s. This lifebound beast had elevated his survival abilities and made him practically omniscient.

“Two million Yin Chens means there’s almost no secrets left unhidden from me on this continent. However, the Supracloud Sanctuary has even more ore mines than the Azuresoul Palace.”

After having handled Yun Tianque, Tianming was eyeing their ore mines. However, he wasn’t in a rush. There were too many variables in the continent now, and he planned to go to the wondersky realm to challenge the number one there, Ye Chen. However, he was worried something would crop up here that urgently needed him. Thus, he had put aside the plan for a bit.

“I suppose Li Haochen isn’t far off from Ye Chen now. But if he wants to use me to wipe away his past shame, haha.…” Tianming wasn’t being arrogant. It was just that for peers he had passed, it was nigh impossible for them to make a comeback.

These few days, while Tianming had been monitoring the continent, he’d also been training the fifth move of the Ninedragon Tribulation, Whitedragon Exaltation! The nine basic sword arts of the Ninedragon Tribulation were not created equal. The latter ones were stronger, and also harder to fuse. He had been working on the Whitedragon Exaltation for quite a while already.

On Fairman Peak in the Sixth Sword Branch, Tianming held the Grand-Orient Sword and practiced the strike in the woods. “This sword art adds a soul attack component. If a totem uses it, it’ll damage both the opponent’s totem and vita. I could even teach this to Feng if he used the sword… alas.”

That was why Tianming didn’t believe that the Ninedragon Tribulation was created by the Ninedragon Emperor. This Whitedragon Exaltation was created for totems; part of its power also came from using the vita to attack.

“Unfortunately, my soul is only at the level of a first divine soul. My vita doesn’t have that much attack power, unlike Feng’s third regal soul. So I need to rely on my totems. If I also had a third regal soul, I wouldn’t even need to fuse it for this sword art to be frightening.”

Feng’s vita cultivation method came from the Primordial Demonlord, so Tianming didn’t have the fortune of enjoying it. But on the other hand, Feng didn’t have the Aeternal Infernal Codex.

“Feng said he almost has a fourth imperial soul. He’s only in his twenties, but his vita is on the emperor’s level. His attack power will be even more frightening then.” He had considered the method of vita cultivation, as it was important. Unfortunately, he didn’t have any suitable techniques. So he just didn’t bother; there was no point in half-assing it. He had the Soul Tower, so at least it wasn’t a weakness now.

There was no one around, so Tianming used his totems and his totemic calamity, transforming them into many smaller swords.

“Whitedragon Exaltation!” Ten thousand swords transformed into white dragons and formed a sword formation.

A brilliant flash went off that would blind enemies if they saw it. And the most dangerous part was the white dragon harassing the vita.

“If I can fuse this sword art in and create my Fivedragon Tribulation, it’ll be nearly a seventh-realm divine art.” In terms of battle arts, the Ninedragon Tribulation would make Tianming surpass his peers.

The Grand-Orient Sword stabbed out. Shining white light transformed into a giant white dragon that flashed out like a ray of light. The white light swallowed up a patch of forest, immediately reducing the trees and rocks within to ash.

“I’ll keep trying to fuse it. But first, I’ll make a trip to the Swordbath Pool first to get some grade-six divine hazard sword ki.” Tianming was clear what divine hazard sword ki were in the Swordbath Pool. He had already specifically selected a grade-six divine hazard sword ki, Dawnlight Soulbreaker, for his new sword art. The divine pattern at its heart was the Soulshaking Light, which had the innate property of damaging vita and totems. It was very suitable for the Whitedragon Exultation.

After an unpleasant period of fusion, Tianming managed to absorb the divine hazard sword ki into his body. He had made his full preparations for tackling the five sword art fusion. Totems, sword ki, and fusion were all in place. Even Ying Huo had absorbed some grade-five divine hazard sword ki, making Gujian Qingshuang’s scalp tingle just watching.


The next day, at the Cloudysky Gorge on the Azurecloud Continent in the central area of Supracloud Sanctuary.

The divine herbs produced in this area were particularly numerous. Hence the Supracloud Sanctuary had built a large base here and created a temporary defensive formation. Today, the Tumulus Pill God, Lan Sha, and Yun Tianque had brought over ten thousand Supracloud Sanctuary cultivators alongside a few thousand wargodeans and Blueblood Starocean cultivators.

“So the new discovery was here?” the Tumulus Pill God asked.

“Right. This is just one of eighteen discoveries, all of them with strange phenomena occurring. All have been marked and are under heavy guard,” Yun Tianque replied.

“Based on precedent, the tree is about to go into a period where it starts fruiting exponentially. Based on what I see, the harvest this year will be seven billion. More than the previous time, and roughly average historically. It may be related to this timing if strange fruits like these are appearing. Bring me there,” the Tumulus Pill God ordered.

“Please follow me.” Yun Tianque bowed.

The Supracloud Sanctuary cultivators all looked slightly troubled at seeing their leader so polite.

With Yun Tianque leading the way, they quickly arrived in a normal-seeming region.

“And it’s right there! Take a look,” Yun Tianque pointed. Two strange fruits appeared in their line of sight. They were human-shaped, and even seemed to be in the position of hugging each other.

“Actually, it appeared long ago. However, they didn’t have divine patterns so we thought they weren’t even divine herbs. But that’s clearly not it. We still can’t see patterns, but perhaps they’re grade-eight divine herbs?”

Yun Tianque was excited, because all eighteen sites had those pairs of fruits, making a total of thirty-six! And those were just those in the Supracloud Sanctuary’s territory. The Azuresoul Palace definitely also had some.

“Let me examine it,” the Tumulus Pill God said.

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