Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1522

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Chapter 1522: Chapter 1522 - Super Cavalry of a Hundred Thousand

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Chapter 1522 - Super Cavalry of a Hundred Thousand

The quaking of the earth intensified, and the bloodsoaked ground directly cracked open, the soil and rocks pulverized to dust by the barrage of attacks.

Tianming continued his cold and detached massacre, his nova source sword drawing blood with every swing. The hundred thousand Dragon Imperials behind him were even more cold and detached than him. Their aged faces had begun to age and rot after leaving the Primodragon Cave, but the fire in their eyes hadn’t dimmed.

Every Dragon Imperial and their lifebound beasts were expending all their power to kill celestial orderians and Veildragon Palace members. Many Veildragon Guards were directly executed on the spot by their ancestors. Their mighty fists and palms would utterly destroy the bodies of the unfilial descendants they came into contact with. They picked up weapons lying around the battlefield and unleashed ancient battle techniques from millions of years ago, combining them with their lifebound beasts’ abilities.


“Ancestors, ancestors!”

The Veildragon Guards suffered a mental blow and countless warriors’ minds broke. Even after having been brainwashed by serving the celestial orderians for so many years, it was still heartbreaking for their real ancestors to appear in front of them and kill them without batting an eyelid.

“Disloyal, unfilial, immoral. A traitor to your dragon blood. Penalty, death!” Ancient roars were mechanically shouted by the Dragon Imperials one after another, but it was the final blow for the Veildragon Guards.

Honestly, the blood the Ninedragon Army had shed today had already shaken the hearts of those from the Veildragon Palace. Now it was their turn for their blood to be shed, their heads to leave their bodies, and their bodies to be broken.

“We were wrong. We were wrong!”

“Ancestors, we were wrong…!”

Either due to their fear or the rejection from their bloodline, the Veildragon Palace members prostrated themselves before the Dragon Imperials, giving up all resistance as hot tears flowed down their faces. The vanguard, Veildragon Palace, had completely collapsed.

They realized that after giving up resistance, the Dragon Imperials crossed over them and moved on to the celestial orderians. They had temporarily been let off.

“Kneel down for now!”

Thus, the Veildragon Palace completely knelt down, some out of true regret, some out of a sense of preservation. That allowed the Dragon Imperials and Ninedragon Army to be unimpeded as they became a sharp blade that stabbed into the celestial orderians’s flank.

It was now the celestial orderians' turn to suffer heavy casualties. It didn’t matter how strong their totems were; in a frontal charge, dragon beastmasters reigned supreme as cavalry. Strong ‘infantry’ like totemancers couldn’t block their charge. Tianming continued acting as the vanguard, using his nova source sword to rend apart celestial orderians.

The Dragon Imperials couldn’t go at it forever. They couldn’t recover any astralforce and could only rely on what was already in their body. When it ran out, they would collapse and it was impossible to return them to Primodragon Cave again. It would be a true death by complete exhaustion!

But that was why they were frightening. They didn’t have the concept of death and were completely focused on using the remaining power in their bodies on the invaders.

A torrent of dragons acted as a super cavalry of a hundred thousand that opened a path of blood for the Ninedragon Army to follow them through!

The celestial orderians’ casualties mounted. They who had once been undefeated finally experienced the taste of defeat, just like Li Haochen and Li Shenjian. It was proof that the strength of a top clan’s heart couldn’t be seen from how things were when everything was smooth. The celestial orderians were so strong that they didn’t have opponents. They had never tasted defeat, so defeat would be the truest test of their fighting spirit.

Unfortunately, this celestial orderian grand army that had made the Myriad Solar Sects scared shitless didn’t get a passing grade. As soon as they suffered a setback, their performance was lacking and chaos appeared in their ranks. Before this, the celestial orderians had reigned over the sun with a standing army of three hundred million, ten times bigger than the Ninedragon Army. However, the Ninedragon Army had proved that they were still the number one army of Orderia!

Even more frustrating for the celestial orderians was that many cultivators of the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect, but not from their army, had been harassing them. There were a billion dragon beastmasters ranging from ascendants to constelliers. Their individual strengths weren’t high, but there were many of them, since this was the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect’s territory, where everyone belonged to them.

Before, there had been one or two hundred million harassers. These dragon beastmasters were weak and had more or less come to die. But after the Ninedragon Emperor’s projection and Dragon Imperials had appeared, they had become even crazier than the Ninedragon Army.

“Kill them all!”

A billion dragon beastmasters streamed out of the mountains, forests, lakes and seas. Riding their dragons, they appeared behind the celestial orderians, forming a pincer movement with the Ninedragon Army. They were individually weak, but they outnumbered the celestial orderians by over a dozen times. They were also going for the celestial orderians’ rear, their escape route.

The celestial orderians immediately fell into their most pathetic moment yet.


“Xuanyuan hasn’t died, and our legacy continues!”

“Kill these fucking celestial orderians and traitors from the Veildragon Palace!”

“All of them will be buried here today, so the celestial orderians will never dare take one step into our sect!”

“The Ninedragon Emperor may be dead, but our clan can still make your celestial orderians despair. You invaders will pay the price in blood and we’ll be your eternal nightmare!”

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