Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1554

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Chapter 1554: 1554

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Chapter 1554 - Bearer of the Longevity Lifewings

"Did I get picked?" Tianming said, only to realize that he had been overthinking it. The wings had flown behind him, after which everyone gasped in unison.

"Who's that?"

Tianming turned back and saw a girl in a blue miniskirt flying ahead with a pair of white electric wings thousands of meters long. The wings continued to shrink and surround her with their white electricity, making her look incredibly sacred. Though she wasn't that old, she was reminded of how the ruler of Perpetia felt in Xian Xian's dream. It was like she was filled to the brim with power! Everyone had her looks burned in their eyes, but none aside from Tianming recognized her: Jiang Feiling!

"My, I'm sure it'll take you quite a while to go through a ton of Tortoise Bro's shit!" Ying Huo said, clutching its belly in laughter.

Tianming's mind broke. Feiling was the most beautiful she had ever looked. As the new wings continued shrinking, her three pairs of snow-white wings appeared and the Flashsoul Skywings blended in with the existing pairs of wings, leaving only three pairs behind. However, each pair of wings now had a hint of white lightning flickering through them. But how could primalwings without an owner fuse with Feiling's own wings, which were actually enhanced versions of her Celestial Wing ability? Tianming had used the original version of that ability as well, and the two of them weren't primalwingers. He didn't get it at all, but now all he could think of was how the electricity on Feiling's wings looked completely unlike Meow Meow's black lightning. It was as clear and pure as light.

When Feiling flapped her three pairs of wings, she disappeared from where she was and appeared right in front of Tianming, something which startled even her. The two of them widened their eyes in confusion. Tianming had initially thought that getting the celestialwings would be a good thing, but now they’d become the center of attention. As expected, a wave of commotion broke out.

"Did I just see three pairs of Longevity Lifewings?"

"Yeah! All three pairs of them had patterns of Longevity Lifewings!"

"One pair is hard enough, but she has three?"

"It can't be! Aren't Longevity Lifewings extinct?!"

"She has three pairs of Longevity Lifewings that’ve fused with Flashsoul Skywings? What in the world is her talent like?"

Tianming could tell that things were going out of control based on the looks on everyone’s faces. First, Tianming and Feiling had no idea that the three pairs of snow-white wings were actually Longevity Lifewings. Second, they hadn’t expected that the Flashsoul Skywings would pick Feiling. No non-primalwinger had ever received celestialwings before, though the others simply thought that Feiling was a primalwinger like them.

"Why do the two of you always cause so much trouble?" Meow Meow grouched, having been disturbed from its sleep.

"What was I to do about it? We only came here to watch!" Tianming said, stunned. The last thing he could ever have expected was that the spotlight would shine on them. Even though he wasn't the one in the limelight, it made no difference. With everyone closely looking at them, escape seemed like it would be far from easy. The only reason he could come up with was that the primalwingers, or rather the Kunlan Realm, had something to do with the ruler of Perpetia. There was probably a good reason why one of Feiling's sealed abilities was called Celestial Wings. It didn't take long before they were completely surrounded by people who were speculating about Feiling's identity.

"Based on her stature, she doesn't seem to be a royal."

"They don't look like they're from any other prestigious families, either. Weird... why do I get the feeling that she has a prestigious bloodline?"

"Does nobody recognize her at all? With three pairs of wings, surely people would've noticed her the moment she put them on display! How could she be unknown?"

This was the last thing Tianming had wanted. He already had a notorious reputation as Lin Feng and had planned to blend into the Violetglory Star without drawing attention. After all, being that well known came with its risks. In Feiling's case, she would draw endless amounts of jealousy from her gains. She felt their burning gazes and hurriedly put her wings away and returned to Tianming. "Big Brother, did I just cause a lot of trouble?"

"Don't worry, it was just an accident. It isn’t your fault." Tianming pulled her into a protective embrace. Little did he know that he had underestimated the hostility primalwingers felt toward outsiders. They were a group of incredibly insular folk and had suffered significant losses in their interactions with the Violetglorians. While it was great for a genius to suddenly appear among their kind, seeing her being hugged by an outsider caused their expressions to change.

"What in the world?!"

"Who raised this girl to be so close to outsiders?"

Should any female primalwinger be seen being intimate with Violetglorians, they would be heavily chided. And now, they were the center of attention. Not only was she the luckiest person today, her looks and charm made it even easier for them to deify her, but all that came crashing down all of a sudden. All of the envy and respect they had felt turned into ugly disgust when they saw her in Tianming's arms.

"How degenerate!" many cried. It was plain old jealousy, not that Feiling could do anything about it. She wasn't even a primalwinger and was only small because her height had only grown to the extent she was at when she was an eleven-year-old!

Being completely surrounded, Tianming knew escape wouldn't be easy. Then the primalwinger royals came to them, causing the others to make way. If anyone was to deal with this matter, it would be their rulers. Lady Floral and her daughter, Ji Lingxian, came toward them, surrounded by many others.

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