Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1407

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Chapter 1407: 1407

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Chapter 1407 – Unfettered Astralord

The reason Tianming didn’t want to use his totems yet was that Ying Huo and the rest wanted to fight their counterparts one on one. However, they might end up being pushed back, given the difference in levels. Though Tianming had kept a low profile most of the time, his words sounded completely insane, prompting countless people to blankly stare at him.

“He’s going to let his lifebound beasts compete with Ye Chen’s?” It was inconceivable.

“He probably hasn’t seen the power of the lifebound beasts with the top bloodlines on the Violetglory Star before. Ye Chen’s lifebound beasts are the most insane among the crazier ones. That’s been proven time and again. Not even the divineglorians’ galaxy grandbeasts can compete!”

Ye Chen’s beasts were regarded with heavy superstition. The only one who smiled when Tianming said that was Ye Chen. He nodded and said, “That’s fine. Your lifebound beasts seem rather interesting too.”

“Of course! I might even be the ancestor of you lot!” Ying Huo proudly said, though the Desolate Chaos Progenibeasts didn’t react despite the provocation, acting as coldly as they ever had. It was almost like they were waiting for Ye Chen’s signal to tear their enemies apart. It would only take a simple look from Ye Chen; the five beasts were already itching to fight, their ancient aura swooping toward Ying Huo and the rest like a tidal wave.

“Who’s the weaker version, eh?”

Both sides charged into combat, though people kept their eyes on the two beastmasters. They had already seen Tianming’s Grand-Orient Sword, but couldn’t see what was so special about it. However, they cheered when Ye Chen took out his weapon.

“It’s a grade-eight divine artifact! Grand Godless Liberty!”

“That halberd used to belong to the Unfettered Astralord!”

“Without the exalted blood, even solarians might not be able to make it submit!”

Such a weapon was among the very best. Not even the likes of Li Haochen had a grade-eight divine artifact. Apart from the two divine artifacts that came from the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb, only people on Li Wushuang’s level could obtain grade-eight divine artifacts. Even a powerful faction like the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect had only had one grade-eight divine artifact before the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb had appeared!

Yet here, a junior below the age of thirty was wielding such a weapon. It was no surprise that he had been able to rise up in the Astraldome. Tianming had also heard quite a lot about the Grand Godless Liberty. It was something Ye Chen had obtained from an astralcrypt in a battle similar to the Voidsky Skirmish. During that competition, he obtained the weapon, as well as the legacy of the Unfettered Astralord, who was said to be someone that had come to Violetglory Star from an even more powerful nova source world. No doubt he was a powerhouse in the astralscape.

Thanks to the legacy, Ye Chen’s cultivation foundations were firmly built. He looked like a celestial being descending from the heavens with his pure white halberd in hand. The appearance and color of the weapon really suited the image he gave off. With a few swings, the halberd seemed to trace tens of thousands of arcs in the air, each of them containing arcane mysteries within. The weapon had a spear tip with a blade on each side, giving it a three-pronged structure.Having been forged using a steel called godless libertium, it contained a few different kinds of grade-eight divine hazards, allowing him to unleash strikes of many varieties.

His Desolate Chaos Progenibeasts coupled with the Grand Godless Liberty made Ye Chen look like the protagonist of a story. In fact, a small fry like him had become the protagonist of the Violetglory Star thanks to all these legacies. Countless young women shrieked and cheered for him as he used his radiance to suppress Tianming.

“Wow, so he has a lot of stuff to back up his rank after all.” Tianming had the Primordial Chaos Beasts, while Ye Chen had Desolate Chaos Progenibeasts. He also had the legacy of the Unfettered Astralord to match up against Tianming’s legacy of the Primordial God-Emperor. However, were those legacies on par with each other? There was only one way to find out.

The instant Ye Chen took out his weapon, both sides charged toward one another for the fight. The skies suddenly darkened and the other Primordial Chaos Beasts that had relatively lower star counts immediately faced a disadvantage, especially with Yin Chen not being able to fight optimally in the wondersky realm.

“I’ll deal with that spicy chicken wing first!” Ying Huo cried as it targeted the black divine bird. It looked like a phoenix, like Ying Huo, but radiated a savage and dark aura. Ying Huo didn’t want to waste words and immediately used Sungod’s Wrath. Its improved Infernal Blaze had empowered all of its abilities. It soared into the sky as black flames flared around it, then it came crashing down toward its foe like a falling sun.

“Hehe!” The black bird smirked, seemingly not caring about Ying Huo’s attack at all. It spread its wings to gather black lightning bolts and knit them into an electric net, which it attempted to use to stop Ying Huo. This was its ability, Chaosbolt Net. While it looked similar to the Myriad Thundernet, its effects weren’t quite the same. The two seven-star divine birds’ fight created countless explosions in the sky as lighting clashed with flames, forming mushroom clouds throughout the battlefield. Wild embers and bolts rained down from the sky nonstop.

“Damn, it’s quite strong after all!” Ying Huo was zapped to the point it was black and toasty as it returned to Tianming’s side. Despite saying that, it still seemed resolute and was itching to fight. The black bird was just as roasted as it was and was emitting smoke from all parts of its body. But at that instant, the Greenspark Tower began healing Ying Huo, though the effect was dampened as they were in the wondersky realm. Those wounds would recover so fast outside that they wouldn’t affect it in combat at all, unlike here.

“Are you alright?” Tianming asked.

“I’m fine for now, but our siblings might fare worse as they aren’t evolved enough.”

They didn’t have access to a seven-star universal manna, unlike Ying Huo, who had undergone a complete transformation. That was one of the things that Tianming lacked compared to Ye Chen, not to mention that the latter had already been cultivating using caeli imperius for quite some time.

The constant explosions endlessly awed the audience. As Ying Huo was fighting, Meow Meow clashed with the black qilin. Their battle was also one fought between lightning and fire beasts! Meow Meow usually wouldn’t let its opponents approach it, especially once it obtained wings after its evolution. It could easily fly away while it continued launching its lightning attacks. However, the qilin wouldn’t let it off that easily. One of its abilities, Voidgulf Firehole, manifested a huge vortex of black flames with great suction power. As a result, Meow Meow’s flying speed was throttled.

Lan Huang, on the other hand, chose to use its crocodile death spiral in its fight against the black squid, taking advantage of the spikes on its body to pierce the many tentacles. However, the suckers on the tentacles tightly latched onto it, and even had black spikes within that could pierce through its scales, allowing the squid to inject venom into its body at a rapid rate. Even after Lan Huang used its Azure Oceanic Purgatory to drag the squid into the water, it wasn’t able to shake off the spiky tentacles. Not to mention, it could regrow the tentacles that Lan Huang bit off almost instantly, making it seemingly immortal. It seemed that this close-combat-loving squid was a rather troublesome opponent, able to counteract Lan Huang’s brute force by gently redirecting all that energy.

On another side of the battlefield, Xian Xian fought the man-eating flower. While the flower’s devouring abilities were impressive, it paled in comparison to Xian Xian’s roots. The Radix World Tree was the ancestor of all plants, and naturally the flower’s ability to devour was only derivative of the original.

Finally, there was the fight between Yin Chen and the black broodmother beast with its impressive populating capabilities. But thanks to the limits of its bloodline, it seemed unable to deal with the silver insects. Coupled with the effects of Xian Xian’s Evernight Curse, the broodmother unit and its childrens’ souls were heavily affected, giving Yin Chen a chance to start hunting them down.

Even though it had been less than ten breaths’ time since the beasts first clashed, Tianming could more or less see that he had the overall advantage, thanks to the purity of Xian Xian and Yin Chen’s bloodline powers. Meow Meow and Lan Huang, on the other hand, weren’t faring too well. The endlessly regenerating squid would be tough to deal with even if it was fighting someone other than Lan Huang.

“Looks like it isn’t possible for me to take him down with my lifebound beasts alone.” Tianming had only wanted to test out what they were capable of, but now that it wasn’t working too well, he wouldn’t just sit there and do nothing.

Ye Chen came charging down with his weapon raised. Tianming responded by lashing out with the Lifesteal Silverdragon in his left hand, forming it into a shield to block the attack. Ye Chen’s fighting style was in stark contrast to his appearance. He fought fiercely, like a wargodean. Almost instantly, the chain-cum-shield shattered, causing a force to rebound to Tianming. The crushing feeling told Tianming that Ye Chen’s body had been thoroughly enhanced by the Desolate Chaos Progenibeasts, making him as fierce as a spectral progenitor. His physical combat prowess had been greatly enhanced.

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