Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1515

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Chapter 1515: 1515

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Chapter 1515 - Outbreak of War

Given the sun emperor's status, it wasn't surprising that his transmission stone was so eye-catching. Lingfeng had ruined the marriage ceremony he’d planned, so what would happen next would depend on him. His temperament would decide the fate of all of Orderia! When the golden transmission stone let out a piercing bright golden light, the fifty million celestial orderians instantly knelt, causing a tremor on the ground. Those of the Veildragon Palace reacted slower, but also quickly followed suit. Even though they had qualms about the Ninemoon Goddess, they would never dare to have anything to say about the sun emperor.

"All hail His Solar Majesty!" the sixty million troops yelled, creating soundwaves so loud that they could shatter eardrums. If the sun emperor had his own version of Tianming’s Omnisentient Will, it would probably be incomparably strong. After all, every one of them here were gods, and he was the god of gods! The fifty million celestial orderians' cheers and devotional feelings once more caused the temperature to rise to a boiling point.

When the chatter settled, all that remained to be heard was the uniform heartbeats of all those troops. It sounded like millions of beasts stampeding across the ground. Gradually, the light formed into a golden figure; the sun emperor's projection was there for all to see. He glared at the Ninedragon Army and the Primodragon Cave behind them and emitted flames from his eyes. His aura could clearly be felt through the transmission stone, his rage apparent. The celestial orderians' killing intent rose in tandem.

Then, the projection let out a loud, low-pitched roar. "The Xuanyuan Dragon Sect's Whitedragon Empress and Yang Ce killed my sister, Li Wushuang, at Dragonbound Valley."

Those words shook the entire place. Chatter began festering among the ranks of the Ninedragon Army. On the other side, they were shocked to hear the news and immediately let their rage boil. Many cultivators' expressions were already contorted. The death of Li Wushuang was completely different from that of Long Renshe. Tianming and a few others already knew about it, but most of the Ninedragon Army didn't.

Any sane person would know that no matter whether it was true or not, it would be assumed to be as such, much like the allegations of Long Junxuan having violated Li Wushuang from so long ago. Anything the sun emperor said would be taken as the sole truth by the celestial orderians! It seemed that an attack from them was already unavoidable. The only difference from back then was that Li Wushuang could still come out in public after the alleged violation, whereas she would no longer be able to show her face from now on if her death had been faked, so there was a good chance this was real after all. It also lined up with what they knew about Yang Ce and Long Wanying going to save the youngsters at Dragonbound Valley.

The flames of war between both sides flared even more, far more than what had been caused by the incident with Long Junxuan, and it was still rising. Many celestial orderians were about to explode from rage. It was supposed to be a simple mission of forcing the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect away from the Primodragon Cave. But now, not only had the wedding been ruined, but now Li Wushuang was also dead. This alone was reason enough to start a war. No other justification was needed.

The sun emperor turned to look at the Torchdragon Emperor and the other two. "Torchdragon Emperor, were you the one who sent people to kill Wushuang during such a joyous occasion?"

"Your Solar Majesty!" The Torchdragon Emperor knelt in a panic. "That is definitely not the case! I’d never do something like that right as our two peoples were about to be united! The Saintdragon Emperor must’ve done something so rash to threaten the peace because of his stubbornness! I represent the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect when I say that we’ll avenge Lady Wushuang by ridding our sect of this festering tumor!"

He was rather capable, still being able to put up an act despite the recent death of his son. He would use the upcoming war to get rid of dissidents in his sect, framing it as a just cause rather than an unreasonable assault on the sect by celestial orderians.

"Very well. The celestial orderians shall lend you a hand." The golden figure raised his hand and pointed at the Ninedragon Army. Then he said with his booming voice, "Heed my orders, celestial orderians! Wipe out the traitorous Saintdragon Emperor and anybody that tries to stop us!"

No matter how many people thought the justification was nonsense, the sun emperor's just and boundless aura trumped everything else, making him look like the good guy for invading. To the seventy million troops from the Myriad Solar Sects, those words were meaningless nonsense. They had come to help the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect, only for them to kill Li Wushuang and actually escalate the situation even more. Word of the troubles they had at their borders made it even worse.

"Why would they kill Li Wushuang? Isn't that just idiotic? Now, every advantage gained thanks to Feng's actions will go to waste."

"They didn't have any other choice. I got word that the young disciples of the sect were hiding at the Dragonbound Valley. It's clear that Li Wushuang went to wipe them out."

"Then this is troublesome. Do we help out?"

"Who knows what's going on in the dreamless celestial emperor's mind?"

Confusion spread among the alliance's army as the hate felt by the sixty million troops that mainly consisted of celestial orderians peaked. They had never suffered a true loss before, yet now they’d lost Li Wushuang. People no longer cared about the truth and wanted to fight more than anything else.

Totems and lifebound beasts appeared amongst their ranks. The ten million troops from the Veildragon Guard summoned their dragons. Beside them, fifty million totemancers manifested their totems, filling the sea of fire around them to the brim. The only peaceful part of the battlefield was where Qingyu and Lingfeng were. There were a thousand from the Sunscorch Guard there along with Li Yunxi. The army behind them circled around them before charging toward the Ninedragon Army.

War had broken out. Things had already been set in stone. Tianming watched as countless fierce enemies charged their way, filled with fighting spirit. None of them feared death thanks to the sun emperor's presence.

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