Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1536

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Chapter 1536: 1536

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Chapter 1536 - Soar Into The Cosmos

Li Wudi's original plan was for Tianming and the others to guard the Solar Wheel by relying on the grade-eight divine formation and temporarily remove the threat of the Divine Sun Palace. However, the celestial orderians had an army that was hundreds of millions strong; there was a possibility they would break through the formation and take it back. As the sun emperor said, as long as the dragonsprings remained on the sun, he wasn’t worried about acquiring them. It wasn’t safe to leave them here.

Tianming was about to leave. If he took away the Solar Wheel, wouldn’t he be doing the Myriad Solar Sects a favor by permanently removing the threat of the Divine Sun Palace? The Divine Sun Palace wouldn’t be able to fly or catch up to the Imperial Ninedragon Tomb. If it were possible, all Tianming had to do was toss the Solar Wheel into a distant part of the cosmos.

"Are you sure?" A look of surprise crossed the kunpeng's face.

"I’m certain!" Tianming replied.

"Take Qingyu and leave this place. Don’t ever come back," the kunpeng said.

That was what it wanted, what Li Wudi wanted. Taking away the Solar Wheel would be the greatest contribution because it wasn’t safe, even if it was hidden in the Primodragon Cave. As long as all the dragonsprings remained on Orderia, there was a chance the sun emperor would get his hands on them.

"The Imperial Ninedragon Tomb will be here soon. Is there a way you and Godfather can escape with me?" Tianming asked.

"Yes!" Qingyu tearfully held her hands together with bated breath.

However, the blood-red kunpeng laughed miserably. "How naive of you. We might look powerful, but we’ll perish the moment we leave his side."

Upon hearing its words, Tianming and Qingyu fell into a deep well of despair. Despite the heartache in the kunpeng’s eyes, there was also joy. Because of the Imperial Ninedragon Tomb, the act of stealing the Solar Wheel had even greater significance.

However, the kunpeng wasn’t given the chance to say another word as the sun emperor wrapped his hands around Li Wudi’s neck. With his enlarged physique, strangling Li Wudi was no different from choking a baby. Then he charged toward the blood-red kunpeng.

"Go!!" With a loud roar, the kunpeng flew out of the formation and shot toward the sun emperor.

A sinking feeling welled up within Tianming and Qingyu, who had been left behind. Why would they die if they left the sun emperor’s side? The kunpeng didn’t explain. The secret of the experiment remained a mystery.

"Go!" The resolute word reverberated in their ears.

"Tianming, go now," the Saintdragon Emperor and others urged. For the Myriad Solar Sects, the most important thing was to shut down the Divine Sun Palace. Only then would their strength be equal to the celestial orderians and the Myriad Solar Sects would stand united with greater confidence. After all, they had hundreds of millions of top beastmasters!

In the sky, the blood-red kunpeng slammed into the sun emperor’s totems. At the same time, the bloody man broke free as he endured the pain of his body being torn apart and continued fighting the sun emperor. In that instant, Tianming met his gaze. His bloodsoaked face was solemn and fierce, but there was only one word in his eyes: go! It wasn’t negotiable.

More importantly, the Imperial Ninedragon Tomb had arrived. It was impossible for Tianming to use it as a divine artifact. In fact, he was a novice among novices. Because he couldn’t control it with ease, he had no way of delaying the Imperial Ninedragon Tomb. The huge astralship appeared out of nowhere, collided with the formation, and flattened several mountains.

"The Imperial Ninedragon Tomb is a divine astralship and it still functions?"

The deafening noise swept across the entire battlefield. Everyone was stupefied, their expressions stiff.

"Go! Go!" Tianming seemed to hear the omnipresent voices. The departed spirits of the Ninedragon Army were urging him to relieve the threat that was the Divine Sun Palace. Stay, and disaster would surely occur. Leave, and they wouldn’t have to suffer in the future.

Rivers of blood flowed on the battlefield. In order to protect his children, the man above was battered and bruised from the sun emperor’s fury. "Go!" he roared. Tianming would never forget the look in his eyes at this moment—resolute, angry, and full of fatherly love.

In fact, Tianming had no way out because the Imperial Ninedragon Tomb had crashed outside the Aeonic Infinidragon Formation. Even ordinary people could tell that it was a divine astralship, much less the sun emperor. At that moment, his eyes burned like flames, rage and shock crossing his face. In that instant, he ignored Li Wudi and rushed toward the tomb. Within several steps, the bloodstained man stood in his way once more. Although his expression was stiff and dull, his gaze was fierce and unyielding.

"I told you, you can torture me, but don't touch my children," he said.

"You’re merely a clone. What gives you the right to speak?" The sun emperor went for the kill.

After a period of time, a ten-thousand-meter long totem shot out from between the sun emperor’s eyebrows. Like a judge over all living beings, it was an eternal god with a pair of swords in its hands.

"He’s a nonabane!"

That was a stifling turn of events. He was already a nonabane! It was no wonder he was so powerful and could be considered the strongest sovereign in the past thousand millennia. It turned out he had awakened his ninth bane-ring! This was the first time he had displayed the might of a nonabane sovereign. The ninth totem was more terrifying than the other eight. With its creation, the sun emperor had become an even more unfathomable existence.

"Get out!" The sea of fire engulfed man and bird.

Meanwhile, Tianming was witnessing everything. “Godfather, when I’ve removed the Solar Wheel, I’ll definitely return!" Tianming knew that Li Wudi was trying his best to buy himself some time and he would be a fool to waste his efforts. His mind was extremely clear, because he knew the responsibilities he shouldered.

"Let’s go."

Tianming, Feiling, Lingfeng, and Qingyu shouted for Xiaoxiao, who had been collecting caeli with the Archaionfiend. With the Saintdragon Emperor as their escort, they tumbled into the tomb, which was immediately sealed off.

"Can you fly this thing?!" Ying Huo nervously asked.

"Of course!" As Tianming beat the war drum, the tomb rose into the sky. Like a dragon, it left the surface of the sun, slammed into the blazing clouds, and shot toward the starry sky. At the last moment, Tianming turned around, his gaze landing on the bloody, corpse-littered battlefield. He watched the man grab onto the sun emperor’s body, refusing to let go. Even if he was beaten into pulp, he wouldn’t let go because he knew he wouldn’t die.

"Godfather, one day, I'll bring you wine."

"Sure thing!"

Tears spilled from Tianming's eyes.

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