Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1455

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Chapter 1455: 1455

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Chapter 1455 – Just You Wait!

The Seven Dragon Imperials didn’t stop Lingfeng from killing Long Wangyu. They also believed that this would be a chance for them to send a shocking message to the youths on the other side. Given the sullen state of Long Longlong and the other juniors, they had been humiliated and bullied far too much lately. Even now, countless young people were getting into fights all across the Myriaddragon Mountains, with the youths of Veildragon Palace and the celestial orderians having the upper hand. It wasn’t that the juniors of the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect were weak, but that the elite juniors of the other hemisphere of the sun had far too high standards.

The Xuanyuan Dragon Sect was only just one sect, while the celestial orderians controlled the entire other half of the sun. To keep the youths of the sect down, they had resorted to many underhanded tactics. It was one thing for male disciples to be beaten up and have their lifebound beasts killed, but it was worse for female disciples, who were endlessly teased, which would cause the sect’s disciples to be enraged as well.

Naturally, the other side had also suffered some setbacks, but someone of Long Wangyu’s status being killed was completely unprecedented. Transmission stones were sent flying all over the place, spreading word of his death across the entire mountain range. Tianming had chosen the perfect time to do it. With Apothecary Li and his fifteen million troops still not here, the enemy could only take this sitting down.

Soon, a large group of elites from the Skydragon peaks came to Long Wangyu’s side.

“Little Yu!”

A single look was enough to tell that he was no longer breathing. Instantly, a wave of powerful resentment burst forth from this group of people, causing the atmosphere around the Whitesource Peak to fall to a freezing low. All of the young disciples immediately sensed the threat and ducked behind their seniors.

Long Wangyu’s grandfather, the Voiddragon Emperor, led the group that just arrived. Even Long Wangyu’s father, Long Yuange, had come. They looked at the boy’s lifeless, kneeling body that still clutched his head with both hands with rage. Long Yuange hurriedly hugged his son, but there was no saving him. He howled with rage and immediately turned his bloodshot eyes toward Lingfeng, attacking without another word. Lingfeng, however, had moved behind the Saintdragon Emperor and the rest.

“Stop!” the Voiddragon Emperor yelled at Long Yuange. Despite his calm voice, he wasn’t able to hide his rage and killing intent. The other elites from the Veildragon Palace all had sour looks. “Saintdragon Emperor, someone from your sect killed my grandson in broad daylight! How do you think we should deal with it?”

The Voiddragon Emperor had many grandsons, but that didn’t make it okay to kill them. Killing juniors was a taboo. Even now, none of the youths from the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect had died because of these incidents.

“From my sect? Aren’t you part of the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect too?” the Saintdragon Emperor said.

“Stop with the sophistry. Hand him over. A life for a life, or else….” He pointed at Lingfeng, threateningly glaring at the Seven Dragon Imperials.

“Or else what? Are you going to declare war against us with your celestial orderian allies in the territory of the Myriad Solar Sects?” The Saintdragon Emperor smirked and continued, “Voiddragon Emperor, stop joking around. According to what you said before this, the young ones are just messing around. It’s the nature of hot-blooded youths like them to be rash, after all. It isn’t surprising at all that they agreed to a duel to the death. The other kids here can bear witness to the fact that the duel to the death was mutually agreed upon beforehand. Nobody’s at fault for the death of the loser apart from the loser themselves. They only have their incompetence to blame. Surely you can’t just brush it off when youths on our side lose, but throw a hissy fit when someone from your side loses, right?”

“That’s right. Voiddragon Emperor, you have many grandsons, so losing one isn’t a big deal. It’s just a hair off your scalp,” Long Wanying said. It was clear that their intention was to stand up for Lingfeng.

Long Longlong and many more immediately gave their testimonies.

“That’s right! Long Wangyu was the one who challenged Brother Feng to a duel to the death!”

“We heard it and recorded it as well! Do you want to hear it?”

“I also recorded it!”

They were using small formations that were capable of recording audio and video. It was something even a fossil like the Hexapath Sword God could use, let alone adaptable youngsters like them. There was hard evidence. Both the testimonies and the looks of Long Wangyu’s expressions gave the Voiddragon Emperor and the rest a hard time. Apothecary Li hadn’t come yet, so they couldn’t afford to start a fight! Thanks to that, Tianming had taken advantage of the opportunity to strike back and there was nothing they could say about it.

Saving three of the Dragon Imperials using Li Wushuang hadn’t been pointless. If they hadn’t done that, anything they did would be revenged upon the hostages, but now they were free to fight back. Naturally, part of the reason the Seven Dragon Imperials hadn’t stepped in was Tianming’s status as a Sky Palace disciple. But even though he wasn’t the one who killed Long Wangyu, there was still nothing the Veildragon Palace could do about it.

“Senior Voiddragon Emperor, why don’t you take Long Wangyu back instead of leaving his corpse out in the cold? Perhaps he’ll reincarnate faster if he’s buried while he’s still warm,” Tianming said.

“You!” That incited a furor across the enemy’s group.

“Don’t casually lump the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect together with the Veildragon Palace and the celestial orderians. No matter who it is, those that come to bully my brothers and sisters will end up like this.” Tianming wasn’t afraid of them in the slightest.

Even though many of them wanted to warn Tianming, the Voiddragon Emperor waved them to silence. He knew that this was something they would just have to swallow without being able to do anything about. “Just you wait,” was the only thing he said before he smirked, sweeping his gaze from Tianming to Lingfeng. It was clear what he meant—he had begun considering them to be dead men walking. Little did he know that Tianming’s personal safety was guaranteed thanks to the millions of Yin Chens constantly monitoring his surroundings.

“Very well! Since you dared to kill people outright, just you wait!”

“We’ll have tens of millions of you all from the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect buried alongside Brother Yu!”

“You were the ones who started the slaughter, so don’t blame us! If anyone dies, blame Li Tianming!”

The seniors and juniors of the Veildragon Palace and celestial orderians hatefully left. Now, they no longer called themselves part of the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect.

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