Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1450

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Chapter 1450: 1450

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Chapter 1450 – Son-In-Law’s Sect

The return of the Veildragon Palace and the promotion of the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect on the myriad sect ranking didn’t matter. The ranking wasn’t important, but an immediate adjustment of the nova source was a problem. The weight of the nova source was related to the lifeblood of any force. If the Sky Palace didn’t control that lifeline, it wouldn’t be so important that no one dared to challenge their authority. No one would raise objections if the Sky Palace didn’t change the distribution of the nova source. But now, the Dreamless Celestial Nation might have something to say about the change.

“What are you all anxious about? The Dreamless Celestial Nation is the one who should worry. And as far as I know, even the Voidword Shrine has been affected. Part of their nova source has also been allocated to the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect. The Sky Palace is weakening the foreign races,” said the Northdipper Swordsage.

“Weakening them? The majority of the Sky Palace are from those two forces,” came the voice of a sturdy figure.

“Once they enter the Sky Palace, their origins don’t matter. After a granduncle of mine entered the Sky Palace, we barely had any contact so don’t expect them to be partial. The Sky Palace has its own will,” the Northdipper Swordsage replied.

Despite his words, he tried to rope Tianming and the others in in the hope they could speak for him when they entered the Sky Palace in the future. It was clear that he didn’t fully believe in his own words.

“I think the Sky Palace is trying to push the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect into making a decision—either fight or remain quiet. Their tepid response isn’t at all beneficial for the Myriad Solar Sects. This matter won’t affect us for the time being, though. Even if the sky falls, the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect will be the first to bear the brunt. For the time being, we’ll wait and see what happens,” the Northdipper Swordsage added.

“I hope so.”

“I assumed the sun emperor wanted to devour the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect bit by bit, but according to the latest news, I don’t think he can wait for results that might take generations. The Xuanyuan Dragon Sect is about to undergo major changes.”

“You’re talking about the fifteen million Goddess Guardians, aren’t you?” the person on his right said in response.

“I heard that as well.”

“It’s Apothecary Li’s legions, the most sinister group of people in the celestial orderians. They’re the ones responsible for burning, slaughtering, humiliating, and plundering on the sun emperor’s behalf.”

The Northdipper Swordsage nodded. “Once they join in, the celestial orderians will have the advantage in the Myriaddragon Mountains. Coupled with their control over the dragonsprings, the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect will be in a more difficult situation. Once the sun emperor finds an opportunity or an excuse, he may severely hit the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect, beat those people into submission, then slowly erode and brainwash them. They’ll save at least ninety percent of the time they would have taken otherwise. That’s how the sun emperor operates.”

“An opportunity or excuse? The sun emperor is the best at finding high-sounding reasons. When his sister was insulted, he killed Long Junxuan. Then his sister was kidnapped and he sent fifteen million people to protect his daughter. If the key individuals in the Myriaddragon Mountains are dead, he can launch an attack on the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect.”

“So the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect is doomed this time.”

“Long Wanying was bold enough to kidnap Li Wushuang to exchange for the three dragon imperials. They might’ve gotten them back, but they’ve also led an army of fifteen million to them.”

“That isn’t really the case. Without Li Wushuang, the sun emperor can still find another reason. That’s where he excels, isn’t it?”

“The question is, what do we do?”

The three turned to the Northdipper Swordsage.

“What can we do? The Dreamless Celestial Nation and Voidword Shrine have yet to say anything. I formed an alliance, yet one tree was all it took for the alliance to fall apart. If the Sky Palace doesn’t step in, the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect will have to fend for itself.” The Northdipper Swordsage helplessly shrugged.

“Don’t make yourself sound like such a good person. The so-called ‘alliance’ wasn’t formed to help the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect,” someone sneered.

“That’s right. Thank you for reminding me. I was almost moved by my actions.” The Northdipper Swordsage laughed. “In truth, the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect has always been first among the Myriad Solar Sects. Their foundation surpasses the two major foreign forces. If the celestial orderians want to take them down, they’ll definitely bite back. It’s hard to say who’ll win. The best outcome is that neither side wins.”

“Then the Empyrean Sword Sect will swoop in and take their position?”

“If the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect falls, we all have a chance to climb up and we’ll all benefit. It’s best if the Dreamless Celestial Nation and Voidword Shrine join the battle and lose part of their forces!” the Northdipper Swordsage said with a smile.

“Swordsage, I thought the wargodeans would at least fall to fifth place after losing more than a hundred thousand of their elites in the Azurecloud Continent.”


Beneath his mask, the Northdipper Swordsage’s countenance shone with a cold light. In fact, that was the source of all his unhappiness today. He had assumed that the Empyrean Sword Sect would be able to reach fourth place on the myriad sect ranking under his leadership. When he had first become the sect master, the wargodeans were the reason they’d fallen from fourth place. He was under enormous pressure; in the Empyrean Continent, all fingers were pointed at him. Since then, he had dreamed of reclaiming the fourth place, or even making it to the top three. His lifelong dream was for the sect to reach number one.

“The stonesword race is extremely talented. If we possess the most nova source, our clan won’t lose to the Xuanyuans!”

Whitesource Peak, the Myriaddragon Mountains.

Tianming took a deep breath. The air was so hot it seemed like he was breathing fire. It was obvious how hot his body was after absorbing the nova source.

“The changes are astounding.”

The Azurecloud Continent and the Myriaddragon Mountains were as different as the sky and the earth. The nova source here was similar to the Voidsky Realm, though not as violent as the Voidsky Flame Pillar. It benefited not just one person, but billions.

“The myriad sect ranking is extremely important.” Rising to his feet, he stretched his limbs. Like hot glass, his body seemed to pop and crack. He made a thunderous boom by clenching his fists and circulating his astralforce.

“I’ve stabilized my cultivation level. Compared to my last match against Ye Chen, I’m definitely stronger. It’s just a pity that I can’t use the decapath era godswords in Orderia.”

Walking out of the courtyard, he saw Lingfeng standing at the entrance.

“What’s wrong, Feng?” Tianming asked upon noticing his solemn expression.

“Aunt Ying asked us to go see her. There’s news regarding Qingyu,” Ye Lingfeng said.

“Let’s go!”

Long Wanying was most likely with the Saintdragon Emperor, so the two flew over the dragon-shaped peaks and headed to the Little Saintdragon Peak, which was considered the mountain with the best resources among the seven thousand outers. It was completely enveloped in nova source like a scorching flame. However, this was only the Saintdragon Emperor’s temporary residence. His real residence was in the Great Saintdragon Peak which was in the middle of the three thousand central mountains. That was the core of the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect, the highest mountain among the Myriaddragon Mountains.

“I heard the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect has been allocated more nova source than the Dreamless Celestial Nation previously received. It’s the most any sect has ever received. They’ve transferred part of the Dreamless Celestial Nation and Voidword Shrine’s portion to us,” said Tianming.

“Those two sects must be unhappy,” Lingfeng said.

“I wonder if they’ll protest to the Sky Palace or celestial orderians?” Tianming smiled. They arrived at the Little Saintdragon Peak and entered the great hall together. This was the heart of the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect. The Seven Dragon Imperials and Yang Ce were the only ones present.

“Come here.” Long Wanying beckoned to them.

“Aunt Ying, Yin Chen said there’s fifteen million celestial orderians escorting the Ninemoon Goddess here?” Tianming asked.

“Yes. You understand what the sun emperor wants, don’t you?” Long Wanying said.

“I do.” Tianming nodded. The connotations of the word “escort” sufficed. To put it bluntly, they were openly playing tricks.

“They can’t use this excuse forever,” Tianming said. He believed it was unlikely that the sun emperor would leave the army here. Qingyu would eventually return, otherwise her cultivation would be affected.

“You’re right, but the sun emperor has a new countermeasure,” Long Wanying helplessly said.

“What is it?”

“He’s betrothed the Ninemoon Goddess to a descendant of the Veildragon Palace, Long Renshe. You’ve heard the news, haven’t you? However, the wedding date hasn’t been set. Our informant says that the sun emperor wants to marry the Ninedragon Goddess to the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect so the fifteen million troops can stay here to ‘protect’ her. He can say it’s her dowry…. We never expected such a thing. The sun emperor’s had sinister plans for the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect from the day it was rumored that the Ninemoon Goddess would wed into it.”

The wedding date wouldn’t be set far off, so the fifteen million people could openly stay and support the Veildragon Palace. Tianming and the others already knew about the betrothal, but it was merely a promise at the time. Qingyu was too young to be married; however, the matter was clearly on the agenda now.

“We expect the sun emperor to hold the wedding in the Myriaddragon Mountains to completely separate the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect from the Myriad Solar Sects. That way, the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect will become in-laws with the celestial orderians. With that, the celestial orderians will operate in the Myriaddragon Mountains and in all of our territories. This is detrimental to us in the long run…” Long Wanying explained.

“This sun emperor is really shameless and insidious,” Tianming said, his gaze narrowed.

It was terrifying when the strong were unscrupulous. If this wedding was really held in the Myriaddragon Mountains, would the Myriad Solar Sects come to congratulate them? Would the sun emperor be present? And the most important question was, did Qingyu agree to the marriage? Based on what Tianming knew about her, neither she nor Lingfeng would agree. He turned around, only to see demon ki surging in Lingfeng’s crimson eyes.

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