Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1521

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Chapter 1521: Chapter 1521 - Counterattack!

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Chapter 1521 - Counterattack!

At the border between the Myriaddragon Mountains and Primodragon Cave, the battle had reached a fever pitch. The Ninedragon Army’s fierce resistance at the start had startled the celestial orderians, and they had managed to force both sides to suffer an equal number of casualties.

However, as time passed, the celestial orderians got their game together and began leveraging their numbers advantage. The Ninedragon Army hadn’t collapsed yet, but once they did, the battle world end.

The celestial orderians had surrounded the Ninedragon Army on three sides, and it seemed it wouldn’t be long until the Ninedragon Army collapsed. Blood, corpses, shrill cries, and enraged shouts filled the battlefield. Though they had held the initiative in the beginning, the Ninedragon Army was now continuously forced to retreat, a sign of how significant their numerical inferiority was.

Although they hadn’t fallen into despair yet, many of the Ninedragon Army soldiers were aware that defeat was inevitable. The only difference they could make was how many enemies they dragged down with them.

“Don’t give up, every extra one we kill is profit!”

“Don’t give up just yet brothers!”

“The Saintdragon Emperor hasn’t given up yet. Who dares to give up before him?”

In such a situation, they would never mentally collapse as long as their spiritual support still stood. They witnessed an old man besieged by several experts. He was still massacring those around him, and not even the Torchdragon Emperor could stop him! Beneath his feet, celestial orderians corpses had already piled up into a mountain.

“Saintdragon Emperor!” Passionate cheers swept through the battlefield, all of them proclamations of the Ninedragon Army’s undying fighting spirit. However, their fighting spirit was tainted by much tragedy.

The seventy million spectators had already determined that even if the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect wasn’t fully wiped out after this battle, they would receive such heavy casualties that they would never recover. Once the Saintdragon Emperor died, the remaining people would have to become the servants of the celestial orderians, just like the Veildragon Palace.

The most glorious sect in the Myriad Solar Sects’ history would end like this and become a puppet, or even a new lapdog.

Smog covered the Myriaddragon Mountains. The celestial orderians started going even crazier in their assault. They began sneering coldly, as their victory was in sight.


“No matter how brave or how much hidden power a clan has, isn’t their eventual fate to be stomped on by us celestial orderians?”

“Might makes right in nova source worlds. The weak should bow their heads and kneel to the supreme races!”

The totems of the celestial orderians seemed to shine even more brightly.

It was at that moment that the Primodragon Cave behind the Ninedragon Army noisily rumbled.

At first, no one took note. The Ninedragon Army was busy with their backs against the wall. And now, their backs were against the Primodragon Cave.

The cave loudly shook again, as if a giant beast was crawling out. The latest tremor finally shook the entire battlefield as a frightening, fury-filled pressure radiated out from the cave. The cave seemed like a giant maw letting loose a roar that shook the whole battlefield.

“What?” Everyone turned there.

That was just a spot to bury the previous generations. What could have changed? They all watched as a white-haired youth holding a sword flew out.

“Li Tianming?”

Excitement began flaring up in many. Taking out Tianming would be a large merit. Just as derisive expressions appeared on their faces, the projection of a giant appeared around Tianming’s body. It was a giant tens of thousands of meters tall, and he was in the area corresponding to its heart.

There was much more nova source outside the cave, and it all quickly gathered into countless streams that flowed into the giant’s body. Quickly, the giant became constructed of nova source. Its arms and legs turned into dragons as it took on the appearance of the Ninedragon Emperor!

Still, they could see Tianming in its heart. He was the core of the gathered power, and the giant couldn’t have gathered it without him. The giant surpassed all the totems and lifebound beasts present in size and instantly became the focus of the battlefield.

“Ninedragon Emperor!” Passionate shouts erupted from the Ninedragon Army and every member of the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect. Anyone of their blood would sense the resonance right now and feel proud of it… except for the Veildragon Palace. They had been used as cannon fodder and suffered heavy losses! Seeing this change Tianming had brought made their expressions turn unpleasant.

However, there was no way they could have expected that it wouldn’t stop here.

Tianming’s five lifebound beasts rushed out of the cave as well. Just like him, they acted as ‘hearts’ for the dragonsouls of origin, gathering an endless amount of nova source and forming five dragons tens of thousands of meters long.

Lan Huang and Yin Chen, who had turned into a centipede, had harmonized the best with their dragonsouls. Yin Chen’s metal body had turned its dragonsoul of origin into a metal dragon.

Still, no one thought that this change could really influence the battlefield.... At least, not until a hundred thousand Dragon Imperials and their several hundred thousand dragon lifebound beasts followed Tianming out of the cave!

At first, even many of the Ninedragon Army didn’t know who these interlopers were. Not many had had a chance to enter the Primodragon Cave, after all. But there were those in the know, like the current Dragon Imperials.

In the center of the battlefield, the Saintdragon Emperor, who had lost one arm, turned around and looked at Tianming leading the hundred thousand Dragon Imperials out. He immediately teared up and shouted, “I respectfully greet the ancestors!”

The Torchdragon Emperor staggered backward in disbelief, while the Saintdragon Emperor fell to his knees and bowed down.

“Ancestors?” The Ninedragon Army knew that only Dragon Imperials were qualified to be interred in the Primodragon Cave. Supposedly, their bodies had been maintained in perfect condition through the passage of years. And there was also the legend of the Primodragon Cave having the secret of immortality….

All of this information explosively combined together, driving the army crazy as they looked at the Dragon Imperials with fiery eyes.

“Kill!!” an ear-splitting command rang out from the giant. The Dragon Imperials and Ninedragon Army were of one heart as they advanced forward with the Dragon Imperials as the vanguard.

The command sounded like an echo of Tianming’s voice. When he waved his sword, a giant sword formed from nova source appeared in the giant’s left hand, mimicking him in his movements. The massive sword, ten thousand meters in length, swept through the air with unstoppable momentum. The area was jam-packed with totems, which were mostly unable to dodge.

Countless totems shattered in the sword’s wake, making the celestial orderians' expressions change for the first time.

“So strong!”

The giant wasn’t just strong, it was agile too! It charged into the celestial orderians, leaving a storm of blood in its wake. Tianming’s lifebound beasts were terrifying as well as they attacked the celestial orderians too with unstoppable force.

“This is the Ninedragon Emperor!”

It was clear that this wasn’t Tianming’s power. The Ninedragon Emperor was much scarier than a Li Tianming, and was someone who had truly scared the celestial orderians.

But this was just the start. It was only when the Dragon Imperials and their lifebound beasts joined the battlefield could these elite troops be considered truly routed. Unlike Tianming, these were true flesh and blood bodies. Also, already being dead, they had no fear of death! Even though most of them didn’t have the power of a Dragon Imperial at their peak, an army fearless of death and relentless—even if they were reduced to just a head—was too scary.

The celestial orderians weren’t crazy enough to fight to the death with corpses.

While Tianming slaughtered totems, the Dragon Imperials carved a path of blood. Their actions galvanized the Ninedragon Army.

“Kill!” With the ancestors leading the way, their fighting spirit had reached the maximum. Their comrades’ corpses and that unresolvable blood feud spurred them to advance and slaughter.

Tianming’s giant stood at the vanguard. Corpses were left everywhere the giant sword passed! It was especially so when he reached the Veildragon Palace and their dragon lifebound beasts were split in twain. Corpses rained down from the sky and totems were shattered. It was a one-sided slaughter!

Their losses had already been heavy from the start. And now, the Ninedragon Army hadn’t collapsed, but they had! Their current situation was a nightmare for their wavering morale. The celestial orderians were being pushed back!

“How is this possible…?” This was the strangest event in their lives. How could those dead for millions of years come back?

They didn’t have time to wonder, because Tianming and the rest counterattacked with horrifying speed.

The celestial orderians finally realized something: even when they were disadvantaged, the Ninedragon Army could still unflinchingly resist. But now that they had the advantage, they were like crazed demons that could smash apart everything in their way!

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