Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1532

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Chapter 1532: 1532

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Chapter 1532 - War Machine

A huge commotion began building up. The divine astralship looked far too domineering and magnificent. It resembled a gigantic head with a head of blonde hair, each strand looking as thick as a gigantic dragon. The gate of the Divine Sun Palace seemed like a large mouth, while two suns burned brightly in the place where the eyes would be.

"Sun Emperor!" Some chanted his title with awe, others with fear or hatred. The limelight shone wherever he went. Even as the billion plus people at the Myriaddragon Mountains gripped the formation spirit threads, they still felt nervous to the bone. Most of those there had had their sects at home activate their defensive formations. Yet there was no saying how far the celestial orderians would go in their counterattack, hence their worry. Either way, as long as the Divine Sun Palace was here, they would be trapped here. It was a real divine astralship, a machine fully capable of turning the tides of war. The ship itself was more terrifying than the sun emperor.

"It has finally come to this!"

"I said it long ago. Given the temper of these celestial orderians and their empire, they would never take a defeat by the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect lying down."

"The Ninedragon Emperor has already dissipated and the bodies of the hundred thousand Dragon Imperials are expended. What other miracles does the sect have?"

"At least they have the dragonsprings now. We can at least count on the Aeonic Infinidragon Formation. Hopefully it can defend against the Divine Sun Palace's bombardment!"

The Saintdragon Emperor's face darkened as the discussion went on. He guided the billion plus people as they channeled their astralforce in preparation to match the sheer power of the two miniaturized nova sources. Eventually, the Divine Sun Palace's 'mouth' opened up. A golden-haired man walked out and stood in the air, looking down at everyone else like a divine being from on high. From there, he could see countless corpses of the warriors of his race. Their totems had been exterminated as they were slaughtered. Eventually, the very last soldier who refused to surrender was killed. Apart from a minority of the Sunscorch Guard, all fifty million troops had been killed!

"Your Solar Majesty!" Li Yunxi was completely disheveled. She went to the Divine Sun Palace with the other survivors. All of them knelt with a grave look on their faces. "The Primodragon Cave changed all of a sudden. A hundred thousand Dragon Imperials of the past came out to fight, completely changing the tides...." She found it difficult to even report what she had seen, pausing to think back on whether what she saw really wasn't just a figment of her imagination. Something like that was completely without precedent and had resulted in so many casualties.

"Where's Qingyu?" the sun emperor asked, his scalding eyes betraying not the slightest bit of emotion.

Li Yunxi didn't dare to approach him at all in fear of being incinerated by the flames that surrounded his body. Prostrating herself flat on the ground, she said, "She was captured...." She had a feeling that she would be killed by the sun emperor for her mistake. After all, Li Shenjian had been killed by Li Wushuang merely for losing to Tianming. These sovereign siblings were impossible to predict.

"I see. Move aside," he said.

Li Yunxi was shocked stiff. Those words meant that she would live, for now. She hurriedly made way, forcing her stiff body to move. Right after that, she felt a heatwave coming from behind her. Looking back, she saw a terrifying power gathering inside the mouth of the palace. While the sun emperor seemed calm on the surface, the fact that he was using the palace to attack right off the bat was a clear sign of his rage. Such a condensed nova source was far more powerful than the nova source giant Tianming had used by channeling the dragonsoul of origin. After all, the latter was limited by Tianming's own physical capabilities, while the power of a divine astralship wasn't.

It didn't take long before a beam of blinding light shot out from the palace toward the formation. The strongest wave of energy in the war so far had been unleashed. The formation, despite being supported by the combined force of more than a billion people, began to shake and rumble. Yet that was only the start of things to come. The mouth of the palace seemed to be gathering even more power. Eventually, the entire 'head' turned into a miniature sun, first by swallowing up the two miniature nova sources within it to gather even more power. The energies involved caused the entire Myriaddragon Continent to shake. Countless bottomless crevices split the land as mountains and cities gave way.

"The Divine Sun Palace is far too terrifying...."

"Did you only just find out? If it weren’t for the ship, the Myriad Solar Sects wouldn't be pushed into a corner! As long as it exists, factions that don't enjoy the protection offered by grade-eight formations can't even be considered sects! How many of them are there? Only five!"

The celestial orderians could easily crush the other sects with their Divine Sun Palace without breaking a sweat. Some began regretting when the sun emperor made his appearance.

"Let's be real. If it weren’t for the unpredictable Primodragon Cave, the celestial orderians wouldn't even have suffered many casualties. I think the others here were celebrating a little too soon."

"With the sun emperor and his palace here, we're back to square one."

"There's still countless hundreds of millions of celestial orderians coming from the other hemisphere of the sun...."

The might of the Divine Sun Palace was far too shocking. Tianming didn't even know what to make of it. "So this is the power of a divine astralship! It's beyond human imagination!" If he had his own miniaturized nova source to use with the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb, his power would greatly expand. He could probably eliminate an army of twenty million, assuming they didn't have divine formations guarding them. Fortunately, ships like these were few and far between. Yet here, the celestial orderians had dominated the sun for countless centuries thanks to their divine astralship. That was why it was so valued by friend and foe alike.

Eventually, the sun emperor finally spoke, his voice echoing through the Aeonic Infinidragon Formation. "I hereby announce that anyone on the sun that kills my people will not escape annihilation." The announcement didn't come with the usual pathetic justifications. The Xuanyuan Dragon Sect's stubborn resistance had removed all notion of conquering the Myriad Solar Sects by means of subterfuge from the sun emperor’s mind; instead, he would simply opt for brute force.

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