Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1626

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Chapter 1626: 1626

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Chapter 1626 - Faceless Specter


Tianming was sweating so hard that he found it hard to breathe. He charged forth with both swords. "Die!"

Bane text filled the Grand-Orient Swords as they pierced Li Muyang and Wei Jing.

"Tianming, how dare you murder your parents? Your sins know no bounds!" the two of them said in unison, their voices shaking him even more.

"Looks like the wondersky realm is getting serious. How terrifying." He turned back and saw the eyes eerily looking at him. It was as if they were mockingly smiling at him, not minding that he had broken the illusion at all.

He kept going. How much further was the top? He grit his teeth, still holding some grief in his heart as he sped up. Then the fog ahead began changing.

"There's more?!" His head was starting to hurt. Thinking that he was going to be faced with someone he knew again, he prepared to resist. Little did he expect that the fog ahead turned into white clouds, clouds that seemed alive. "What is this?"

There seemed to be some kind of life form within the white cloud that had a tentacle stretched out. It looked like the other Primordial Chaos Beast from Yin Chen's dreamscape!

"What are you, Li Tianming?" said a low voice filled with hate. "Are the lives of Primordial Chaos Beasts yours to control?"

The voice hammered against his soul. That instant, the white cloud swarmed toward him and swallowed him, making him feel like he was drowning.

"If I eat you, I'll be free!" It laughed and began wrapping its tentacles around Tianming.

"Little Sixth?" His eyes began rolling back in his head. He felt like he was going to die, as if his soul was being consumed. "No! It's just an illusion!" When he was feeling the most pain from being asphyxiated, he felt the existence of his bane text. It had saved him once more, allowing him to breathe and feel his life and soul again. "Break!"

He charged ahead like a bull. Eventually, the sixth Primordial Chaos Beast's voice began growing softer until there was nothing but green fog above him and countless eyes beneath him. The sixth egg was still within his lifebound space; the illusion was finally broken. Even in his caelum form, he felt a heavy weight on his body. "It's too tiring...."

The Myriadeyes Wonder was tall beyond imagination. The divine wondersky race that had constructed it were shrouded in even more mystery than he had originally thought. They seemed like endless clouds that enveloped everything. Fortunately, he saw a beam of light ahead.

"Am I about to reach the pathway to the fourth level?" It almost seemed too easy. There should be more tests than this.

"Go!" He quickened his steps, heading toward the light; then he saw a person fall and explode in front of him.

"Xiao, I’ll show you why the flowers are red when I get to the fourth level!" the dead person cried one last time before vanishing.

Tianming zoomed past him as he exploded, entering the light and appearing in a new place. Looking down, he still saw many eyes, but it was no longer the curved surface of the pillar. Rather, it was a flat one. He stood on the platform, still surrounded by green fog on all sides. There was a void above him, and it seemed like the fourth level was beyond it. That could well be the pathway to the fourth level. The reason Tianming was sure of that was the other person that stood right in front of the void, about to enter it. Yet Tianming's arrival had caused the void to close and vanish.

"I see.... So the rule here is that you can only pass through the pathway when there's only one person remaining on the platform, right?" he asked.

"Right. After I came here, I killed five people. I was just about to go through, yet you just had to come in," the man said in a deep and hoarse voice. However, he didn't seem much older than Tianming, based on his physique. No doubt, his talent, age, and status were far superior to those of the others in the third level.

"This is interesting." Tianming seemed to have caught the bus at the last moment. If he were late, the other person would've passed through and he would have had to wait for others to come to the platform for a fight to open the path. But now all he had to do was fight this one person and he would be allowed to advance.

He looked at the words on top of the youth's head. They read 'Skyway Tristars, Whitejade, Xiao'. Seeing three labels was a novelty. Skyway Tristars referred to his nova source world, and Xiao should be his name. So what did Whitejade mean?

His opponent turned back, staring down at him from high ground. Tianming was shocked at what he saw. The person standing before him looked like he had no flesh, like the stoneswords. It looked like he was sculpted from a whole piece of white jade, his head looking especially like a perfectly smooth round jade surface. He didn't have any facial features at all and was completely bald. His head seemed to glow. There were slight dips where his eyes would be and a slight rise where his nose would be, though he had neither. He didn't have a mouth, either, with his voice seemingly coming from his abdomen. Dressed in a white robe, he completely looked like an oddity.

Bodhi had seemed to have white jade-like skin, but this person seemed to be made entirely out of jade itself. Though he lacked eyes, Tianming felt like he was being looked at. It seemed that he even recognized Tianming's surprise. "Have you never seen faceless specters before?"

Tianming shook his head. He stared for a good while and said, "Is the Skyway Tristar a world from the Mysterium Cluster?"

The specter nodded. Tianming was all too curious about what a world like that would be like. He could be certain that this jade youth before him had far more potential than anyone he had seen so far.

"Is there a Skyway Monostar and Skyway Bistar too?"

He nodded again. Though Tianming wanted to ask more, he simply raised a hand to quiet him. "Are you going to jump down? Or do you need me to send you off?"

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