Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1384

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Chapter 1384: 1384

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Chapter 1384 – Monster

A few short sentences had been enough for the Empyrean Sword Sect to signal their desire for the saplings.

“Gujian Qingshuang, this matter is very important. We can see that from how the wargodeans and Blueblood Starocean have taken over the saplings from the Supracloud Sanctuary. We can’t be remiss. We have to protect them well so they can mature.” The Wind Swordlord’s words were the same as the Rain Swordlord’s, only dressed up nicer.

“This.…” Gujian Qingshuang had a troubled expression. “With eighteen locations, each of them will only have a few thousand swordpupils. Will that be enough as guards? Should I send out the Azuresoul Sword Army as support and add a hundred thousand troops each?”

The Rain Swordlord snorted, “Head Instructor, oh, Head Instructor. Can a hundred thousand of your swordtroops match up to a few thousand swordpupils from my Empyrean Sword Sect?”

“Alright then! Sirs and madams, you need to protect it well. This matter is huge, and we can’t afford any mistakes. I predict that people from the Supracloud Sanctuary’s side will trespass as well. This will drive people even crazier than the grade-eight herb, and I’m certain blood will spill and there will be casualties,” Gujian Qingshuang yielded.

Gujian Qingshuang had always yielded to the Empyrean Sword Sect, so there was nothing suspicious about it. The three from the Empyrean Sword Sect were probably even gloating inside about their superiority!

“Don’t worry. If they really want to get violent, the Empyrean Sword Sect will step in and put down the lapdogs of the celestial orderians. The chance to unify the continent has come. We aren’t afraid of them coming. What we’re afraid of is them cowardly turtling up. If they come out, they have a death wish,” the Rain Sovereign viciously said.

Inwardly, Gujian Qingshuang sneered. He knew about the alliance the Northdipper Swordsage was trying to form. Unfortunately, as long as it wasn’t formed, these people would never revolt. They were just there for easy profits. Hence, this was just bluster and false promises. Of course, the saplings had huge potential value. While birds died for food, humans died for wealth.

Long Wanying and the rest had predicted that if conflict broke out over the saplings, the Empyrean Sword Sect would go for the kill.

“Incredible, Li Tianming. Just one Yin Chen allowed you to see through all of their schemes.”

All of the Azuresoul Palace’s ore veins had been traded for two million Yin Chens. And today, Gujian Qingshuang found it quite a worthwhile trade. Working together with Li Tianming had made it clear what kind of person he was. He may have had Yin Chen as a trump card, but Gujian Qingshuang could tell he still remained modest in front of his seniors and friends.

Controlling Gujian Qingshuang showed his ruthless side. But no longer bothering Yun Tianque’s family and giving him freedom, as well as giving Gujian Qingshuang dignity was a sign that Li Tianming had certain personal principles. That said, if someone assumed he was a candle that would burn himself up for others, they’d be dead wrong.

Gujian Qingshuang looked at the three higher-ups of the Empyrean Sword Sect. They were already planning their deployments. They don’t know that the sword of Li Tianming is already hanging above their heads. It may fall anytime and slay them. Gujian Qingshuang’s expression was full of helplessness. His job done, he left the Driftsword Halls.


“What an intelligent man. If he’d talked back, I would’ve had to take a page from Li Wushuang’s book and given him a tight slap to wake him up.” The Rain Swordlord sneered. “His sect ancestors were just some strays that left our Empyrean Sword Sect. And he actually thought he had some authority.”

“Enough, enough. He’s already bowed down, so don’t go overboard,” the Wind Swordlord said.

“I’m just worried he isn’t happy. Then he’ll whine and whine next time. I’ve seen quite a few like that these few days. Those Azuresoul Palace swordpupils pretend to be polite to us, but they keep judging us inside. Don’t they get it? The Xuanyuan Dragon Sect is gone, so what would they do without us?” The Rain Swordlord didn’t stop jabbering.

At the side, Shi Yan felt like her head was splitting apart.

“What’re you thinking?” The two swordlords glared at her.

“Nothing.” Shi Yan lowered her head. Inside, she was actually wondering if the two swordlords were sent here by the Northdipper Swordsage to annoy her instead.

Actually, there wasn’t anything wrong with the Empyrean Sword Sect not letting the Azuresoul Palace intervene with the duty of protecting the saplings. But the Rain Swordlord was so old that she already had wrinkles. Yet, she was still dressed so extravagantly, using pink, green, and orange, colors usually used by those younger women. Her words were brash and she had a controlling personality, with every word making others uncomfortable. In the past, Shi Yan would never have been so rude to Gujian Qingshuang that he would be so depressed like today. In her experience, pushing honest people too far would always have consequences.

“But it’s none of my business!” She knew that those in the Empyrean Sword Sect would always turn and walk away after seeing the Rain Swordlord. Only the Wind Swordlord would be so attentive as to keep cleaning up after her every day.


In the Supracloud Sanctuary, Yun Tianque was currently in a dark, secret room, communicating with the bonegnaw ants.

“Why do you need so much effort to speak?” Yun Tianque asked.

“Not any… of your… damn business… you trash,” Yin Chen scolded using his robotic and hoarse voice.

“Are those Li Tianming’s words or yours?” Yun Tianque laughed.

“It’s me… your granddaddy… scolding you,” Yin Chen said, displeased.

Yun Tianque scratched his head. In truth, this metal lifeform was the most terrifying devil in his heart. However, he never would have expected it to be a little cute. Through Yin Chen, Tianming and Yun Tianque were currently holding a long distance call. However, the connection could only be described as spluttering. Even a short sentence took a long while to transmit. Fortunately, it had patience. Despite the intermittent connection, it was successfully completed.

“Was that slap today good?” Tianming asked.

“What’re you trying to say?” Yun Tianque said coldly.

“The divine tree’s shaking caused sorrow for us all. I may not be a native, but I’ve heard many people talk about it. I believe you felt it, too. I saw everything. Your emotional changes, your surroundings, and everything your Supracloud Sanctuary’s people have suffered. So I’m certain you’ll make the right choice now,” Li Tianming said.

“I believe your affection is one-sided here. You think one slap is enough to make me, Yun Tianque, work for you? Brat, things are easier said than done. If unifying the continent was easy, someone else would’ve done it long ago,” Yun Tianque mocked.

“So stubborn? I know better than you what you’re thinking. No matter what you say, no one can betray their bloodline and beliefs. Even if you don’t believe it, nine out of ten people in your Supracloud Sanctuary know what the right thing to do is, because the divine tree is your roots,” Tianming said.

Yun Tianque laughed and continued mocking him, “What an absolute joke!”

“Fine, let’s not talk about it. Right now, seventeen of your saplings have been taken by the wargodeans and Blueblood Starocean, while the Azuresoul Palace’s eighteen have been taken over by the Empyrean Sword Sect. Both sides want the saplings from the other side and have their own schemes. Sooner or later, a bloody conflict will erupt. We need you and Gujian Qingshuang to fan the flames and make them pay with their lives,” Tianming said. This was a great chance for him, as both sides had stopped the Supracloud Sanctuary and Azuresoul Palace from getting involved, and both sides were being very greedy.

Yun Tianque continued sneering.

“Senior Yun, you really are stubborn. Look in the mirror and see how you look at Li Wushuang. Lan Sha may not have gotten it, but I know what you meant it when you said, ‘It was my fault from the very start.’”

“Shut up! Stop spying on me!” Yun Tianque exploded.

“What, feeling guilty?” Tianming smiled. As he laughed, Yin Chen echoed his laughter. Tianming’s voice changer made the laugh sound very eerie, but his laugh was actually very cheerful.

“Well, we’ll need a chance to fan the flames. Before that, I need you to do something,” Tianming said.

Yun Tianque kept silent, not wanting to participate in the conversation.

“Ten percent of your Supracloud Sanctuary’s ore veins are metal ores. I need you to recall the personnel there. Tell them they need to pick fruit. Empty those mines and keep people away.” Tianming already knew where the veins were located and their quantities. He could also pass through the defensive formations himself. As long as Yun Tianque removed those people, he would be everywhere!

“No way! I said I’m not on your side!” Yun Tianque raged. Two million Yin Chens was already terrifying enough to make his hair stand on end. And this brat still wanted more? Yun Tianque had never ever feared anything, not even death. However, when those ants occasionally crawled out of his body and looked at him with their beady black eyes…. That was the first time Yun Tianque had ever felt such primal fear.

A monster, a true monster! Why was such a thing a lifebound beast?

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