Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1591

Published at 14th of September 2022 01:34:26 PM

Chapter 1591: 1591

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Chapter 1591 - Bloodfiend Hell

Most shockingly, this specter also had a small head on each of his shoulders! The two heads looked like those of newborn babies. While they were small, their facial features were as complete as the main head in the center. They also seemed to have their own consciousnesses. It seemed like the three heads were sharing the same body. This was the kind of oddity that rivaled that of the dreamless celestials. The unique features of the different species across the astralscape made Tianming look forward to learning more about them.

When he had first come to the Astraldome, he learned that ‘specter’ was actually a category of different kinds of races, such as the infernal soul race, skywolf royals, skyfox fiends, and now this new kind of specter he saw before him. While their bloodlines diverged, they shared common differences that distinguished them from totemancers and beastmasters.

All six of the specter’s eyes looked at Tianming. "Don't get in my way! Buzz off!" cried the largest head that controlled the body.

"Didn’t you hear our boss? Make way!" said the smaller head on the left shoulder.

"If you aren't smart about it, we'll tear your organs out! Our boss already killed a hundred people, so another one is no big deal!" said the head on the right shoulder that sounded female. Tianming looked closer and saw that it was indeed the case, not that the sex mattered since the head was more of a parasitic organism on Xue Tu… or was it perhaps a symbiotic lifeform? Did it also have control over the body? Those were mysteries that Tianming didn't have an answer to.

"You're threatening me because you fear that I'll slow you down and let your pursuers catch up, right?" Tianming said.

Based on those words, Xue Tu could immediately tell that nobody would let go of a redname like him. He was a treasure just waiting to be claimed. He didn't waste words and brought out a ghastly red blade before slashing it toward Tianming. Bloodlust instantly filled the air as his physique pulsed to prepare for battle. Tianming saw that the two shoulder-heads also had stars in their eyes.

Are the two heads also able to use abilities? Right as that notion flashed through his mind, the two heads opened their mouths and let out streams of bloody mist, which each formed a hundred-meter-long claw that slammed toward him!

"Damn, now that's something new!" Tianming didn't let Ying Huo and the rest out, choosing to use his totems to counter. He started with Eastdivinity Acme. The flaming sword clashed into the first bestial claw, followed by Westvoid Progenifiend, Welkin Imperius, Infinitum Spatium, and then the rest to tear apart the two claws.

"Impressive!" Tianming felt that while his opponent wasn't a solarian, those two abilities weren’t far off from Ye Chen's attacks. If he was also a twelfth-level constellier, he would definitely stand a chance against a first-level solarian.

"I should have Feng come here and test himself too. If he can defeat Long Renshe, he definitely isn’t weak." Tianming dealt with the assault in a relaxed manner; Xue Tu's abilities had easily been suppressed. Tianming's totems also took care of his slash, the clash of which also tore apart many of the trees in the surroundings. After the greenish ground was blasted apart, a lot of green liquid splattered all around. Xue Tu was sent smashing around into the ground, rolling a few times before he steadied himself.

"What?! Darn it! How dare you block His Highness Xue Tu? Do you know who His Highness is?! Li Tianming, it's over for you and your star! The army of Bloodfiend Hell will wipe you out!" cried the head on the left with a high-pitched voice like a clown.

"Li Tianming of Violetglory, His Highness wanted to ignore you, yet you angered His Highness! The young scion of the bloodfiends isn't someone you can take on!" said the head on the right shoulder. Their expressions made them look more beast than man. Normally, that would scare a good number of people, but it just looked silly to Tianming.

"Bloodfiend Hell? Doesn't your label read Seventh Sun?" Tianming only used seven of his godswords. He didn't want to terrify his opponent, but to take his time and get more information out of them.

"Haha, fool! Seventh Sun has been conquered by Bloodfiend Hell. All the humans there have become our slaves! It’s now a hunting ground for us, and all the totemancers and beastmasters are livestock! Our master only used Seventh Sun's place in the Astraldome, fool!" said the head on the left, fiendishly cackling.

"Livestock?" It was a fate that could have befallen those of the Flameyellow Continent during the invasion of the Ninefold Hell. Tianming noticed that he knew frighteningly little about specters. Yao Mimi from before was a specter and looked rather cute and humanlike, yet worlds like the Skywolf Star and Bloodfiend Hell had violent, savage specters. He could only imagine the terrible fate of the denizens of Seventh Sun. "Perhaps this is the true nature of the astralscape of order." The endless astralscape might seem peaceful and quiet, but violence always lurked beneath.

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