Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1551

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Chapter 1551: 1551

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Chapter 1551 - Ji Lingxian

Everyone's eyes glistened with reflections of the colorful lights. This was the moment of truth. There was no point in fighting each other or standing closer to the lake. The primalwings themselves made their choices without any influence from those factors. It felt fair. Everyone there had an equal chance to be one of the lucky ones, or so it seemed. In actuality, the primalwings that emerged from the Kunlan Realm usually favored the talented or affluent. Even if someone from a normal background obtained primalwings, it would later become clear that those people were actually diamonds in the rough with astounding potential that had been buried by their mediocre background. In essence, luck was an amalgamation of multiple facets of a person.

The water of the Kunlan Realm's entrance began bubbling. Then a sudden explosion came from behind, causing quite a commotion. People began turning back to look.

"The royals are here! Make way!"

"It's Lady Floral!"

The primalwingers were rather interesting folk. They weren't too hell-bent on breaking through, and most of them had gentle personalities. These kinds of people usually weren’t too resistant to authority, leading to the formation of a more stable society. However, the people would be relatively weaker. Faced with a warlike race like the celestial orderians, the primalwingers would easily be swallowed up.

The royals they mentioned referred to the primalwing royals, who had ruled Primary for millions of years ever since it was still a proper astral world. Their bloodline had never been deposed from the seat of power. Naturally, they had the best primalwings, with most of the celestialwings belonging to their kind.

Primalwingers and celestial orderians both bowed down to the powerful, but they were different in one regard: celestial orderians respected strength and acknowledged the rule of the powerful, whereas primalwingers simply never thought to question the respect they had for their rulers. As such, they quickly made way for the royals on their own accord. Even those that weren’t standing in the royals' way would move aside to give them the better locations near the Kunlun Realm’s entrance. Even though the royals only numbered a little more than a thousand, tens of thousands of primalwingers made way for them.

"Wow...." Many primalwingers were seeing their most respected royals for the first time through eyes of adoration. The primalwinger royals were gaudily dressed up, putting a lot of emphasis on dressing to impress. Their primalwings also appeared to be of the best grade in terms of color, attributes, and shapes. What surprised Tianming the most was that they seemed taller than normal primalwingers. The tallest of them were almost as tall as Tianming, and the quality of their primalwings also corresponded to their height.

The two most eye-catching ones were the women at the very front, who were mother and daughter. The others around them were their guard escort. They were definitely related based on their looks. The one who looked slightly older was Lady Floral, an elegant noblewoman in every sense of the word. Even the way she raised her hand oozed charm and motherly goodness.

The young girl, on the other hand, was dressed in a black dress dotted with colorful stars that, when fluttering open, looked like a brilliant black rose from above. Her age was hard to determine with certainty, but she definitely looked young, though she had a cold aura that seemed unfit for her age, making her seem more aloof than initial impressions suggested. Given her looks and aura, her status wouldn't be inferior to that of Princess Shen Yu. As a whole, she looked like a cold queen of roses. Her eyes looked like pearls colored by the darkest night. The wings on her back were astoundingly huge, yet seemed to blend in well with her black silhouette. They were dotted with shining stars as well, and looked like a picture of the astralscape. She was just as cool as she was impressive, so much so that Tianming couldn't resist taking a few more looks. Though the royals came late, they still made it to the lowermost point that was closest to the Kunlan Realm. They immediately passed Tianming. After that, the primalwingers that made way returned to their original positions, blocking off his view of the royals.

"Yin Chen said that these two are called Lady Floral and Ji Lingxian, respectively. The latter is the granddaughter of their overlord, while Lady Floral is his daughter-in-law," Tianming said.

"What about it? Why’d you look into it so closely?" Feiling asked.

"Well... you know what they say about knowing your enemies...." One thing that Tianming hadn’t expected was that they had a sovereign of their own, whom they called their overlord. Though it wasn't surprising, on deeper thought, since a world without an astralguard formation like theirs would have long been invaded without a sovereign protecting it.

Tianming had paid attention to news about Ji Lingxian because he was curious about her talent. According to information collected by Yin Chen, Jin Lingxian had the greatest talent known to primalwingers, the Evernight Skywings. Though she looked young, she was a few years older than even Long Renshe and was a level one solarian. That was already a great result, all things considered, especially with the state this world was in. She was the culmination of the efforts of her people and the royals.

Though she was in her fifties and would still be considered young in the astralscape, she couldn't compare with Tianming. When he thought about it more, Ye Chen did indeed seem to be quite the dominating figure as well. "Since the Violetglory Star is nearby, I should find a way to take advantage of the situation I set up back then."


Billions of primalwings shimmered nonstop, creating quite a dazzling display. At the lowermost point of the cacophony of lights were the young princess of the primalwingers, Ji Lingxian, and her mother, Lady Floral. Unlike celestial orderians and Violetglorians, the primalwingers had existed unchallenged for millions of years within Primary. No matter how weak they seemed in comparison to denizens of other worlds, the peasants of Primary saw them as aloof existences. That attitude was clearly reflected in Ji Lingxian's beautiful eyes as she gave the entrance of the Kunlan Realm a pensive look.

"Mother, have we finally found some trace of the Longevity Lifewings after so many years of searching?" she asked.

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