Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1606

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Chapter 1606: 1606

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Chapter 1606 - If You Know, You Know

After absorbing the manna imperius, Ying Huo’s physique had been greatly enhanced, which meant Tianming had to perform.

"I must make them think that giving me the manna was worth it, so I receive more." His and the Violetcloud Imperium’s future went hand-in-hand. If he wanted to return to Orderia, he had to rapidly grow, and that required numerous cultivation resources. Meanwhile, the Violetcloud Imperium needed honor, glory, and for him to overshadow Ye Chen of the Divineglory Dynasty.

"Ye Chen is extremely important to me." He was the condition for Tianming’s success, not an obstacle in the road, but a helping hand. Thus, Tianming didn't hate him at all.

"It's time to head to the Tranquil Battlefield’s second level and give another beautiful performance!" It was even more important than before, so Tianming couldn’t slack off. And why was that? Because the Divineglory Dynasty also possessed an eight-star universal manna.

"It’s a miracle they even gave me one. There’s no way they’ll also give me their other eight-star universal manna. It’ll be ten times more difficult to get it. But… as long as I create miracles, all that’s impossible will become possible." After inquiring further, Tianming learned that there were only two manna imperius left on the Violetglory Star—one in the Violetcloud Imperium and the other in the Divineglory Dynasty. The latter was definitely out of his reach.


After symbiotic cultivation with Ying Huo, Tianming inherited its transformed bloodline. As a beastmaster, it was difficult for Tianming to acquire a talent like Ying Huo’s Infernalgates. His Primordial Chaos Beast physique differed from their bloodlines, so it was impossible to become exactly like them. But it was still incredible, even if he only received half of the talents of ten Primordial Chaos Beasts. After all, humans and beasts had many fundamental differences. Although he’d failed to unlock Ying Huo’s Infernalgates, his own bloodline had still improved to a certain extent, thus the improvement in his cultivation must be scanned. Tianming hadn’t expected the formation would recognize Ying Huo's Infernalgates, but to his surprise, the special ability had actually made it into the wondersky realm.

"It doesn't matter how Ying Huo’s increase in strength came about. All that matters is that Ying Huo is more powerful with this ability." Thus, Ying Huo could use his new abilities in the wondersky realm without absorbing nova source. There would be no fear of exploding... after all, the wondersky realm was a virtual reality and had many limits. However, he was unsure about the pandemonium constellation’s power relative to other constellations, because it wasn’t as straightforward as a mere increase in strength via the Infernalgates.

"With this new ability, I’ll be even stronger in the second level." It was time to fight! Tianming entered the formation with Feiling sitting down beside him. There were four formations in the spirit core, and she had once entered as Xiao Ling.

"I'll wait for you in the wondersky realm," Feiling softly said. She could watch Tianming’s battles there.

Tianming nodded. He wanted her there because her body would also be by his side in the real world. Many strange things had happened to her, so he wanted her to stay close.

"Don’t worry, Big Brother. You just go and do your thing. I’ll be a good girl. I won’t go anywhere." Feiling assured him.

The young girl’s frozen state made him speechless. I’ll give them a show on the battlefield first, calming their hearts, then think of a way to solve Ling'er's problem. After all, it isn’t good for her body.

While he was contemplating, they entered the wondersky realm. Tianming had obtained the qualification to own a unique space in the wondersky realm similar to Old Master Shengui and Princess Shenyu’s residence. His exclusive space was made to look like Courtyard One in the Decimo Dao Palace, which was where he and Feiling had lived the longest. Since she couldn’t be bothered to cultivate in the Violetglory Pagoda, she would wait for him there. No one else could enter the courtyard.

"I’m heading to the Astraldome." Tianming looked at the beautiful girl before him, reluctant to part with her.

"Go, my big hero." She stretched out her hands and smiled.

"Come here." Before leaving, Tianming gave her a big hug. For a moment, he froze, but then he broke out in a wide grin.

"What is it?" Feiling asked, curious.

"We can't do anything outside, but we can here. Didn’t you notice that you aren’t cold?" Tianming was so delighted that his heart was about to explode. He just recalled how incredible the wondersky realm was.

"What?" Feiling was dumbstruck, her cheeks flushed from Tianming's fiery gaze.

"What’re you talking about?" Tianming's tattoo of Ying Huo asked. Its words were like a bucket of cold water over their heads. They had almost forgotten about his lifebound beasts. In Violetpeak, the two spent their time alone, having driven the beasts away until not even a single silver cockroach was left behind. However, they were all attached to him in the wondersky realm. Suppressing the excitement in his heart, Tianming winked at Feiling, suggesting that they would enter without his lifebound beasts next time.

"If you know, you know. Do you know?" Tianming asked.

"Yes, I get it." Feiling shyly lowered her head. As long as there was a will, there would be a way. It seemed the heavens had opened a window for Tianming. Seeing his impatient look, she couldn't help but laugh. Men.…

"What the hell are you talking about?!" Ying Huo retorted. The five little ones had innocent looks on their faces.

"Beat it!"

After all, he would soon enter the battlefield. Although they couldn’t do anything this time, there would be many opportunities in the future.

“Wait for me." After reluctantly saying goodbye to Feiling, Tianming traveled to the wondersky eye, through the astralpaths, and arrived at the second level of the Tranquil Battlefield. A thick, green fog filled the air and below his feet were the fetid waters of the ocean. It was a vast, endless world indeed.

"With Yin Chen, I’ll be the god of slaughter in this place. A hundred people? No problem!" For many, it was difficult to find an opponent in the second level, but for Tianming it would be simple. No matter how expansive the battlefield was, Yin Chen’s five million bodies would eventually spread to every nook and cranny. This wasn’t something other broodmother type lifebound beasts were capable of, because their offspring weren’t as intelligent as Yin Chen, nor could they communicate with one another. Ultimately, Yin Chen wasn’t a broodmother type. One by one, the little cockroaches spread out along the green ocean. Fifteen minutes later, it had located six people. Tianming attacked alone. Those in the second level of the Tranquil Battlefield were basically no match for him; he could prey on the weak and slay them on sight.

"I can definitely slaughter a hundred in two hours...." He knew that his efficiency would cause yet another sensation in the wondersky realm.

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