Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1583

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Chapter 1583: 1583

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Chapter 1583 - Myriadstar Sea

In the sector of the astralscape of order that the wonderians had linked up, the Astraldome was like a spider web that extended throughout the xenomemory space. A nap could allow someone from the Violetglory Star to leap across that vast distance to duel, chat, or even date someone from any corner of the sector.

That wasn’t a joke. Wondersky relationships were quite trendy these days. The experiences in the wondersky realm were also so realistic that when many men woke up, their pants would be damp.… Anyway, every time Tianming experienced the wondersky realm, he would always feel admiration at how incredible the wonderians were.

He finally arrived at the wondersky eye. The Violetglory Star’s wondersky realm was in the shape of a butterfly, and its wondersky eye was located on the butterfly’s eye. Below his feet was a beautiful eye spanning thousands of meters across. When he lifted his head, he saw a giant white vortex in the sky. It was the astralpaths of the Astraldome.

“After you enter the astralpaths, you’ll be brought to the Astraldome. You only just gained the qualification, so you’ll have to go through a screening duel to enter the first level of the Tranquil Battlefield.”

It was only now that Tianming finally realized that he knew absolutely nothing about the Astraldome. “So, I’ll have to fight someone in a while?” he asked.



“It’ll be people like you who recently passed the verification. Their age will be similar to yours, and they’ll be a genius in the top three of their world. After a chaotic ten-way battle, only the last one standing will have the right to join the Astraldome.”

Tianming was astounded. “Ten of them, and all will be of Ye Chen’s standard?”

“Not necessarily. But they'll at least be in your star’s top four.”

Tianming gave it a thought. That meant they would be as strong as Li Haochen at a minimum. And there may be those even stronger. However, the strongest ones would probably end up being ganged up on in a ten way battle.

“What’s the Tranquil Battlefield?”

“The Astraldome has three areas: the Tranquil Battlefield, Skydome Battlefield, and Apex Battlefield. The Tranquil Battlefield has cultivators under a hundred years old, Skydome cultivators are under five hundred, while the Apex Battlefield is the highest level battlefield. Each area has nine levels. The first level of the Tranquil Battlefield is the entrance. The stronger you are, the higher the authority you can gain and the higher you can go, even getting the divine wondersky’s rewards,” the wondersky fairy explained.

Tianming understood now. He was under a hundred years old, so he could only enter the Tranquil Battlefield.

“What kind of rewards?” Tianming asked.

“The divine wondersky race encourages nova source worlds’ cultivators to participate in the Astraldome to foster interaction between the various races of the astralscape. They contribute battle arts, techniques, and caeli. They even use astral ships to send out universal manna and divine artifacts! That’s the great contribution the mighty divine wondersky race has made for the astralscape of order. The races can grow alongside each other, thus they can only grow stronger. That deserves everyone’s respect!”

“All the rewards are from the wonderians?” Tianming asked. How much would that cost? Did that even make any sense?

“Well, no. Every nova source world will have to donate some resources to the Wondersky Alliance every once in a while, which are used for the Astraldome’s rewards.

“That kinda sounds like protection fees,” Tianming said.

“Silence, or else our divine wondersky race will have to investigate your wrongdoings!” The wondersky fairy was angry.

Tianming was stunned. Still, it didn’t take much to know that a large race like the wonderians didn’t dominate through respect.

“Let’s go to the first level then!” Tianming took a deep breath and flew into the astralpaths. The white vortex sucked in Tianming’s tiny caelum. It didn’t feel like anything at all, like a whale eating some tiny fish or shrimp. He sped forward. Even though he was only a caelum, he still felt himself crossing unfathomably vast distances.

Countless bizarre worlds popped in and out of his vision at bewildering speeds. Tianming’s eyes were dazzled for a moment as thousands of worlds and countless lives flashed by. The sights ranged from as big as the birth of a world and the sound of heaven and earth collapsing, to as small as the arguments between living things and the rustling of leaves. The only constant was the wondersky fairy remaining by his side.

It asked, “Would you like to make your records at the Astraldome public?”

“What does that do?” Tianming asked as he faced the storm.

“If you make it public, everyone in the Violetglory Star’s wondersky realm can see your battles and receive notifications. If you don’t, no one can see it.”

“What do most people choose?”

“To make it public of course! The Astraldome is an honor, and every participant represents their world!”

“If I make it public, can worlds other than mine see it?” Tianming wanted to fully understand it.

“No, unless your opponent is from their world and makes their records public,” the wondersky fairy replied.

Tianming understood now.

“So, will you make it public?”

“Naturally!” His journey to the Astraldome was firstly to satisfy his curiosity about the true core of the astralscape of order. The second was to convince those of the Violetcloud Imperium. Thus, making his record public was his logical next step.

“When I had that tie with Ye Chen in the wondersky realm before, I never heard anything about his details in the Astraldome. I suppose he hadn’t made it public yet. After our tie, he started to make waves in Astraldome and must’ve made it public.”

Finally, a black dot appeared ahead. It slowly grew bigger until it became a black vortex. When it had reached two meters wide, Tianming shot inside.

“Make your preparations, Violetglory Star disciple Li Tianming. You’re about to arrive in Myriad Starsea Number 97531. You’ll enter a battle royale of ten cultivators, with your nine opponents being from other nova source worlds.”

Even a power like the Violetcloud Imperium only had one spot for those under thirty, which showed how hard it was to come here. Thus, Tianming knew the other nine wouldn’t be random nobodies.

“No problem.” His eyes lit up with excitement as he entered the battlefield.


In the Violetglory Star’s wondersky realm, all disciples received a notification from their wondersky fairy.

“Violetglory Star disciple Li Tianming has stepped into the Astraldome for the first time. He’s about to undergo the Myriadstar Sea Battle Royale. Would you like to view it?”

Countless people immediately accepted! They all had the dream of exploring the universe, and right now, Tianming had been entrusted with this dream.

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