Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1510

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Chapter 1510: 1510

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Chapter 1510 - Grand Contrakarmic Torchdragon

Thanks to his festering hate, Long Renshe attacked without saying a single word. Ninety million people instantly turned their eyes to them. The sudden change had also attracted looks from the troops of the alliance who were watching from the periphery. Those who were further behind could only count on those in front to report what was happening. Even as the two armies got closer to each other, the reinforcements hadn’t budged from where they stood. They were merely observing from the sidelines, much to the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect's peril. Fortunately, the Ninedragon Army had been prepared to fight a losing battle from the very beginning and placed their fighting spirit in their hopes for Lingfeng, seeing him as a representative for themselves.

"Kill him!"


Those impassioned cries slammed into Lingfeng's back, transferring all of the frustration and resentment into him and causing his gaze to turn colder. Even the Soulfiend seemed agitated as it slammed its gigantic fists into its chest and opened its mouths wide like a raging simian beast. Even when faced with so many furious celestial orderians, it didn't look the least bit fearful, let alone now that it was facing Long Renshe alone.

The Soulfiend's relationship with Lingfeng was closer to being parasitic. It could only survive by devouring his astralforce, only being as powerful as he was at any moment. Though it wasn't a lifebound beast, per se, nobody would demand for it to leave the battle at a time like this.

Long Renshe had five lifebound beasts anyway, so it was six against two in total. Long Renshe didn't look down on his enemy either. He knew that Lingfeng must have had some trick up his sleeves for him to dare to challenge him, so he immediately unleashed all five of his dragons. They loudly roared as they emerged from his lifebound space, all of them two kilometers long. They had also enjoyed unlimited access to universal manna, as the celestial orderians had no need for it. Long Renshe was the fourth person to have all his lifebound beasts evolved to seven-star divine beasts, with the other three being their three Dragon Imperials; Long Renshe was the only one among those under a hundred years old to have such evolved beasts.

Even though the dragons hadn't fully matured to their prime, they carried the most sacred bloodline of the Veildragon Palace. Many dragons among the Ninedragon Army felt the pressure radiating from them. The five dragons were black and crimson, looking both beautiful and domineering, like roses. In contrast to other dragons, they had three pairs of fleshy wings sprouting from their backs as well as a pair of deer-like antlers that seemed to spread into ninety-nine spikes that grew slanted forward, contrary to the normal back-sweeping horns of dragons, which was why that was called Contradragon Talent.

In terms of physical characteristics, the five dragons were much broader than normal dragons, sporting tough bodies and razor-sharp fangs and talons. Even their tails looked like spears and their wings seemed like they could cut through anything; their entire bodies looked like weapons. They were natural killing machines whose bloodlines had inherited the most savage parts of the dragon of origin.

They were known as grand contrakarmic dragons, and Long Renshe, having inherited this trait, was lauded and respected from a young age. The third eye on his forehead was proof of his status. Usually it looked just like a normal red eye, but the moment his dragons were out on the battlefield, it blinked and completely changed. Brilliant, seething light came bursting out of the eye as a blackish red substance inside it morphed into two dragons that swam inside it like yin-yang fish.

Following that, his body began changing. Black and red scales surfaced from his skin and formed a layer of armor. His body also seemed to enlarge like that of a specter's, making him three meters tall with a slight bestial hunch. Not only that, contrahorns like those of his dragons sprouted from his now-draconian head, enhancing both his offensive and defensive abilities. He also sprouted three pairs of wings and a whip-like tail, making him resemble his dragons even more.

One look and it was clear why his reputation outstripped even Li Shenjian's—he was a proper solarian, someone who lived for nothing but slaughter and fighting! Everyone's gazes turned to him as he allowed his talent to manifest.

Naturally, his talent wasn't just limited to enhancing his ability during combat. His third eye could also unleash a similar effect to the wargodeans' eight-ear talent, which greatly enhanced their senses. Similarly, Long Renshe's third eye could instantly analyze an enemy's movement and velocity, not letting slip the slightest detail or grain of dust, making it even better than the wargodeans' talent. Owing to the multifaceted benefits, Long Renshe enjoyed the reputation he had today. At the very least, even many seniors among the celestial orderians and Veildragon Palace envied his future potential, as well as his union with Qingyu.

Dust and fire rampaged across the battlefield. The dragon roars from the Ninedragon Army alone were able to intimidate the grand contrakarmic torchdragons enough that they didn't fight at full ferocity. Even so, it only took an instant for them to close the distance. The moment their weapons clashed marked the start of the death duel fought over love and dignity!

Though Lingfeng's Evil Suppression Pillar wasn’t well known at all, Long Renshe's blood-red spear was quite famous. It looked similar to the Dragonblood Desecration, having been created as a replacement for the lost divine artifact to begin with. It was a grade-seven divine artifact called the Bloodleech Voidriver. It had a long history, much like the Dragonblood Desecration, but lacked the same legitimacy. Even so, the fact that the point of the spear looked like a water leech showed that it had a bloodsucking ability that wasn't inferior to that of the Dragonblood Desecration. It was a perfect match for Long Renshe.

Seeing the weapon gave the onlookers on his side a confidence boost. Now they watched the duel as they would an entertaining performance. Comparatively, Lingfeng's staff had nothing but its toughness to go for it. He was at a complete loss when it came to a dazzling showing.

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