Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1595

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Chapter 1595: 1595

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Chapter 1595 - Goddess Flowerfall

Eventually, Tianming succeeded in holding the title for the full day. Though some pursuers had arrived beforehand, they hesitated to fight and lost their chance. They merely watched him with a gaping mouth, unable to say a single word. Surely, the spectators from their worlds were just as dumbstruck.

Tianming then disappeared from the battlefield, having been transported to the second level. No doubt, the ones that made it through would be even more talented, and there were nine levels in the Tranquil Battlefield alone to filter out more and more talented geniuses. He wondered what kind of genius would be able to make it to the final level.

Naturally, the Tranquil Battlefield was only for those under a hundred years old, who were no doubt a level below the ones above that age. Most people Tianming had encountered in the first level were fifty and under. In other words, there was still a wide age range in the Tranquil Battlefield. He figured that the ones under thirty years of age would be gathered around the first four levels, with only those around eighty or above at the highest level. No doubt, only the most talented who’d had time to develop would be able to train up there, which would pose quite a challenge to him.

The first level was just the foundation, and it had taken him an entire day to make it to the next level. A green light surrounded him and he felt he was transported to another location, this time reappearing in a green hall. It looked really old and foggy. There were many murals in the huge hall that were slightly obscured by the fog. No doubt, the murals were there to show off the mysterious divine wonderians to Tianming.

There was a stone platform in the center of the hall with a green glass ball on top of it—Tianming's reward. This was the first thing he would get from the Astraldome.

"I wonder what it is...." He stepped toward it and appeared next to the platform to pick up the glass ball. As expected, it was a legacy formation.

"It must be a battle art or technique." This was hardly a rare reward, where wondersky realms were concerned. It was hard to imagine anything tangible being given as a reward to caeli, whereas things like techniques could be properly received. There were legends about the wonderians shipping certain kinds of rewards, but that probably only applied to rewards from higher-level battlefields.

Tianming received it through his caelum's senses, absorbing the green ball and instantly appearing in a different world. This was the world of a legacy formation, similar to the space inside the Grand-Orient Sword. It was filled with colors everywhere, making for a rather picturesque display of nature. The moment he entered, he felt a strong gust of wind. Flower petals were scattered everywhere throughout the air, gathering together to form a floral river.

"What is all this?" Were they giving a flowery battle art to someone as impressive and fierce as him? The moment that thought occurred in his mind, he felt killing intent. The river of flowers was actually sowing destruction everywhere it went. At the same time, the name of the battle art flooded into his mind.

"Seventh-realm divine art, Goddess Flowerfall? Apparently, its two moves are called Blissful Union and Painstaking Separation. Is it a whip art?" What kind of reward was this? Not to mention the names of the moves.... He only wondered what others would think about them.

Jokes aside, Goddess Flowerfall seemed to be quite a powerful move, despite its graceful appearance. Wherever the river of flowers went, everything turned into flowers and was reduced to nothingness. "Welp, it's only a reward for the first level of the battlefield anyway, so I'm not expecting too much."

Not to mention, there were limited rewards one could gain from the wondersky realm. If he wanted something good, he would have to look in the upper levels. Tianming committed the moves to memory. "So it's actually a powerful attack disguised by the innocuous flower petals. Perhaps it could be my new killer move when used with the Lifesteal Silverdragon. Xian Xian might be able to roughly use it, too. Thankfully I don't need to call out the name of the moves when I fight. That’d be embarrassing."

He imagined how it would look if he was fighting against another guy and calling out the romantic names of the strikes. Spectators might think that they were in a relationship. When he left the green ball, the hall vanished like it was never there and the environment changed once more. Tianming appeared above an emerald-green ocean that smelled of rot, almost like the sap from the trees on the first level. The smell was utterly unbearable, as if countless fish had died in the ocean and begun rotting. Either way, he was certain that he was in the second level now.

"That's enough for today. I have to go back and train the Ninedragon Tribulation." He decided that it was a good stopping point. He had only come to the Astraldome to impress those in the imperium anyway, and he’d created one miracle after another for just that. "Gotta give the audience what they crave. Next time, they'll be even more excited."

Should someone get a redname and leave instead of fighting or fleeing, they would be suspended from the wondersky realm for six months, so seldom if ever did anyone leave the challenge before it was over, one way or the other.

"Time to go back!" Heading back to the real world from this point was a little troublesome. His caelum would first have to be transported to his hometown’s wondersky realm. As he passed through the transport corridor, he returned to the void where he could see the colorful butterfly. It looked as mystical as ever. Then he sank into the butterfly and returned to the wondersky realm. Everywhere around him looked merry and bustling, with countless proud Violetglorians looking at him.

"I'm home!" Home was where the family was. For him, Violetpeak was now their home.

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