Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1491

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Chapter 1491: 1491

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Chapter 1491 – The Place Of Eternal Life

Instead of responding to the Saintdragon Emperor when his laughter subsided, the dreamless celestial emperor glanced at Tianming and said, “Go back and tell her that although her fate line is broken and I won’t be able to find her for the moment, she won’t live long either.”

Fate line? Weisheng Moran never mentioned it.

“So? What’s your decision regarding the celestial orderians?” Tianming asked.

“A few days ago, the sun emperor and Torchdragon invited me to the Primodragon Cave, but I’m not interested,” he indifferently said.

“Don’t you want this?” Tianming pointed to his left eye. He was a ruthless man, so if the dreamless celestial emperor continued to avoid the important matters and dwell on the trivial, he might just gouge his eye out.

“Don’t worry, I didn’t say no. Since you have leverage, how about I bring a legion of ten million to congratulate the Ninemoon Goddess on her wedding day?” the dreamless celestial emperor said with a smile.

“Ten million?” The Saintdragon Emperor didn’t expect such decisiveness from the man. On the contrary, obtaining his support so easily was almost frustrating.

“What if you don’t do as promised?” Tianming asked.

“It’s simple. Can’t you just destroy your eye? You have something on me. Would I do nothing if you’re in danger that day?” he said.

Weisheng Moran was the one who imparted the value of the Azurespirit, but she was a dreamless celestial. Tianming couldn’t be certain if that was her real intention. There was too much uncertainty to the entire thing. Was the Azurespirit important? Perhaps Tianming only had one chance to verify that.

“That’s great. I’ll be waiting for you.” Taking a deep breath, Tianming continued, “You should know that my eye is nothing compared to the countless lives.”

“I’m surprised. What does the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect have to do with you? There’s no difference if you come to the Dreamless Celestial Nation, is there?” He smiled.

Tianming couldn’t be bothered answering him. On top of the protection and resources that the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect had provided him, Qingyu and Li Wudi’s involvement in the matter meant that he couldn’t stay out of it.

“Your Majesty, I hope to hear the news of your legion a few days before the wedding. You know the significance of the Primodragon Cave to us. This time, we’ll have to give it our all, even if it means sacrificing our lives. Once the war begins, the Myriad Solar Sects won’t be able to escape. Neither can the Dreamless Celestial Nation,” the Azuredragon Emperor said.

“I understand. You don’t have to be so long-winded. Haven’t I already promised you?” The dreamless celestial emperor said with a wave of his hand. This was the end of the matter. Since he had made a promise, he wouldn’t shed all pretenses of cordiality. He understood the Saintdragon Emperor’s thoughts.

“Tianming, protect my Azurespirit. Otherwise I can’t be sure if the Sky Palace will protect you.” He laughed, disappearing in the fiery mist.

His last words demonstrated how small the Sky Palace’s sense of presence was, which meant Tianming was in even greater danger each day that passed. Tianming turned to the Saintdragon Emperor. “That was a little too easy. Could he have a trick up his sleeve?” He had assumed there would be a fight.

“There’s nothing we can do. When the time comes, we’ll watch for movement from his legion, then decide what to do. We must reach out to other forces like the Empyrean Sword Sect and Divinemight Empire. We can pull them over to our side with the dreamless celestial emperor’s willingness to join us.” That was a good thing. The Saintdragon Emperor had managed to record the dreamless celestial emperor’s promise through a formation.

“There’s something off about him. He must be up to something.” The Greendragon Emperor frowned.

“We’ll study all possible motives when we return. Wanying is usually good at that,” said the Saintdragon Emperor.


With that, they made their way back.


More than three hundred thousand Yin Chens turned into three million cockroaches that entered the Dreamless Celestial Nation and migrated to Somnium City. They didn’t have to listen for important news, but at the very least, Tianming would like to know if ten million dreamless celestials began moving.

After returning to the Myriaddragon Mountains, Tianming headed to the pill pile to check on Lingfeng. As soon as he opened the well cover, the stench drifted out and a black man crawled out, looking like he had been digging for coal.

“Are you okay?” Tianming asked.

“Yes,” Lingfeng replied.

“That’s amazing”

They were still waiting for a response from the other sects. Meanwhile, the Veildragon Palace and celestial orderians were preparing for the wedding and had begun decorating the Myriaddragon Mountains. Upon learning that they wanted to hold the wedding in the Primodragon Cave, the people of the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect were furious. With each passing day, their anger deepened. As the wedding drew closer, the Myriaddragon Mountains resembled a bomb that could detonate at any moment.

In the ninth level of the Violetglory Pagoda, Tianming continued cultivating with the caelum imperius. The benefits could help Tianming advance several cultivation levels. The previous expansion of his Imperial Will was an exception. At the moment, he remained under the caelum imperius’ guidance, upgrading his Lifesbane Will and Prime Tower. They could stabilize his five astral discs.

Time quickly passed, and in the blink of an eye, there were only ten days left until the wedding. After a long period of cultivation, Tianming’s divine will had risen once more.

“Eighth-level Constellation! There’s a huge gap between the Constellation and Solar stages. Even a first-level solarian is extremely powerful. Will I be able to take on a solarian with my current strength, including the cyclic constellation and all of my totems?” Tianming looked forward to it.

Unsurprisingly, his cyclic constellation wasn’t effective in the wondersky realm. He didn’t have the time to schedule a duel with Ye Chen, so he found an old first-level solarian instead. Although the fight was challenging, he won.

Tianming left the wondersky realm, unaware that news of his victory had caused another sensation on the Violetglory Star. This time, they said that Ye Chen was uneasy.

“Another breakthrough?”

The seven dragon imperials and Yang Ce gathered. With just a glance, Long Wanying had noticed his progress.

“It’s just a minor breakthrough. It won’t change anything,” Tianming modestly said.

“It’s a miracle. If you were born five hundred years earlier, the sun emperor would be nothing.” Long Wanying’s beautiful eyes lit up.

“Aunt Ying, are the arrangements ready?” Tianming asked.


“Do you have good news?”

“You can say that. Because of the dreamless celestial emperor, many sects have agreed to join us. With the excuse of attending the wedding, they’ll send people to support us,” Long Wanying said.

However, whether or not they would really provide assistance remained uncertain. It all hinged upon the dreamless celestial emperor and Northdipper Swordsage. Even if an army was at their door, these people could withdraw at any moment, just like the battle on the Azurecloud Continent.

“At least we’re hopeful. I doubt we’ll have to fight alone.” Tianming sighed.

“This was only possible because of the dreamless celestial emperor’s support, and you’re the reason we have his support,” Long Wanying said.

It was great that he could be of help.

“By the way, we’re heading over to the Primodragon Cave. Will you join us?” Long Wanying asked.

“The Primodragon Cave?”

Tianming wanted to go, of course. That was the legendary place of eternal life!

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