Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1586

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Chapter 1586: 1586

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Chapter 1586 - Going Wild

“Well, looks like this is just your bad luck.” Yao Mimi grinned, even showing a small fang. When she acted cute, most men on her Crimsonjade Binary Stars likely felt their hearts melt.

Nine women, twenty four totems, and several dozen lifebound beasts. Even the lifebound beasts were female!

It was really awkward.

However, their attitude also ignited Tianming’s desire to win. “Fine, it isn’t like it’s a problem to hit women in the wondersky realm. Just don’t blame me for mistreating the fairer sex later, big sisters.” Tianming shrugged his shoulders.

“Who’s your big sister?”


The words ‘big sister’ had kicked up a hornet’s nest.

“Little sisters?”

Their expressions worsened. Tianming finally understood that these were the women in the entire astralscape who were the hardest to please. Thus, he wouldn’t try to please them.

The nine were very impatient as well. Without any prompting from Tianming, they all besieged him with the goal of eliminating him.

“So if I don’t show my awesomeness, you little sisters will think this tiger is some sick cat!” Ying Huo was furious and quickly found a gap to shoot through.

“Brother Chicken, you’re not a tiger or a cat, you’re a chicken!” Meow Meow hurriedly followed behind.

“Come, Brother Cat!” The two protected Tianming from the front, clearly wanting to be the vanguards.

The two most important opponents in front of them were the arrogant young woman from the Bluerise Sun, Yudu Ling’er, and the beastmaster from the Royalflame Divinestar, Jiang Linwei.

Lin Weilin’s lifebound beasts were those ninemind vermilion birds, which made the bluefire vermilion birds of Vermilion Bird back in the Flameyellow Continent look like chicks.

Ying Huo and Meow Meow had no thoughts of indulging these proud women.

Ying Huo lit up with radiance, its body immediately turning into a blazing sun. This was the Aeternal Infernal Phoenix’s Solar Explosion. It was like the descent of a star that fell toward the enemies.

Next to Ying Huo was the true king of abilities, Meow Meow. Its new ability, Triworld Afterlife Halls, was activated. Lighting gathered together and formed three buildings. The wondersky realm couldn’t simulate the power of the ancestral world or the alternate world, but it converted the three halls into three base world halls. The three together seemed to crush down on their target like a mountain.

Most importantly, in the moment before collision, the Phoenix’s Solar Explosion and Triworld Afterlife Halls struck each other, the explosive power of fire and lightning combining for a devastating impact.

“Eh?” Yudu Ling’er had five vermilion birds and was skilled in fire. Jiang Linwei also had her revered firegods, a fire-type totem. On paper, they shouldn’t have been afraid of Ying Huo. However, the power of this combined move was beyond their wildest imagination.

The revered firegods, revered watergods, ninemind vermilion birds, and their various weapons all tried resisting the phoenix’s Solar Explosion and cat’s Triworld Afterlife Halls. They were instantly swallowed up by fire and lightning.

Even the Myriadstar Sea shook underfoot, and the shockwaves didn’t end there. The distant stars both had their people give exclamations of shock. They could see from another angle as the totems and lifebound beasts were swallowed up. The totems blew apart, while the ninemind vermilion birds were torn apart by lightning.

Yudu Ling’er and Jiang Linwei were also left in a sorry state. Ying Huo and Meow Meow didn’t let up, either, but immediately pounced on them. They each took one opponent.

“Eat my sword as it enters your—” Ying Huo realized it words weren’t very appropriate for a woman, so it cut itself off and hardened its wing into a sword which it used for the Ninedragon Tribulation.

It was clearly a lifebound beast, but it also unleashed a top-class battle art that shredded Yudu Ling’er’s defenses and pierced through her. “What…?” Her eyes widened with disbelief. She dumbly looked at Ying Huo, clearly having been dealt a great blow to her confidence. Then she looked at Tianming and immediately fell into despair. “A nonabane!” As a totemancer, she knew what it meant to have nine bane-rings.

The appearance of nine decapath era godswords immediately changed her view of Tianming. She had never seen a genius like this on the Bluerise Star. When she saw him unleash his power and instakill a woman called Qu Fu, shock ran through her body,

“There’s actually a person like this in the astralscape and I actually got to meet him.…” Regret was in her eyes. It had been her idea to eliminate Tianming first, so that was pretty horrible as first impressions went. In the future, it would be hard to make this friend, and maybe even embarrassing to admire the nonabane.

Honestly, for someone like her who stood at the peak of octabanes, nonabanes were a kind of faith for her. She had never expected to see her faith in person in the Myriadstar Sea. At that moment, Tianming was like a god in her eyes.

Still stunned, Ying Huo’s wings both turned into swords that eliminated her.

“Half a year later, I will definitely enter the Astraldome and find him.…” With such feelings, she was unwillingly turned to smoke and returned to her world, the Bluerise Sun, a giant ball of blue-colored flame.

Yudu Ling’er was luckier. She had at least been able to see Tianming’s nine bane-rings and gained a motivation for fighting. Jiang Linwei, however, hadn’t been so lucky—she was being chased by Meow Meow!

The cat looked cute, but it unleashed very vicious lightning bolts. Even worse was its speed. She had already been injured by its Triworld Afterlife Halls and had lost her ninemind vermilion birds. She wasn’t able to hold on long before Meow Meow’s Cosmic Lance pierced through her.

This beastmaster is so strong.…” Nursing such thoughts, she unwillingly dispersed into smoke.

It was only after she returned and heard her clansmen that she realized the most frightening part about Tianming was his nine bane-rings.

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