Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1448

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Chapter 1448: 1448

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Chapter 1448 – Apothecary Li

Inside the Ninemoon Palace.

“Goddess, His Solar Majesty has ordered us to stay by your side and serve you. Please don’t blame us.” A group of young and beautiful celestial orderians stood in front of Qingyu with their heads lowered as they spoke.

“Fine….” The girl helplessly pursed her lips.

“Goddess, your escort has arrived.”

A voice sounded from outside the palace, requesting to speak to her. Upon receiving permission, a man entered the Ninemoon Palace and appeared before Qingyu like a puff of gray smoke. The gray fog condensed into an old, gray-robed man with wrinkly, dark gray skin that almost resembled a frog. His skin was so dry that his fingers and face were peeling. This was an ugly, rickety old man. Ordinarily, such a person would be reclusive, or at least eccentric, but he wasn’t. Instead, he revealed a bright smile as he greeted Qingyu on one knee. “Greetings, Goddess. I’m Apothecary Li and I’ve been ordered by His Solar Majesty to escort you to the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect. I am but a rough fellow so please bear with me if I overlook anything during the journey.”

Although Qingyu didn’t recognize the man, she noticed the maidservants’ response; they bowed their heads and respectfully took a step back. Some of them were even trembling. It was clear that Apothecary Li was a terrifying figure to the celestial orderians. There were many outstanding talents among the sun emperor’s subordinates.

“Are you alone?” Qingyu asked.

Apothecary Li smiled. “Do you prefer to remain discreet?”

Qingyu nodded.

He bowed. “Goddess, please.”

The maidservants surrounded Qingyu as they followed her out of the palace. After fighting so long for this, Qingyu was excited to finally have the opportunity to meet Tianming and the others in the Myriad Solar Sects. However, the women froze as soon as they exited the palace. In front of them was an endless sea of people stretched out as far as the eye could see, each dressed in white and gold armor. They were a mighty army; fortunately, they were all totemancers and didn’t possess any lifebound beasts, or else their presence would have filled the sky.

“Greetings, Goddess!”

With respectful gazes, the celestial orderians fell to one knee and paid obeisance to Qingyu, their voices causing a violent sound wave that shook the Ninemoon Palace’s defensive formation.

“There must be ten million of them.”

“I think more like twenty million.”

“I think fifteen million. All three of the legions commanded by Apothecary Li are present.”

The pale maidservants whispered amongst themselves. They couldn’t resist enviously looking at the Ninemoon Goddess. Fifteen million guards for one trip! Was there anyone on the entire sun who could compare? She was the true embodiment of heaven’s beloved daughter. If it were Li Haochen, ten thousand guards would suffice.

“His Solar Majesty’s love for his daughter is truly staggering.” The girls stuck their tongues out, their gazes filled with envy as they turned to Qingyu.

Qingyu stood there transfixed, deeply frowning. The scene before her eyes was beyond anything she could ever have imagined.

“Goddess, your safety is more important than the lives of these fifteen million people. You’re the future of the celestial orderians, so please don’t reject us. Although having this many people around is a bit of an eyesore, we’ll be able to protect you and guarantee your safety. Please understand His Solar Majesty’s good intentions,” Apothecary Li said with a flattering smile.

“Fifteen million people? Just to protect me?”

In fact, more people meant slower progress and more difficult supervision. If they truly wanted to protect her, fifteen million people weren’t as good as a hundred top experts.

“Goddess, haven’t you heard? A few days ago, the audacious Whitedragon Empress actually kidnapped Lady Wushuang. Fortunately, she was able to escape from that dangerous situation. To teach those sinister lowlifes a lesson, His Solar Majesty has ordered us to prevent the same thing from happening to you,” Apothecary Li explained.

“It’s too much…. Since he’s so worried about me, I’ll make it easy for him. I won’t visit the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect.” With that, she turned to leave, her expression remaining the same.

“Goddess!” Apothecary Li quickly stopped her. “Why’d you suddenly change your mind? It isn’t necessary. Don’t worry, with us here, your status is no different from an empress’ even in the Myriad Solar Sects. Those bandits won’t have a chance to raise their heads”

“Is that so? Then why do I feel like you’re using me as an excuse to enter the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect and invade their territory?” Qingyu indifferently said.

“Goddess, you’ve got it all wrong!” Apothecary Li said anxiously.

“Leave!” Even if she wanted to see Tianming and the others again, she refused to do anything that would bring disaster to the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect. These old foxes would take advantage as soon as they had an opportunity or an excuse. Li Wushuang’s kidnapping gave the celestial orderians an excuse to send fifteen million troops, which she hadn’t expected at all. Without another word, she walked past Apothecary Li, determined to return to the Ninemoon Palace. But at that moment, the old man gently blew and a fog enveloped Qingyu. Before she could take even two steps, her body fell to the ground, limp

“How dare you!” The little maidservants panicked and rushed up to protect Qingyu. Upon closer inspection, they realized the Ninemoon Goddess was breathing and her face was rosy. Other than being unconscious, there was nothing wrong with her.

“What’s all the fuss about! The goddess is just sleeping. Serve her well. When she wakes up, we’ll have arrived at our destination,” Apothecary Li said.

“Yes.” From the conversation, the maidservants knew what was going on. Dragging the goddess to the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect was definitely the solar emperor’s intention. Otherwise, Apothecary Li wouldn’t dare commit such an offense even if he had all the courage in the world.

“You’ve asked so many times, and His Solar Majesty has finally agreed. How can he go back on his word? It’s best you allow this old man to safely escort you to the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect, Goddess!” Apothecary Li laughed.

“Let’s go!”


Under his leadership, fifteen million Goddess Guardians officially set off.

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