Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1489

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Chapter 1489: 1489

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Chapter 1489 – Meeting The Dreamless Celestial Emperor

Lingfeng’s plan was similar to the battle between Tianming and Li Shenjian. Tianming had succeeded. In a conflict involving honor—one that could arouse the interest of others as well as cause a sensation—the arrogant youths would have the opportunity to fight a one-on-one battle. However, the conflict between the two sides would definitely intensify. It was still uncertain whether or not they would have the opportunity to duel. And whether one lived or died would be even more unpredictable. This could very well be self-destructive, but Tianming couldn’t stop him because he himself had been guilty of such behavior.

In the Earthdragon peaks, the Azuredragon Emperor took the two of them into an abyss, deep into the ground. It was pitch black and they could barely see their fingers.

“My pill pile is just up ahead. My way of alchemy is different from the Tumulus Pill God’s conservative approach. I like to boldly experiment and combine different divine herbs to study their medicinal effects. After all these years, I’ve improved several formulations that’ll earn me a glorious reputation that’ll last throughout the ages. Of course, it’s all because the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect has the conditions for my experiments. A thousand years of experimenting has resulted in countless defective pills, some of which are completely ineffective, too potent, have strange effects, or even highly poisonous…. Anyway, this is where I left them. After all, the materials for these pills are precious. Even if they’re useless, discarding them would be a waste!”

The three soon arrived at an underground palace. There was a deep, covered well beside the Azuredragon Emperor. As he moved the well cover, he asked Lingfeng, “Are you sure? Don’t underestimate these pills. I wouldn’t want to poison and kill you.”

“I’ll give it a try,” Lingfeng said.

“You’re a brave lad!” the Azuredragon Emperor laughed.

The moment he removed the well cover, a unique fragrance emerged from the well. Tianming was assaulted by a combination of various scents. It wasn’t the enticing scent of a pill, but a sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, and salty smell—a mixture so pungent one might faint from just a whiff of it.

Tianming took three steps back. “If you didn’t call it your pill pile, I would’ve thought it was a septic tank!” Tianming pinched his nose.

“Nonsense! You can still smell a nice fragrance!” The Azuredragon Emperor scowled.

“That makes it worse….” Tianming rolled his eyes. Would it still be considered a pleasant scent if one were to smell perfume on top of the stench of feces? He couldn’t stand it any longer and directly shouted, “It’s worse than the Sworddragon Ocean Purgatory!” That was merely physical agony.

“You know nothing. Look at Feng, he isn’t affected by it at all,” the Azuredragon Emperor scoffed. He was sensitive when it came to his achievements in alchemy. Even if they were defective pills, he would still inflate their advantages.

But just as soon as he praised Lingfeng, the young man held his stomach and retched, his face twisting in a grimace. The Azuredragon Emperor’s expression darkened.

“I’m fine!” Straightening his body, Lingfeng pinched his nose.

“Are you sure you want them?” Tianming shivered.

“Yes, give them all to me,” Lingfeng said.


Tianming stood beside the open well and used his black arm to look inside. It was clearly a pill pile, yet it seemed like there was a group of demons within. All kinds of defective pills were thrown together, some of which were in liquid form. After accumulating for such a long time, there seemed to be the howling of ghosts and wolves besides the nauseating stench from the fermentation and fusion. It was like hell on earth! The colorful pill mist had actually turned into various ghosts that floated around.

Drawing a large amount of defective pills that had almost been scorched black from below, the Azuredragon Emperor threw them to Lingfeng. “Show me, then. If you can handle them, I’ll hand over my entire pill pile to you.”

“Yes!” With that, Lingfeng grabbed the pills and tossed them directly into his chest. His Primordial Gate spun faster as the pills were engulfed and visibly crushed in an instant and their odors were immediately swept away. Lingfeng’s face slightly contorted as black mist washed over him, but it soon faded away. Gritting his teeth, he raised his chin and said, “See? I’m fine!” His look of indignation resembled a child.

The Azuredragon Emperor circled Lingfeng as if he was looking at some monster, applauding. “Goodness! If I’d met you earlier, I wouldn’t have wasted so many divine herbs!”

“So you agree?” Lingfeng asked excitedly as he glanced at the ghosts in the well.

“Of course. The only reason I haven’t thrown these pills out is because I don’t want people to know that I’ve wasted so much. They’re all yours as long as you can handle it… on the condition that you don’t harm yourself,” He warned.

“I know.” Taking a deep breath, Lingfeng turned to look at Tianming and solemnly said, “Brother, I’m going down. Cover the well for me.”

“You’re going down? Can you handle it?” Tianming asked.

“Yes, I’ll just think of it as the Infernal Soul Barrier.” He rubbed his head and smiled.

The Infernal Soul Barrier was a nightmare, but he wasn’t afraid. The xenomemory space was an even more terrifying nightmare, yet he had left the place even stronger.

“Alright!” Tianming nodded.

Lingfeng said no more. Driven by impulse, he jumped down. He had asked Tianming to seal the well so there would be no turning back. The moment he entered the well, colorful smoke rose from below along with another burst of mixed odors.

Tianming sent a few of Yin Chen’s bodies down with Lingfeng. If any problems arose, he would immediately be able to discover them. Before the poor silver eggs could react, Tianming covered the well. In that instant, Yin Chen went mad. The pill pile that had been accumulating for a thousand years was its nightmare. It was desperate, even though only a small part of its body was exposed to the pills. It was impossible to get clean, no matter how many times it took a bath.

“Damn you… I hope… you die.…”

Before it finished speaking, a loud thud sounded and it was quiet once more.

“You’re all geniuses!” Sighing deeply, the Azuredragon Emperor looked at Tianming, then at the well cover.

Although it seemed like a happy scene, Tianming knew that Lingfeng’s heart was filled with killing intent.

Two days later, Tianming headed over after being summoned by the Saintdragon Emperor. The Azuredragon Emperor, Greendragon Emperor, and Violetdragon Empress were present as well.

“Tianming, the dreamless celestial emperor responded. He’s willing to meet with us alone. We’ll choose the place and you’ll come with us,” the Saintdragon Emperor solemnly said.


Shaking up the dreamless celestial emperor wouldn’t be easy; Tianming was prepared to sacrifice his eye and force a showdown.

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