Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1585

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Chapter 1585: 1585

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Chapter 1585 - Too Much Female Attention

“Oops, I attracted too much female attention again!” Ying Huo bashfully said without any hint of remorse.

“Good job, Brother Chicken. Let’s take these stinking women down!” Meow Meow cheered.

“Stinking women?” Xian Xian said with displeasure.

“Not you, little sis. You’re a female tree,” Meow Meow explained.

This bunch were really carefree to be able to talk such nonsense when Tianming was surrounded. Still, when he used Li Haochen as a basis, he did look down on them somewhat. But as soon as they attacked, Tianming realized that Li Haochen's standard would be their weakest.

The two strongest of them were even incredibly strong, like Yudu Ling'er from the Bluerise Sun! She was an octabane totemancer. One of her eyes was a cold blue and the other was a fiery red. Her astralforce was half water and half fire. When her totems popped out, there were two types: from four, frosty coldness and white mist rolled off their bodies. Those four were known as revered watergods. For the other four, waves of blazing heat emanated from them and serpents of fire coiled around their bodies. They were revered firegods.

She dual wielded swords while her totems protected her. Her personality was half cold and half fiery. She was the one who had suggested eliminating Tianming first, but she had also taken the lead instead of hiding at the back.

And she was just one of them!

The rest didn’t just slack around, either, all of them clearly proud fellows in their own right. Everyone wanted to gloriously enter the Astraldome to show the billions watching back home, instead of winning through schemes. Hence, their actions were all straightforward without getting in each other’s way. However, that only added to the pressure on Tianming.

The three specters all used their powerful bodies and abilities to charge toward Tianming.

The skyfox fiend, Yao Mimi, had a frail-looking body. However, when her power was unleashed, it was like she had become a massive beast bearing down on Tianming. She was immediately in front of him, and her shortsword slashed toward his neck.

“How spicy!” Tianming could only say that this wondersky realm was too perverse. It was clearly a simulated battle, but when the opponent attacked, he could still clearly smell her fragrance.

Tianming had no path of retreat and was surrounded.

“Going after me first was the right choice.” As he spoke, his lifebound beasts arrived on the battlefield.

Ying Huo spread its thousand-meter wings and took the sky, a sweep of its Sixpath Infernal Lotus sweeping away many attacks.

Explosive black lightning filled the air. When the Regal Chaosfiend with its bagua-shaped wings appeared, countless powerful lightning bolts accompanied its arrival, forcing the nine beauties to retreat with a frown. The lightning spread, and the entire battlefield was quickly filled with black bolts.

That might didn’t surprise only the nine women, but the nine worlds behind them as well. Much attention immediately fell on Tianming. The spectators quickly noticed apart from his first two lifebound beasts, he also had three other completely different beasts.

One was a two-headed dragon with shining scales that constantly changed color, another was a giant tree with many flowers blooming on it, and the last was several million metal insects. It made it seem that Tianming hadn’t come alone, but had instead brought an army along.

The most startling was the army of insects. Neatly assembled in rows, they had quite a visual impact no matter the form they were in.

Of course, Lan Huang was still a show stealer after its latest evolution. The Sevenfold Greatstars hadn’t only strengthened its body and scales, but also made its scales shimmer with the colors of the rainbow. The light was actually offensive in nature, and anyone who gazed at it for a few moments would feel their eyes stinging. It would be a pain to fight, as Lan Huang was loud, too, making it both a visual and auditory harassment.

Tianming’s Grand-Orient Sword blocked Yao Mimi’s shortsword. Although she was strong, Tianming had his sword body. His five grade-seven divine hazards were immediately unleashed. The sword ki flowed along the Grand-Orient Sword to Yao Mimi’s body, injuring her arm.

However, her massive strength had still sent Tianming flying, and he needed a moment to stabilize his body.

“Hmph! If the wondersky realm didn’t reduce my charm abilities, you wouldn’t get off so easily!” Yao Mimi said with displeasure.

Tianming didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Why did every single person complain about how the wondersky realm restricted them?

“This Li Tianming has quite interesting lifebound beasts. It’ll be difficult to deal with him. I think all of us are in the top three of our world, so let’s work together to beat him. Hold nothing back.” Yudu Ling’er was surrounded by her totems. Every word of hers caused the youths of the Bluerise Sun to excitedly shout. To them, she was a perfect goddess.

“Why him first?” A woman dressed in a long, fiery-red dress said. She was Jiang Linwei, a pentabeastmaster from the Royalflame Divinestar. Her lifebound beasts were interesting; they were nine-headed vermilion birds that were known as ninemind vermilion birds. Every single one of them was larger than Ying Huo, and were most likely seven-star divine beasts. Flames burned on each of their heads and they looked much fiercer than ordinary vermilion birds.

“The nine of us are here competing, but one man is in the way. Doesn’t it annoy you to see him? It annoys me, at least,” Dugu Qingcheng from the Wasteland said. Her entire body was covered in black gauze, and her totems were even stranger. They were black storm clouds that coiled around her, making her look like a queen of storms that was difficult to approach.

“Then remove him first. Why’s a guy getting in the way of a catfight?” Yao Mimi looked at Tianming, finding amusement in his misfortune.

“Then do it, I don’t care,” Jiang Linwei said, disinterested. She hadn’t asked to help Tianming, but to find a reason. Now the group was even more united than before.

Whether they were specter, totemancer or beastmaster, all of them immediately entered their strongest state and rushed at Tianming together again.

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