Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1555

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Chapter 1555: 1555

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Chapter 1555 - Lin Feng's Arrival

When Ji Lingxian appeared, people were shocked to see how starkly the prodigal daughter of the primalwingers contrasted against this unknown, but stunning girl. Feiling looked like a complete saint and seemed superior to Ji Lingxian in many ways. The sight of her sticking with Tianming was like seeing an angel falling from grace to the primalwingers, immediately causing her to lose a huge part of her charm.

Ji Lingxian was completely silent, her arms crossed as she stood completely straight. Her black eyes looked straight at Feiling, then mockingly at Tianming. Lady Floral came forward to Feiling with a gentle look and asked, "Miss, congratulations on receiving the Kunlan Realm's blessing. You’re now someone who stands among the top of the primalwingers. Your fortune is truly remarkable."

"Um... thank you," Feiling said.

"You look pretty good. You should've been famous across all of Primary, given your looks. Where’d you come from, Young Miss? Who’re your parents? The lineage of primalwingers with Longevity Lifewings is already gone, as far as we know."

Those questions came as quite a shock to many. After all, the fact that the extinction of the bearers of Longevity Lifewings was due to the royals was hardly a secret.

People were expecting a pained expression on Feiling's face, yet she looked completely nonchalant. "Senior, I believe you’ve misunderstood. I'm not a primalwinger. I'm from the Violetglory Star, and the wings on my back aren't Longevity Lifewings. I’m also surprised myself that I got the Flashsoul Skywings."

Tianming had told her to say that. Given the current situation, there was no other choice than to use that as an excuse. Otherwise he doubted that they would be able to leave this place. As they spoke, Yin Chen had heard someone talk about how the royals were the ones that harvested the wing bones of the bearers of Longevity Lifewings so they could enhance their own Evernight Skywings. Needless to say, they were a threat to Feiling. Others aside, Tianming could see in an instant that Ji Lingxian was eyeing Feiling with a look of greed.

When Feiling mentioned that she wasn't a primalwinger, people broke out in laughter, including Lady Floral. She shook her head and said, "Miss, you really have a unique sense of humor. Everyone here knows what you are the moment we look at you."

Feiling was speechless. There was no way to explain this away. It wasn't like they would believe that she was in the body of an eleven-year-old now. "So? What do you intend to do?"

"Come back with us. Your wings are now imbued with the essences of Flashsoul and Longevity. Only royals like us can mold your talent to its full potential. That’s our responsibility," Lady Floral gently said.

Tianming almost lost it when he heard it and said, "You make it sound so good, but you're just trying to harvest her wing bones to uplift your own daughter, right? That isn't exactly a secret, you know. Even if your daughter takes her wing bones, she'll never compare to her."

That was clear to everyone there. Had it been someone else who stood out for her rather than Tianming, the other primalwingers would have supported her out of sympathy. But now, many of them kept quiet. He was just an outsider who had tried his luck to take something that rightfully belonged to primalwingers!

They glared at Feiling, seemingly sentencing her to her fate. The royals had already surrounded them, and everyone was closely watching the developments. Soon, most people realized that this had nothing to do with them, so they were content to remain spectators.

Tianming's accusations were incredibly inflammatory to the reputation of the primalwingers as a whole, even if most of them didn't like the royals' intentions. Ji Lingxian and Lady Floral were rightfully pissed.

Lady Floral glared at Tianming and said, "Who are you, outsider?"

Tianming laughed and pointed at himself. "I worry that I'll frighten you if I tell you who I am."

They had thought that he was just a nobody, so those words drew their attention once more. Lady Floral seemed taken aback; Ji Lingxian, on the other hand, coldly smirked and asked, "Then, pray tell. Who are you and where do you hail from?"

Tianming put his arm around Feiling's shoulder and pulled her into his embrace. He lifted his chin and looked at Lady Floral with his black and gold eyes. Clearing his throat, he said, "Listen up—I’m Lin Feng of the Violetcloud Imperium from the Violetglory Star. Have you heard of me?"

Despite the all-too-common name, it had spread to Primary since the chaos of a few months ago. The mere mention of those words brought with it the reputation of his nine totems' might. The mere mention of Lin Feng, someone on Ye Chen's level, made the primalwingers within range of his attacks immediately despair.

Though, not everyone reacted the same way, Lady Floral among them. Her gaze grew colder once more as she raised one hand. "Are you messing with me?"

"You're overthinking it." Tianming looked around and said, "Come!"

When he had introduced himself as a member of the Violetcloud Imperium, he’d already given them his answer. He had initially planned to lay low for some time before going to the Violetcloud Imperium. In fact, he hadn't completely ruled out the Divineglory Dynasty, either, but now he was left with little choice.

One after another, Violetglorians stepped out of the crowd. With the Violetcloud Imperium ruling half of Violetglory, half of the Violetglorians in Primary were also part of the imperium. Soon, tens of thousands of people stood with Tianming, all of them looking at him with passionate gazes.

One of them was a huge bald man clad in black bear fur. He came to Tianming and said, "Lin Feng, we finally found you! I’m Gong Xiong of the Gong Prime Clan, disciple of Old Master Shengui! Half of the outsiders here in Primary are under my command!" He was an elite on the level of Lady Floral and associated with Shengui, making him an ally. "I’ve seen you fight, Lin Feng. I already suspected it was you just now, but I simply couldn't believe it. I didn't think you'd actually show yourself!"

He knew that Tianming's current predicament was an opportunity for the Violetcloud Imperium to recruit him, which was all too good for them. Thus, he summoned his troops to stand with Tianming. Other primalwinger royals informed Lady Floral of Tianming's true identity, immediately causing her expression to sink. The way she looked at him had completely changed.

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