Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1659

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Chapter 1659: 1659

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Chapter 1659 - Shattered Era, Cosmic Swordsurge

In terms of strength, being able to take on two opponents alone was enough to cause a sensation in the three deific-class worlds. Almost no one wanted to believe that Tianming, a man capable of slaughtering two absolute geniuses, was from a remote heliacal-class world. In fact, it was amazing that he had lasted up to now. But since he was reaching his limit, he knew there would come a time when he couldn’t hold on any longer. As the single strongest fighting unit, Ying would be a failure if she couldn’t even defeat two of Tianming's lifebound beasts. Her greatest feat was defeating an elder at the sixth-level Solar stage.

"Fuck! Cat Bro!" Ying Huo shouted.

When Tianming looked over, Ying's Skycloud Soul had caught up to Meow Meow. She raised her sword and split Meow Meow into two.

"Meow!" The two halves of its corpse broke apart and blood splattered everywhere. If this were the real world, Meow Meow would be dead.

"Meow Meow!" Tianming's heart skipped a beat.

"Who asked you to come after me!" Pleased with herself, Ying glared at Tianming with his own face and chased after Ying Huo.

"Ugly old hag!" Ying Huo was covered in wounds, both of its wings severed by Ying so it could no longer fly.

"You dare run your mouth?!" Moving so quickly she was invisible, Ying soon caught up to Ying Huo and thrust out her sword. Despite Ying Huo expanding its body into a thousand meter large phoenix, it failed to dodge her attack. The moment the phoenix’s head was cut off, its body went limp. Thus, Ying Huo and Meow Meow had perished in battle. Even if it wasn’t real, the terrifying scene became Tianming's nightmare. However, it was only beginning!

Eyes smoldering, Ying set her gaze on Tianming after slaughtering two of his lifebound beasts. Instead of returning to the astralis, she shot toward Tianming, saying to Yanwu Ming at the same time, "I’ve figured it out. Three of them are dead and Bai Feng remains at their astralis. Li Tianming's lifebound beast might be the one that attacked ours. As long as we kill him, his lifebound beasts will be gone."

That was the rule of the Astralium Battlefield. Once Tianming died in battle, all his lifebound beasts would instantly be eliminated.

"You’re right, but I don't want you interfering with me," Yanwu Ming said.

"You’re wasting time! Will you bear the responsibility if our astralis is destroyed? Besides, you’ll lose if you fight him yourself!" Ying coldly said. She obviously felt that it was a humiliation to have her arm removed by Tianming.

Yanwu Ming laughed. Though he was non-committal, Yanwu Ming didn’t prevent Ying from joining him in battle. With Ying's impending attack, it was truly a one versus two battle, and Tianming was beginning to collapse.

"Distract him!" Ying sternly shouted. Amidst the fluttering cherry blossoms in the sky, she descended, the Skycloud Soul in her hand expanding to a kilometer in length.

Lan Huang was in the middle of fighting a faceless rakshasa. Just as it was gaining momentum, Ying's sword struck. The power of the grade-eight divine artifact pierced its back, nailing Lan Huang to the ground and causing its blood to pour out like a river. Although Lan Huang might still survive such an injury in the real world, the wondersky realm deemed it dead. Lan Huang’s body broke apart and dissipated.

"Damn woman! How dare you barge in on my fight—" Lan Huang’s thunderous roar resounded before abruptly disappearing.

Smoldering with anger, Ying zeroed in on Xian Xian. After slaughtering Xian Xian, the lifebound beasts that had previously crushed her would all be wiped out.

"Why let it come to this? You could’ve died with your dignity intact. I even invited you to cultivate on Skyway Tristar. Why couldn’t you restrain yourself? Look at what a sorry sight you’ve become!" Ying glared fiercely at Tianming.

Relying on his totems, Tianming had gained an advantage against Yanwu Ming, only to turn around and witness Ying slaying Lan Huang. Seething with rage, he taunted, "Do you want me to cut you some slack so you can enter the Astralium Seeking with your dignity?"

"You!" Ying was enraged.

"Cut the crap, Ying! All this talk is meaningless. Just kill him." Yanwu Ming got up from the ground. The three bloody holes in his chest that had been left by Tianming’s Frozen Glasstree were healing at a speed visible to the naked eye. However, his expression was hideous. Despite using face reveal, he had failed to block Tianming’s attack, which meant there was a high possibility of defeat had they fought alone, and he wasn't the only one who realized the fact; the spectators in the Mysterium Cluster knew it as well. In a one-on-one duel, neither Ying nor Yanwu Ming could triumph over Tianming. Unfortunately, the reality was that Tianming must face two opponents, thus his defeat was certain.

"Bring it on!"

At the very last moment, Ying reduced the Radix World Tree into smithereens with just a slash of her sword while the two faceless rakshasas tore apart Xian Xian’s flowers. Tianming’s final lifebound beast on the scene had perished in battle.

"Little Li..." Xian Xian's spiritform disappeared before his eyes, its expression most heart-wrenching.

Ying and Yanwu Ming surrounded Tianming, one on the left and the other on the right. Two faceless rakshasas swept across the sky like a black storm. With only his totems left, there was no possibility of him escaping their encirclement.

"That’s enough!" Watching his beasts being slaughtered caused a wave of sadness that Tianming couldn’t fight, despite telling himself ten thousand times that it was all fake. His opponents’ attitude stimulated him even more.

"Enough? Are you throwing a tantrum? It’s your turn!"

Yanwu Ming was equally furious. The Wheel of the Lifeless and faceless rakshasas shot toward Tianming. At the same time, a gloomy-faced Ying charged in for the kill, demonstrating the Cherry Blossom Disaster once more. A siege by two top geniuses proved thrilling. There was almost no chance of Tianming winning, but the man facing this desperate situation grit his teeth, his eyes fiercer than anyone could imagine. The image of his lifebound beasts’ deaths constantly replayed before his eyes. In the fight against these terrifying opponents, the emotions in his heart built up like a volcano, waiting to erupt.

"They're already gone, so why should I care about losing my totems?"

Since his lifebound beasts had been slaughtered, the destruction of his totems meant nothing! As Yanwu Ming and Ying attempted to slay him with one blow, Tianming released a mighty roar, retreating with his head bowed. The nine godswords whizzed past in a nonagonal formation, eight swords in all directions and one sword in the center, exploding in tremendous power—engulfed in flames, the Eastdivinity Acme; entwined with a black inferno, the Westvoid Progenifiend; like the union of yin and yang, the Southsky Chaospit; gloomy and cold, yet covered in blooming flowers, the Northapex Perpetuity; representing heaven and earth, a shining star and a vast plane, the Ordinem and Welkin Imperius; symbolizing life and death, one bursting with life and the other wrapped in death, the Sentient Karma and Postmortem Cycle, and the last one in the center was the Infinium Spatium that possessed the power of space. Nine swords moved as one, rumbling through the air.

Tianming channeled the power from his bane-rings into the totems. The nine godswords burst with a dazzling sword light, the power of fire, ice, heaven, earth, life, and death shooting out in a destructive conflagration. Tianming had never used his second totemic calamity. If his first totemic calamity, Myriadsword Providence, was fragmentation and rebirth, then his second totemic calamity was fusion and destruction. Like the birth of the Myriadsword Providence, his second totemic calamity emerged as his totems grew. After reaching the Violetglory Star, it had gradually become clearer. However, Tianming was afraid to use it because the price was the destruction of his totems.

This move involved unifying all of his totems, merging ten swords and combining ten powers to cause an explosion. Of course, the explosion of his totems didn’t mean complete destruction, but heavy damage; it would take at least a month for his totems to recover. In the real world, he might not be able to use his totems for more than a month, so his second totemic calamity should only be used as a last resort.

Because it was equivalent to his trump card, Tianming was reluctant to reveal it. But now, he had no choice! There was an advantage to fighting on the Astralium Battlefield. It didn’t matter if his lifebound beasts perished or his totems were destroyed. As long as he emerged victorious and passed this level, all would be restored in the next battlefield. By revealing his cards, he could no longer catch his opponents off guard in the future, but that also meant he could use the second totemic calamity without paying the price. His goal was to enter the Astralium Seeking and meet the Celestial Beings. At the same time, the death of his lifebound beasts was driving him to destroy his opponents.

In order to get the wondersky realm to scan his second totemic calamity, Tianming risked the destruction of his totems to use the ability while cultivating his divine soul with Mu Ziyan. Its lethality surpassed that of the power accumulated by Ying Huo for fifteen minutes and could damage both soul and flesh.

With his life on the line, Tianming manipulated the nine godswords, his gaze focused on his opponents.

"What I hate more than the pride that’s ingrained deep in your bones is that you’re the first ones to slaughter them before my eyes. I’m furious, even if it's not real! So let's all die together!"

The Shattered Era, Cosmic Swordsurge was extremely profound. When divided, the Myriadsword Providence formed countless smaller swords, but combined, the Shattered Era could pulverize the world.

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